10 Best V-Lock Mount External Battery 2023 – Buying Guide

For example, if you often work for hours on projects that involve recording, you’ll need adequate power. When you’re working indoors, it’s not hard to find power sources to plug in all your devices. However, working outdoors is fraught with challenges. This is why the V-mount is a popular option.

For anyone who didn’t know, V-lock batteries are usually larger that you can connect to multiple devices at the same time which is one of the biggest advantages. However, there are several different types of this device, and the choice depends on your personal preference. So, the biggest advantage of this battery is that it is bigger than standard batteries and will last much longer than them. If you take care of the battery, it will be safe to use for a long time. In order to choose the right model, read more about the best-selling V-lock batteries.

1. Amityke V Mount

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It is an excellent battery model that has a long life and allows you over 550 full charging cycles. Their capacity is large, the design is light and compatible with your devices. Charging time is approximately 5 hours. The battery status is always available thanks to the LED indicator. They are mostly used to power video batteries, broadcast camcorders and LED lights. It can also be used to charge your smartphone. You also get a wall plug with it, as well as a self-charging charger. We must not forget that this battery has a protection circuit. In this case, you do not have to worry about overcharging, overvoltage and excessive consumption. The device perfectly controls each charging segment so you don’t have to check.

2. Moman mini V lock battery

You should consider a Moman mini V lock battery for a number of reasons. It is a class A battery that comes with a huge amount of energy. That energy is enough to power a drone and similar devices. Given the high quality, you can count on a long battery life. You also won’t have to worry about creating a memory effect. Discharging, overcharging or overheating should not worry you if you choose this model. If you want to check the battery status, simply press the LED button. In this way, you will have control over energy consumption at all times. It is very small in size, which means that it is easy to store. This V lock battery is compatible with various devices on the market.


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As we mentioned earlier, there are several different types of batteries. This time we are talking about polymer Li-ion. It is compatible with most devices, and charging is super long. It only takes a few hours to charge your battery, and sometimes it takes less time. For example, when it comes to a charger with a higher output current, the charging time is shortened. The device is highly safe, as it contains protective circuits. We are sure that this battery will meet all your expectations.

4. KUNLUN 220Wh

If you need an emergency battery, then choose your device carefully. Pay attention to important features such as DN input/output, capacity, charging accessories, etc. KUNLUN is compatible with all kinds of cameras and LED lights and many other devices. One of the biggest advantages is the ultra-large capacity. This means you’ll be able to complete any project without interruption. You will have electricity all the time. The device contains several ports for charging and a protective plate.

5. Neewer V Mount

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The v-lock mount external battery, lithium-ion type, is also compatible with various devices, but there is another interesting thing. The difference between the previous devices and this device is in the LED indicator. This battery even contains several levels of charge status. The device is light, has a long battery life and includes D-tap and USB power outputs.

6. IDX

The batteries contain two D-taps and a USB port. They are perfect for travel, as it eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers. They are small in size and therefore this type of battery is easy to store. Another advantage is extended working hours, continuous charging and high capacity.

7. Blueshape

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You can buy mini v lock battery at a good price and the best quality. They have the highest capacity compared to other models from the same line. They have a lot of different functions. We have to mention that this device is shockproof, which is a perfect option for anyone shooting outdoors. That way, you’ll finish the project just as well regardless of the weather conditions. The batteries also have two D-taps, both of which are used for charging.

8. Pag

The biggest advantage of these batteries is the numerical display that shows important information. These are voltage, operating time and many other data. You will love their price, weight and size. Functionality is the same as previous levels, but there are no auxiliary power connections. They declared Pag the smallest and lightest battery on the market, but with the highest energy density.

9. CoreSWX

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Anton Bauer is one of the oldest battery brands. This battery has a 7 segment display and one D-tap. It will offer you plenty per hour of charging, as well as many other good performances. It is a slightly larger and heavier device, but rest assured in the brand’s reputation and heritage.

10. ROW

If you need a battery for drones or a gimbal, then you should consider this model. It is compatible with lightweight applications. The model is smaller and has no auxiliary ports.


In order to choose the best battery, find as much information as possible about the different models. Then, narrow down to the top x devices and read reviews about them. Based on the experience of previous customers or information on the official website, you will learn a lot about the products. Batteries differ in design, functions, elements, price and other things. So consider all the factors that influence your choice. Carefully review and compare their specifications.