Is it Worth Trying to Pay off Mortgage Early?

Taking a mortgage is a necessity for many people, for numerous reasons. For instance, we want to buy a new home, and we don’t have enough money. So, we are about to take it and commit ourselves for the next twenty or thirty years. But that doesn’t mean one will be enough.

According to the latest statistics released by official institutions in the US, an average American moves more than eleven times in their lifetime. So, it becomes obvious that taking one mortgage is not enough for most people. At the same time, many people decide they want to pay it all at once when possible.

Before you take one of these, it is crucial to get it under the best possible conditions. If you need advice on taking a mortgage, be sure to visit Ownup. When it comes to paying your mortgage early, it seems like a good idea. Still, we want to discuss some particularities of this decision. Let’s begin.

What’s the Reason to Do It?

Of course, the main reason why someone would be interested in paying off the mortgage as soon as possible is to prevent this commitment from lasting for decades. As is the case with any debt, it can represent some sort of hardship for your finances. Not to mention that it can improve your credit score significantly.

In almost all situations, these rates are higher than savings rates. That can result in receiving much less interest every month, and you can save some money from paying the debt completely. When you succeed in doing that, you are free to spend in any other way you wish, which adds to the flexibility.

Basically, it can help you with accumulating some money to purchase anything you need without damaging your credit score. That can also be achieved through having a smaller loan. Therefore, we don’t have any doubt that this is the biggest reason why someone would be interested in resolving this situation in the shortest time possible.

Ways to do it Smoothly

Now, let’s take a look at how you can achieve this.

1. Refinance


If you’re lucky enough to come across low rates, it is possible to pay off everything fast. When that happens, the opportunity for you to refinance these can pop up. There are many possibilities for you to choose from. You can do it and purchase something entirely new, which is always exciting.

Some reports state that around 30% of all borrowers decide, sooner or later, that they want to refinance it. That doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to do it, and if you don’t have an idea about what to invest the sum in, we wouldn’t recommend you to ask for refinancing.

2. Recast


Different from refinancing, you keep the existing loan with this one. At the same time, the insurer, a bank, will create a new schedule for you and find a new balance that will meet your needs and preferences. Thankfully, the fee needed for this approach is not too high.

A clear advantage of this method is that it is much cheaper than refinancing, which is a big help. The situation can be even more helpful if you have a lower rate. If this is not the situation, then opting for another option might be the way to go. You should be aware that recasting is not always possible.

3. Paying More Than a Minimum


Everyone who’s experienced will exactly know how high his obligations are each month. Why is this important? Well, you can add more to these payments, and cover the whole debt much sooner than planned initially, which is a simple but effective method. That’s why it is so widespread.

For example, if your payment is $200 every month, you can pay $350. By doing that, estimate how fast you can cover this debt. That doesn’t mean that you should do this every month. Let’s be realistic, chances are you will not be able to do it every month, for a variety of reasons.

4. Lump-sum Recompense


Another way you can do that is by making lump-sum payments whenever possible. What does this mean? It means that you can commit some additional money to cover this debt. It can happen when you receive some money, or you sell a vehicle, home, etc. Sure, this can be a great move to make when it’s possible.

What needs to be understood is that there are some types you cannot recast. Therefore, this is something you need to pay attention to before you decide to take it. If you don’t have this option in front of you, opting for this approach looks like useful alternative conduct.

It is Worth It?

We’ve mentioned that many are not sure whether is it worth paying these off early. We say it is, and we want to discuss this in greater detail. The first and most important benefit is there will be no waste of money on interest. Just think about it, you will not need to pay more than you need.

Plus, eliminating this obligation can be a huge relief for your home budget. You will have more freedom when it comes to money flow. So you can commit it to some other things you are interested in. For instance, you can invest in your retirement savings or save money for your children’s college.

When these are removed, you immediately become the owner of the home or a vehicle, depending on what you have taken the loan for. However, the most significant thing is that you will have peace, which has become so necessary in these days and ages. Just think how important this is.


For those who weren’t sure whether they should pay this one early or not, we have only one answer. Yes, it is worth it. Still, you should be careful enough throughout the whole process to make it as smooth as possible. Here, you can find a couple of methods you can do to make this easier for you.