How Do You Write An Essay When You Don’t Know The Topic?

Writing an essay on a topic you know everything about gives many points of reference and a clear outline. But what about the instances when you do not know where to begin or what the topic is? It is natural to feel nervous and unsteady about the topic. There are situations when one might not know how to even begin because they are not familiar with the topic and cannot understand what it means.

While writing an essay there is a big responsibility of not only understanding the concept but delivering a good product. And while writing an essay, there is a strict deadline to follow which can build up the pressure even more. In this article, we will give you writing tips on how to create a good writer on a topic you don’t know anything about.

Take a Deep Breath


The first thing you should do is have a level head and approach the situation in a calm manner. Since we are already on a deadline, panicking will just waste precious time which can be better spent on research. The best approach here is to set up your mind that you can complete the project within the given time frame.

Build up your confidence and get ready to challenge yourself. Consider it a learning experience rather than a daunting exercise. Hyperventilating will only take your focus away from the topic which will be detrimental in the long run. It is best to take a few deep breaths and relax. Once you think you are calm, it is time to get started.

Consult a Dictionary

Let us go a bit old school with this advice and get near to a library. Consulting the dictionary is the best way to get acquainted with the basic definitions of technical terms. The technical terms related to any subject is called jargon which is precisely what one needs to understand while writing an essay.

Of course one does not need to visit a physical library and they can easily look up definitions and resources online. If the definitions need to be expanded upon, it is better to look up proper books rather than basic definitions on the internet.

The topic will have certain keywords based on which you can begin further research. If the keywords do not give enough information one can look up their synonym to find the starting point.

Get Started With Research


The keywords will have enough hints to get you started with basic research. It is especially important to get started with the reading if operating on a very strict deadline. If consulting critical essays one should read abstract to see if they correspond with the given topic. Reading different references gives you a clear idea about the different opinions circulating about that subject.

Research will include looking at similar topics. They can be academic essays, research papers or blog articles. All of them are important to understand the main message which the topic is trying to convey. Only after understanding the general idea can you move forward with creating your own outline.

Write a First Draft

It does not have to be perfect but it just needs to be written so do not be afraid. Writing a first craft is like creating something out of nothing. Writing a first half means just getting started on the topic. The best approach is to write the entire thing in one sitting without brakes so that you have a rough outline for later.

Try not to multitask because it will negatively impact productivity. It is best to only start writing the first draft when you can give it your complete attention. It is alright to take some references from the research material but try to make it in your own words.

Double checking the facts is also allowed because it will give a good framework to the essay. Paraphrasing is important but writing everything you understood in the way you understood it is even more important. If you want to reduce some of the burden off your shoulders, make sure to take the help of essaybot. It might assist you in writing about obscure topics.

Take Some Time


Writing the first draft is just the beginning, after which you need to remove yourself from the writing process for some time. This means that you need to clear your mind before you get back to editing and rewriting.

Getting back to the first draft and reading it after taking some time off will give you a fresh perspective of everything that you need to add and change. Some level of detachment and distance is very important before one starts to make final changes. If you have a strict deadline make sure to at least take a break of an hour before returning to it.

Research and Edit

After you get back to the first draft with a fresh set of eyes it is time to get started on the editing. However, editing cannot happen in a vacuum and will need some concrete basis. If you think there is some additional information to be included, research some more to find further variations which can be included.

Editing not only includes removing irrelevant material but also adding important information. Creating a new draft will be a big responsibility so make sure to invest your time in a constructive manner. The second or third draft depending on how much detail you want to add will prevent you from writing the wrong information. Try not to submit your first draft and always proofread to get a better final product.


The Takeaway

The beginning might seem very complicated when you do not know the topic of the essay you are going to write. However, being calm and opening yourself up to some research can really help you in writing a rough framework as a first draft. Be open to editing and redrafting as and when needed.