What Are the Benefits of Paying a Salary Instead of Dividends?

You have substantial decision-making responsibilities as the sole owner or manager of a limited liability company. You have the power to decide your pay since you are the boss. Salary vs dividends, which would you choose and why? Either approach could be more beneficial for you, depending on the specifics of your circumstance. What information … Read more

Which Country Is Best for Investment and Citizenship in 2023

Citizenship by investment are programs that allow people, specifically investors, to obtain citizenship and the rights to buy a property after they have invested a significant amount. This program is also known as the golden visa program and is offered by several countries around the world. But there are still certain countries that provide more … Read more

Is it Worth Trying to Pay off Mortgage Early?

Taking a mortgage is a necessity for many people, for numerous reasons. For instance, we want to buy a new home, and we don’t have enough money. So, we are about to take it and commit ourselves for the next twenty or thirty years. But that doesn’t mean one will be enough. According to the … Read more