The Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heating systems for the home which have a low footprint of carbon are being sought by homeowners who want to be eco-friendly. Pumps that use air or water as their heating source differ from central heating systems that rely on oil or gas boilers. Air heat pumps capture heat in the atmosphere outside the home and transfer this to inside the dwelling. Water heat pumps collect condensation from rooms with a lot of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, remove the wetness and retain the heat, and circulate this throughout the house. Below we consider how heat pumps are beneficial for you.

Compliance with Climate Change Regulations


Households and businesses all have to comply with climate change regulations as the world battles against rising heat in the earth’s atmosphere and a loss of the ozone layer as it is depleted by human actions. If the world is to survive, now is the time to make these changes, because time is running out. If we leave it any longer, chances are good that we will not be able to stave off the effects of global warming. This means that oil and gas boilers need to be removed and replaced with a green solution.

Providing the Ideal Indoors Temperature

Heat pumps work even if the temperature outside is very cold. They promote the ideal indoor temperature using low energy. Heat pumps also ensure that hot water stays hot.

Heat Pumps are Green, thus Clean

Heat pumps are designed as a green solution to combatting climate change. As a result, they provide a cleaner energy source. Apart from their low impact on the environment, they are safer to use than traditional heating systems. Heat pumps are also cheaper to use.

No Oil or Gas

Oil and gas are two options for getting energy into a home. A third is to change electricity to heat. On the other hand, heat pumps pick up heat from the outdoors. They are an efficient means to bring heat indoors. Additionally, they generate more energy, in the form of heat, than the energy they require to function. This makes them cheaper than traditional heating systems that rely on oil, gas, and electricity. Another benefit is that you will not have to wait for fuel to be delivered to your premises. The heat pump operates without oil and gas, and nothing needs to be added. You can simply let it run and enjoy the efficiency and effectiveness of this system.

Unaffected by Low Temperatures

Regardless of how low the temperature is outside your door, a heat pump will still bring heat inside to warm your home. At the same time, it can generate cool hair on a hot day. Thus, you have the full benefits of temperature control in any type of weather conditions.

Play Your Role in Protecting the Earth

There will always be some people who avoid doing the right thing when it costs them time or money or requires a change in behaviour. They will wait for regulations and penalties before they will be motivated to do something positive.

Fortunately, this is usually a small minority. The earth needs all of our efforts to carry on taking care of our descendants for generations to come. We need to reduce our carbon footprint and decrease the amount of costly and unsafe energies we use daily.

An added bonus is that the UK government has decided to reward citizens that change to heat.



There is a warranty that is valid for seven years you also qualify for if you get your heat pump installed by an approved dealer. Make sure you use a legitimate company when you apply to have your heat pump installed. For example, can assist you.

Get your heat pump installed and start to enjoy the benefits.