5 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit 2022 – Buying Guide

As a creator, you want to do everything in your power to make your content sound professional. This is usually accomplished by using large mics that are usually costly, and too big for certain activities. That is why most creators are replacing the large mics with lavalier kits.

The lavaliers are discreet which makes them suitable for every activity. Even if your content requires you to be constantly on the move, or you are doing podcasts at home, they are still a perfect fit.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best options for you to consider when choosing the next lavalier. Since there is a wide variety of products, and they all differ in quality and costs, this article should be helpful for many. Keep reading and learn more.

1. Two Pack Wireless Mics from Leereel

As a system that offers two lavaliers and one receiver, you can record from two sources simultaneously. Normally you can use only one mic, but having such a deal is fantastic. This mic does not need special applications to work, just plug them and you’re done.

In addition, the mic has a feature that offers noise reduction on three levels. Depending on the loudness of the environment, selecting the right setting and coming up with great results.

The battery lasts around five hours and can be recharged afterward. In addition, the distance between the mic and the receiver can be around 15 meters. This makes them suitable for live streams and social platforms content.

Since this is a wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone it can be used on iPhones from six generations and above. In addition, it works with iPads from the second generation and above.

2. UHF lavalier from HOTEC

img source: amazon.com

With up to thirty meters of distance, while not compromising on the clarity of the input, you should consider using this mic. Because this item comes with a separate transmitter, this seems like a more complicated device compared to the other options.

However, that is not completely true. All you need is to decide whether you will be using the headset or the lapel and insert it into the transmitting box. A receiver is an additional gadget with an antenna on one side and a large quarter-inch plug. This type of connection makes it a suitable wireless lavalier microphone for a computer.

The device has more than 30 ultra-high frequencies to select from which makes the sound clear. In addition, it prevents electric interference and lets more devices work together simultaneously. For that reason, this device is a great fit for many applications such as presentations, speeches, and content that includes interviews and talk shows.

3. [email protected] G2

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If you need a mic that offers a broadcast clear sound using a 2.4 gigahertz band, the SYNCO G2 is surely something you want to consider. It is completely wireless which promotes unobstructed movement of the person speaking while not compromising on quality.

The transmission is done using a Syncoder which is a special technology used to encrypt the signal for better quality.

The sound is gained by using an omnidirectional method. This helps receive the sound from any direction which is especially great while recording during activities. The receiver is stable to fit both on a phone and a camera which makes it some of the best wireless lavalier microphone kit currently available.

4. QTREE intelligence Mic

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This is another manufacturer that offers lavalier kits with two lapels and receivers. Even though you can use one receiver for two mics, sometimes it might be better to separate the vocals especially if you plan on mixing them after.

With a mechanism that does not require an application, inserting the receiver inside your phone is the only thing that should be done. With a stereo quality with a full band which is surely nice. In addition, the distance can be up to 15 meters, however, the path between your phone and the transmitter should be unobstructed. The delay is only 9 milliseconds, so it cannot be noticed.

Connecting the mic can be done to every device. They come with various connectors. In case you choose the more versatile type-c option, this can be the wireless lavalier microphone for android you look for.

With about five and a half hours of life, you can be sure that your sessions remain unobstructed. Just be sure that you charge them for two hours, and you will be fine.

5. GO 2 by Rode

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If exceptionally well sound quality is what you pursue, while ensuring proper range and connectivity, this might be something for you. With a great build and range of more than a hundred meters and applications both for phones and computers, the higher price of this product is surely justified.

Inside the kit, you receive two lapels and a receiver, as well as the case with all the cables that let you connect to your device. For better content, cameras are essential for most creators. This wireless lavalier microphone for DSLR can be a good fit for your camera equipment, and will surely contribute to your creations.

The sound is a crystal that is achieved by the omnidirectional mics as well as the 2.4 gigahertz transmission that is additionally encrypted. This makes the product great, especially in areas with lots of radio signals.

In addition, with proper noise isolation, the lapels can focus on the subject of interest which is essential in overly crowded scenarios. With more than six hours of life, it should be sufficient for the sessions you plan.

Lastly, we have the software that lets you further adjust and shape the recordings. It is available both for phones and computers, however, you get more features if you are using it on a desktop version. If you work with podcasts, the connect program can help you record directly to your computer or phone.


With a wide variety of labels, it might be a challenge to select only one. However, conditional on what you do and what your budget is, you can surely find a suitable lavalier microphone wireless.

Hopefully, this article contributed to broadening your viewpoint. Even though we mentioned only a couple of options, be sure to research and find something that will improve the way you come up with new content.