Top 7 Time Tracking & Productivity Apps For Freelancers in 2023

Being employed in the modern times comes in so many different ways. Traditional jobs are still present of course but the onset of new technologies has brought upon enough change and opportunities for anyone who wants something more out of life. While there will always be a great need for certain roles in society, not everyone is cut out to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or an office worker. Similarly, not everyone can learn a skill and have their own shop or a small business. Those who do not seem themselves working any of the usual jobs have it much easier in the 21st century however, and that is mostly because of what the internet allows us to do.

A Freelancing World

Soon after it was available for the wider masses, the world wide web started allowing people to use it for work. However, true online careers by anyone who showed interest in it came about a decade ago when a certain thing called freelancing became bigger than ever. While freelance work did exist before, in contemporary times it basically means working independently from home or on the move by using the internet and a personal computer. All you need is a mobile device, a laptop for example or even a tablet or a smartphone. Average internet access is more than enough and you can work your job from anywhere in the world.

Maximizing Optimality

Now, these jobs vary in type, difficulty, and volume, but they mostly revolve around writing, programming, translating, and editing. What is universal for all of these is the fact that freelancers doing this work spend a lot of time sitting and planning their day. The amount of work changes and nothing is certain. One day you may have nothing to do and the next you could be overwhelmed with projects. Therefore, organization is prevalent for a successful freelancing career. Two things that are by far the most important include time tracking and productivity, which come together to make up your workload output and therefore your salary.

In order to help their case and do their work as best as it can be done, many freelancers use the best kind of help there is. Those would be apps that are meant for freelancers, which help with all sorts of things relating to how easy they can do their job. In this article we focus on time tracking and productivity apps for freelancers and give you the top choices available right now. If you are a freelancer who wants to be more organized and productive, look no further than the following list.

1. Keeping


Cleverly named so that it tells you exactly what it is all about, this app has all you need no matter the type of freelancing you are doing. Available for iPhone, Android, Chrome, and Firefox, it is primarily a time-tracking app as you can view hours almost instantly, enter them based on work, and keep track of the entire staff. However, it has many other features. You can have reports with clear overviews, useful link integration, and proper team management. Easy invoicing is also there. Make sure to check out here for one of the best services of this sort that will help you with keeping track of everything important in your work.

2. Traqq


The second app on the list is one of the best freelancing apps out there. Its primary features offer so much that it can basically be the only thing you use. First off, you get online and offline tracking as well as app and website monitoring. There are timesheets to use as well as activity levels to view. Reports and timesheets can be exported for later use on other devices. The app allows 3 free users, all of which have access to premium features. If you ever want to upgrade, the monthly price is $6.

3. Harvest


Next up is the Harvest app. It has many features but it primarily focuses on time tracking, automatic invoices, and monitoring of expenses. It only allows for 1 free user who can have 2 projects, but the app is good enough to upgrade. That will cost you $12 per month. It is on the expensive end but it is a great app to try out if you are serious about freelancing.

4. Toggl


In case you need to track your revenue and projects, you should know that Toggl is the right app for it. Apart from this, it also offers pomodoro timers and team management, and team scheduling. It gives 5 users free access and costs $9 monthly if you decide to upgrade.

5. Tmetric


Here is another app that gives 5 users a chance to access it for free. It is also only $5 to upgrade per month, which is the lowest price on the list. If you do not mind working on weekends and holidays, you will enjoy one of its primary features. Tmetric offers customizable tracking for both holiday and weekend work, as well as project budgeting.

6. Hubstaff


Compared to the rest of the apps on this list, Hubstaff has the highest number of primary features. First off, it is great at employee scheduling. Then, it gives you employee monitoring and payroll management. This is already enough for freelancing teams or businesses that employ the services of multiple freelancers. Time tracking is also there, as well as GPS tracking and online invoices. Overall, it is one of the top apps for teams, or individuals who employ others. Only 1 free user is available with the monthly price for upgrades set at $7.

7. TimeCamp


This is a freelancing app that has an unlimited amount of free users available. If any of them want to upgrade though, the price per month is $7. Regarding the features, there is a lot you can do with this great app. There is billable time tracking, team performance monitoring, and attendance management. This again makes it great for team-based freelancing work. ALso, there is a special project tree system for different tasks and subtasks for a better and cleaner organization.