Theory Or Practice – Which Is More Important When Learning To Drive

For every aspect of life, theory is as important as practical. You cannot do well in the practical field if you have no theoretical knowledge. Even if you are learning through practice, you will need a lot of time to learn everything. Therefore, although it seems that practice is more important in driving, actually theory is equally important.

When you go to a driving learning institute with zero knowledge about driving, you will feel less confident. Furthermore, you will be unaware of even the simplest things. On the other hand, if you have a strong grip on theory, you will be able to apply it practically. In addition to this, you will feel more confident. Also, things will become easier for you to understand and you will learn to drive quickly.

Here are some reasons for the importance of theory.

1. You need to pass a theoretical test


For getting your driving license, you will need to pass the theoretical test too. Therefore, even if you are good at driving, it does not mean that you will get your license. If you fail the theory test, you will fail as a whole.

Therefore, there are proper books and online sites and platforms that provide training for theoretical tests. For example, you can go here and learn about car theory. They will provide practice tests, e-books and also online video courses. Thus, you will get the newest questions. So if you are worried about your theory test, you can practice it in advance.

2. It promotes learning


If you want to try cooking, you will see videos. If not, you will need a recipe to follow. Similarly, when you wish to start learning to drive, you will need to go through the theory. It will let you know about things in advance. You will know the names of different car parts. In addition to this, you will learn about traffic signs and boards that you see on the road.

So when you go on the road, you will know the meaning behind different signs. Moreover, you will be able to know where to stop and where you need to park and not.

Furthermore, the curriculum of the theoretical test is designed to teach you the details of car functions. Apart from this, this syllabus also teaches you the law regarding traffic and being on road. Some of the most important laws are regarding traffic rules and signs. Besides, it also includes map keys and legends, symbols, indications and rules that you need to know.

The legal aspects include the process of getting your vehicle registered and getting your driver’s license. Moreover, the traffic rules, rules regarding towing, parking and drunken driving. Also, what happens if you get your license suspended and show negligent driving? In addition to this, you will also need to know the penalties for violating the rules.

So if you pay attention to theoretical information and knowledge, you will have a strong grip on all these aspects.

3. Tells you about your safety


Road accidents never harm a single person. You will hurt yourself, the people around you and also the other cars that collide with yours. Therefore, traffic accidents result in severe emergencies.

Through theoretical learning, you will get knowledge about safe driving practices and also traffic rules. In addition to this, they will also tell you the results of your harsh driving. Apart from this, some institutes also expose learners to stimulators. This will let you know the things that can stimulate you while driving. Thus, you will be able to avoid them.

4. Tells you about your rights and responsibilities

You have your rights and responsibilities no matter your position. If you are a father, you have different rights and responsibilities. Similarly, if you are a leader, your responsibilities change. And when you are a driver, things change.

But whatever your position is, if you wish to enjoy the rights, you need to be responsible first. If you are responsible in your position, you will be able to claim your rights.

In theoretical driving classes, the instructor teaches you the rules and laws regarding the Motor Vehicles Act. Thus, they teach you laws and legal complications. Furthermore, you will also learn about the punishments that you will get if you violate these rules.

5. The anatomy of your car


Another thing that you will learn through theory is the anatomy of your car. You will earn the names of different car parts.

But not only this.

You might think that you know a lot of things and they are not something that you need to learn.

The important thing is that many minor faults need very little attention. But because you do not know the anatomy of your car, you will go to the mechanic.

The things that you learn in this class include knowledge about the working of your car engine. Also, as the cooling system, fuel supply system, crank linkage, chassis, lubrication, ignition, clutch, gear, brakes and battery. Knowing these things will teach you how to manage small faults.

So if your car is not starting because it is too hot to work, you will know what to do. Furthermore, you will know that you need to check the water in the cooling system before leaving for a long tour.

Final words

A lot of people think that learning how to drive is enough. But what if you know how to drive but have zero knowledge about traffic signals and road sense? What if you do not know what you can do on the road and what not? What if you do not know which areas have no parking zones?

When you do things with your hand, your brain will remember them. Therefore, practice is essential. However, theoretical knowledge has equal importance. This will help you to know your rights and responsibilities. Moreover, you will be able to prevent fines and breaking the laws.