Things All Beginner Gamblers Need to Know About Handicap Betting

You’ve signed up for a casino site, and now you want to play some games. But before you start playing, you should probably learn a bit about what kind of bets you’ll be able to place. This article explains what you need to know about handicaps.

Most sports fans enjoy watching their favorite teams play. They also love betting on those games. Whether they are sports bookies or simply avid gamblers who want to place bets on a game, sports betting has become very popular.

The most common types of bets include spread betting, parlay betting, totals betting, futures betting, Moneyline betting, and fixed odds betting.

But, what is handicapping? Is it gambling? Why should I bet against my own team? What happens after I put down my stake?

A handicapper sets up a line before a sporting event begins, indicating whether he believes either team will win. Then they watch the game and adjust the odds accordingly. This is called handicapping. Betting against your own team is called underbidding.

Today, handicaps are used across all sporting events, from tennis and golf to horse racing and greyhound racing. They are also widely used in the casino industry, including modern online casinos like

So, what do you need to know about it?

1. What exactly is handicap betting?


Handicap betting for novices is a term used to describe bets where the underdog wins. In handicap betting, the favorite player has the advantage of starting out as a bigger number. The idea behind these types of bets is to get the public involved and have fun while placing a bet. A popular example of a handicap wager is football betting.

2. How many types of handicaps are there?

There are many different types of handicaps, some being straight bets, parlays, over/under bets, etc. Straight bets involve simply making a 1-0 or 0-1 wager on a team. Parlay bets work much like a combination of two single bets. Underdog parlays are a type where if both teams win, then you double your money back. Over/under bets are similar to parlays, only underdogs are the ones who gain a higher payout. If they win, you make a profit; otherwise, you lose.

The most basic type of handicap bet involves just choosing either the favorite or the underdog. The downside of these types is that you won’t know what the outcome of each game is until after the event happens. However, as long as you are consistent, you should end up on top. That said, if you want to place a bet on something that you know about happening beforehand, then a handicap wagering system is perfect for you.

3. How to start handicap betting?


A great way to begin handicapping is by reading a sports book’s daily newspaper, especially the “oddsmaker” section. This type of information gives you insight into how bookmakers think their customers will bet and provides valuable information on how they conduct business. Read between the lines and find out what the bookies feel will happen in any given match. You will notice the odds move around depending on whether the bookie thinks the favorite or underdog will win. By reading this information, you can tell which team to focus on.

4. How to keep track of my betting history?

If you enjoy handicapping, then you might want to start tracking your results regularly. Once you do this, you will see patterns emerge and you will understand the trends that occur in sports betting. Take note of the games that had high returns and those that didn’t. Keep doing this daily and soon enough, you will be able to predict winners based on past performance.

5. How to find the best online sportsbook sites


If you want to play handicap betting games then you need to choose a good online gambling site where you can easily place bets. You can find several websites offering these services and they have different features, rates, and bonuses. One thing you should look out for is if the website offers you any kind of deposit bonus. If you get a bonus after making the first deposit, you can withdraw some of your money back when you make a second deposit. Numerous websites are offering free bets and casino bonuses.

6. Handicap betting can be used for ko sports

Most often this type of betting is used in rugby, golf, and tennis. However, according to the modern way of betting, it can be applied to almost all sports, depending on the way it is played and the expected results.

You only have to find your favorite one and see what options you have.

7. What is Asian handicap betting?


This type of betting is specifically for football. Although it originates from Asia, its popularity is great all over the world. Often in bookies, you will see an option for handicap betting. So, you can easily figure out what to do next and focus on your profit.

8. How do I know this style is for me?

It is very easy. If you like it and if you easily understand what you need to do, then this style of betting is for you. If none of that happens, you can go back to the classic way of betting.

9. Can I combine different types of bets on one ticket?


It all depends on the rules of the casino or bookies. They can allow you to combine handicap and classic betting, but in some cases, it may be against their rules. So, we suggest checking on it first, before you decide what to do next.


Keep in mind that this is a risky venture. If you’re not willing to take that chance, then you may as well just place a straight bet. But, if you’re looking for a bit of extra cash, then you may want to give handicapping a try.

One last thing to remember, never bet on anything you don’t understand! Don’t take chances on things you aren’t familiar with. Play smart and stay safe.