4 Things to Look for When Shopping for Double-Glazing

Double-glazing is a popular improvement for homes. Replacing single-glazed windows can save homeowners more than £200 a year on their energy bills. Modern UPVC double-glazing is energy efficient and attractive. When the right windows are fitted, they can instantly add value to your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

If you are thinking of buying new windows for your home, here are a few things to think about.

Energy Ratings

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All new windows come with an energy performance rating from the British Fenestration Rating Council. The best-quality windows will have BFRC on the energy rating label, which indicates this rating has been verified. In addition to this, some of the larger double-glazing companies also offer a further rating.

Be wary of these additional claims, as a bold claim about weather performance might not be worth it if their customer service is atrocious.

The U-value is another aspect of energy performance. This indicates how easily heat passes through the glass. The higher the U-value, the better. However, a window might have a low U-value but still be more energy efficient than a similar window because other things like frame material are taken into account.

Pay close attention to energy ratings when looking at window replacement Belfast. Windows with an A++ rating are the best.

Window Styles

There are numerous styles of windows these days. Casement windows are the most common option, but tilt & turn windows are great if you want easier access to clean windows on upper levels, and sliding sash windows are ideal for period properties in conservation areas.

It’s also possible to order specially shaped windows for unusual openings.


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There was a time when UPVC windows were mostly white, but things have changed and there is now a good range of different colours to choose from. White double-glazed windows tend to be cheaper, but if you want your home to stand out on the street, it’s worth considering an upgrade to coloured windows.

Anthracite grey is an increasingly popular and stylish choice. Wood effect windows also look attractive if you don’t want to pay for hardwood-framed double-glazed windows. Before deciding on a colour, decide what would best suit the style of the property you are improving.

In addition to the frame colour, it’s worth remembering that you have a choice when selecting a colour for the handles. White, gold, and chrome are the standard choices, but some companies also offer additional colours.

Decorative Options

You’ll have a chance to personalise your windows beyond selecting a style and frame colour. It’s possible to add all kinds of patterns and other decorative elements to UPVC windows. Simple elements like a house number in a glazed panel above the front door can be a nice touch. Or you might elect to have colourful patterns to match the period of your property. Leaded windows are popular in cottage-style windows and bevelled glass looks attractive in door panels.

Before ordering your windows, always read customer reviews, so you know the installer is likely to do a great job fitting your new windows.