Which Country Is Best for Investment and Citizenship in 2023

Citizenship by investment are programs that allow people, specifically investors, to obtain citizenship and the rights to buy a property after they have invested a significant amount. This program is also known as the golden visa program and is offered by several countries around the world. But there are still certain countries that provide more benefits as compared to the others. Knowing about these benefits can make it easy for one to decide which country they should invest in for citizenship in 2023.

There is a specific procedure that has to be followed to obtain citizenship by investment and many agents can provide such a service. A great agent and website to help one in doing the same is https://imperiallegal.com/citizenship-by-investment/.

There are certain factors that can help in ascertaining the best countries to obtain a golden visa for in the year 2023.

Those factors are:

1. Ease of investment

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One of the most important factors to consider while thinking about investment for citizenship is the ease of investment. Having a simple procedure that allows for investment without a lot of obstacles and fees makes it easy for people to invest. This can prove beneficial to people who do not have a lot of experience with regards to investments, especially foreign investments.

2. Benefits received

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Making an investment is only beneficial when the returns from it are proportional or even more. Before deciding on investing in a country it is important to check on the benefits that the particular place can provide both personally as well as financially. Making an investment should be a sound financial decision and hence the benefits received should be kept in mind while deciding which place is best for investing in 2023.

One of the most important benefits that should be provided by the country one is investing in is to get the same or almost the treatment as a citizen of the country. This means that one should be allowed to pursue any career that one wishes and buy any property that is available for sale in the country.

3. Long Term benefits

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Besides looking at the immediate benefits that one can receive by making an investment in a country and obtaining a golden visa, one should also look at the long term benefits that can be provided if one attain the citizenship of that country by investment.

If a country provides good long term benefits and perks overtime, then that should be preferred over a country that does not do the same in the long run.

4. Lifestyle of the country invested in

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When one is investing in a country with the hopes of getting a citizenship one should also make sure that the lifestyle of the country invested in is suitable to oneself. A country’s lifestyle can vary from place to place and across different demographics hence it is not always easy to figure out the lifestyle of all the people living in a place and if one will achieve the same level of desired living standard while living in that place.

But even then there are some factors which can help in ensuring whether a country has a suitable lifestyle. This includes important life factors like the education facilities available in the country and how efficient the education system is. Another factor to consider is the medical care available in the country. One can focus on factors like if the Medical Services are affordable and accessible. Besides this one can also consider factors like the political nature of the place, the jobs available, the pay, recreational activities as well as the future potential of its development.

Focusing on these factors can help in figuring out if the country one is investing in is fitting for their citizenship or not.

5. The cost of living

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Another important factor to consider is the cost of living in the said country. The cost of living in a place can vary based on the type of pay the people get, the governmental assistance as well as the day to day and major expenses that one would have to make if they live in it.

Besides this, the cost of living can also be reflected based on the affordability of property, fuel, as well as the access to higher paying jobs in a place.

So after knowing about the various important factors that one should keep in mind one might ask if there exists a country that provides all these benefits and more? The answer to that question is a simple yes. Portugal is one such country that provides all the benefits and meets all these factors that one expects from a place providing citizenship by investment.

Portugal offers a number of advantages to investors investing for citizenship, not just the ease of doing business. One can buy any property that they wish with ease, they can transfer capital to the country, create jobs, show support for the local culture, or invest in budding and growing fields of science and technology.

In exchange for the investment done, one will be able to live and work in Portugal. In the long run, obtaining European citizenship also becomes simple, this adds to the long term benefits that a citizenship of Portugal provides.

The best part about a golden visa from Portugal is that the application process is very easy and hurdle-free. The country’s lifestyle and cost of living are also reasonable for most.


In conclusion, Portugal is the perfect place to get citizenship by investment in the year 2023 as it provides so many benefits and then more. Thecountry is very accommodating and well-connected with the rest of the world. The simplicity of application also makes it a first choice for many people wanting to invest for citizenship. This eventually leads to more opportunity creation in the country for those investing as well as those who live there.