What is Handicap Betting: 4 Things You Need to Know

Compared to other types of gambling, sports betting can be a bit more complicated, as it requires you to handle so much information. Also, strategies one uses to achieve their ultimate goal – profit, are various. One such strategy is betting on handicap.

In this article, we’re going to write as much information about it, to help our readers understand what it is, how it functions, and what can you expect of it, then choose to bet this way.

1. What is a handicap?

The official definition says that it is an advantage in goals (points, percentages, or other quantities related to the event that is the subject of betting) that the organizer (bookmaker) gives in advance to a participant from the list of sports events for betting. In the meeting of two teams, the handicap is realized mainly by giving the weaker team in the duel a certain advantage in advance (in goals, percentages, etc.), while the advantage is taken away from the favorite in that duel at the start (handicap). The limit or the size of the handicap for a certain match is determined by the bookmaker, as well as the height of the quota for a certain handicap.

2. It’s basic principles

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So, the principle of handicap betting lies behind giving an initial advantage to one of the two teams facing each other. Sports betting companies add a handicap margin to the final result of the match. That advantage is added to the underdogs, making the game more attractive to bet on. Ultimately, the purpose of handicapping is to even out the odds for both parties. Remember how often you passed up the chance to add favorites to your ticket at traditional odds because of the low odds? Thanks to this way of betting, these matches attract more interest from people as the odds are much closer to a figure of 1.85 or more.

Bookmakers apply a negative value to the favored team, while underdogs get a positive margin. For example, you won’t find value in placing traditional three-way bets on a clash between Manchester City and Cheltenham Town. However, when the lower leagues are given a three-goal lead, you’d definitely consider backing the Citizens to win by four goals.

This way of betting opens up many different markets. Every reputable bookmaker offers such odds for a wide range of sports. Specific sub-types of these bets exclude a draw as a possible game outcome. This can increase your chances of winning bets compared to three-way markets, as your chances of a successful bet increase from 33% to 50%. In the next chapter, we will learn more about the different types of handicap types and analyze each handicap’s meaning in detail.

3. Types of handicap betting

The most popular type is the Asian handicap. What does Asian handicap mean? This type of betting handicap eliminates a tie. This means that you can get your stake back in case the game ends in a draw. There are even more types of these handicaps, such as Asian goal handicaps and more, which you can explore further on onlinebingonz.co.

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Three-way handicaps are another type of this type of betting. It is also known as the European handicap. Unlike the Asian, this subtype offers three possible game outcomes. Includes a draw as a possibility, along with betting on either team to win the handicap. Handicap 0:1 is the example that you will encounter most often in the bookmaker. For example, Real Madrid plays against Cadiz, and a handicap of 0:1 means that Real enters this match with a goal behind.

Handicap without a tie is another subtype where you can bet on only two possible outcomes. The margin is set at half a goal or half a point and therefore excludes a draw from the bet. Of course, since there is no such thing as half a goal or half a point in sports, one team will always win.

4. It can give you quite an advantage

The biggest perk of choosing to be this way is the fact that even those with little or no experience at all can benefit from it. Hence, there is no reason whatsoever for you to avoid it. If you feel uncertain about how to do it, don’t worry, because the procedure is the same as with every other bet. We will however walk you through it, just in case. Here it goes, step by step:

  • First thing first, find an adequate online bookmaker. We are witnessing how many platforms are being offered online, and this is where most would get completely confused. Even though it’s a challenge, finding the one that suits your needs is of great importance. You can do this quite quickly by comparing their offer.
  • The second step is to register. Finding one is half of the work already done. Now you need to register, which shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time. There’s one more necessary step to take in order to be able to place bets, and that involves putting a deposit in your account.
  • Step three – Choose your game. And everything is set for your first bet to happen. Now you need to find a game of your choice to bet on and find a handicap market. Placing a bet online is a piece of cake, you just click and that’s all.
  • After choosing the game you wish to handicap bet on, state your stake and you’re done!

When it comes to online betting, things are very simple and convenient. Mostly because you are able to track down results very quickly, just by setting notifications on your app. They will alarm you every time you’ve scored. You can also et whenever and wherever, which is the biggest convenience brought to us by modern technology.

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So, now that you know all about this type of bet, you can try it out and see what benefit will it give you.