6 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners

The technology field is one of the most profitable careers you can pursue these years. Since everything around us is based on technology, finding a job that is seriously well paid is not a big challenge. Normally, you will have to put in a good amount of work to learn the basics and upgrade from there.

Learning to code seems like one of the most complicated things you can do. However, with a selection of a programming language that is suitable for newbies, as well as dedication, you can surely learn it.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the programming languages that are great for beginners. They are easier to master and will give you a foundation that you will further upgrade to become an excellent programmer. Keep reading and learn more.


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If you want to pursue a career as a front-end developer, this is a great first language, to begin with. However, be sure not to mistake it with Java which is a completely separate programming language.

JS is great because you don’t have to install it on your computer, and you don’t need a compiler for it to work. It is a browser application that you can use through the note app on your computer or a sublime.

The codes are similar to the ones in C, so learning another language after this one is going to be easy. With a wide application field, JavaScript is a great program to master first, however, it has a couple of drawbacks. It is not efficient for OOP, the typos and errors are displayed at the end making the debugging process more complicated.


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Like an application that is great both for desktop and web applications, Python is a great choice as your first language. It is an open-source application where you can master your programming skills free of charge. In addition, the community of this program is great, so you’ll surely find help if you get stuck somewhere.

Although it might be complicated for a first-timer, it is still a great choice because of its versatility and its community.


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This is a great class-based program that is widely used in the development of web services. Learning this program is easy because you don’t have to remember all codes and commands. Everything is done through a collection of shortcuts which make Ruby one of the best beginner languages.

Since it is widely spread on the market, almost all boot camps have Ruby as an option for you to learn. Most start-up companies are hiring people who know this language, so this might be the program you might want to learn first.


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Before we get to talk about Elixir, we must get back and explain the features of its predecessor the Erlang language. While it was invented more than 30 years ago, it gave features to come up with scalable code and long uptime.

Elixir is one of the pioneering languages working to solve the issues with super-fast interaction with the users. In software development, parallelism allows to run several processes simultaneously and to run them independently of each other. Elixir and Erlang have high-level parallelism and are used for such project, read more about it on this page.

As a language that uses the same words and codes as Ruby, this is surely one of the options you should consider learning as a beginner.


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Being one of the greatest languages, both C++ and C hold up a significant value in the influence of the programming applications. Most of the newer programs are made using the words and codes from the C++ and C languages. This is another reason why these languages are learned at school, so learning them as a beginner will surely give you a head start.

You’ll be able to use the features of class-based programming which allow you to work in programming games. Besides programming, this language gives you a fundament in computer science as well.

Even though this is one of the most complicated options for beginners, if you can master its functions, you’ll surely enjoy the benefits that follow.


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As a staple of programming languages, Java is useful both for desktop and web applications as well as operating systems. This is arguably the most useful program, which contributes to its popularity.

Many experts were stating that this is the language that is far superior to others in terms of usefulness. However, learning this program is surely more challenging than the others. The words and codes are coming from C++ and C, and that is why most schools are firstly teaching the C programs before going to Java.

In addition, to fully learn and operate java, you have to think like a programmer. You’ll have to understand how the information is being processed. With the analytical thinking it requires, as well as how strong of a foundation this program is, it is surely one of the options you’ll want to learn as a beginner.

Even though it is harder than all of the other options listed in this article, it is definitely worth it. In addition, with such a large community, all of the issues you may run to are already fixed and explained, so it should not be that hard of a challenge.

How to select the language, to begin with

Before you get into studying mode and begin with your first codes, you need to think about the career path you are willing to take. Each language has pros and cons depending on the path or job you are pursuing.

However, you might take any of these languages and learn them if you like. It’s important to note that most programmers know a variety of programs, so having one more is always beneficial.

In case you want to be guided, it is better to go on a course or visit a boot camp where these things are being taught. The experts there are willing to help and guide you through problems you come across. Don’t be afraid to ask, and be proud since you have taken the hardest step which is the beginning.