What Is the Easiest Gambling Game to Play as a Beginner

Doing something for the first time and being completely new at it is always tough. Just remember the first few times you did something you are now good at. Remember how difficult it is when you initially started and how long it took before you good a tiny bit better? It is normal to be somewhat dumbfounded and overwhelmed when you do an activity for the first time. You cannot really expect to dominate something you are right now picking up for the first time. Regardless if it is a game, a fun activity known around the world, or a type of entertainment that anyone can do. As a beginner you need to approach it carefully and be a student before you can become the master. Doing so takes time and starting slow, building experience and learning new skills. This same approach works no matter what the thing at hand is and no matter how much of a beginner you really are. In this article we explore one of the world’s most favorite hobbies and pastime activities, something that has been around for decades and centuries but that has never actually been bigger than right now.

This of course is gambling, the activity of wagering money on casino games and hoping to win more. Right now, most gambling is done on the internet at online casinos so this is how most people start doing it. With a little bit of luck anyone can do it, right? Well, technically, yes, but as a beginner you need to know which games to focus on, what to do in them, and what makes them different from one another. Most importantly, since you are a complete newbie to the fun and exciting world of gambling, you need to know what the easiest gambling games are. Sticking with them for the initial few times is key because they are better for beginner gamblers. Read on to learn more and for a great place to start gambling online be sure to check out https://www.casinoinquirer.com/real-money-casinos/.

Slot Machines

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Slot machines or simply slots are by far the easiest game to play out of any other gambling game in existence. The reason for this is very simple. Slots do not have any gameplay mechanics nor anything that requires any kind of skill to become better or more experienced. All there is to playing them is pushing a button or pulling a lever. That is it. The rails start spinning and you hope for the best possible combination and a payout. It also only lasts a few seconds before you wager more money and spin the next turn. It can be quite fun and exciting however as you never know when or if you will win anything. Deep down you probably know that you will not but it is fun nonetheless. Players who want to win something and dictate their own fate in gambling never play slots when they want to do some serious gambling because luck decided everything. You as the player cannot do anything to make things better or even worse. For the beginners however, it is a fun and harsh welcome to the world of gambling where things are always stacked against you and where you always have to beat very bad odds to win.


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It has been said for decades that roulette is the best entry game for new gamblers because of it nature of being a game where luck and skill are both needed to win. While you cannot really influence where the little ball will stop and which number it will pick, you can still pick the bets and be smart about how much money you wager. And that is usually the most important thing in gambling, managing your bankroll and being smart about every bet you make. Roulette is usually the first game players play especially if they start young. It looks enticing and fun and everything seems designed to be enjoyed and played for hours on end. It is not nearly as reliant on luck as slot machines and there are many bets that give you a fair amount of chance to win. The easiest bet and therefore the one with the highest odds of winning is betting on the red or black number. Chances you have to win are close to 50%, the highest possible outcome out of any roulette bet, but also the one that pays the least. Running this bet for a while as a beginner will help you learn a lot about gambling.


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The game of craps is as easy as it can be. All you need is a pair of dice which you roll on the craps table as you play against other players. Shooting the right total number is the key, or at least getting it as close to what you need as possible. Similar to roulette, it is a gambling game where luck has a lot to say about things but one where you can make bets on many different outcomes.

Therefore, it is exciting and it will surely keep your interest for a while. You win when you roll a 7 or an 11, and you lose if you roll 2, 3, or 12. Any other total between the two dice is called a point, and you have to roll it again before you roll a 7 in order to win. As simple as it can be, and yet challenging enough and not nearly as easy to win. Try it out and you will see why it is so popular despite the overall premise being so straightforward.

Blackjack and Poker

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Once you try the slots, roulettes, and craps, you can enter the world of more competitive and challenging gambling and start playing card games. Blackjack is the easier of the two because it involves you (and potentially other players) playing against the dealer. You do not even have to touch the cards to do it. It is a very good experience and one of the most popular games. Finally, poker is the endgame, the most challenging and skill reliant gambling game. There is a reason it is also a professional gambling sport. There are many ways to play it, tactics to employ, bluffs to recognize and call. It is definitely not for beginners but one day you should start playing it and check how you fair against experienced, long-time gamblers that you will eventually also be.