How Often Should You Professionally Clean Your Couch and Cushions?

If you’re struggling and dealing with dirty couches just know that you’re not the only one. In fact, people often skip washing their furniture and they don’t know the rules when it comes to its maintenance. How often you should clean your sofa depends on how much use it gets. Pet owners or people with kids may want to clean their rooms and sofas more often. Don’t forget to take your couch and its color into consideration as well. Lighter shades such as baby white or nude can be hard to maintain and clean. Keep on reading and understand your options down below.

Why you should clean your bed & your couch?

Just like cleaning your kitchen, bedroom or your clothes is important to you, so is cleaning your bedding and your couch. Don’t ever think that just because you can’t see the dirt that it isn’t there (think about the sweat, its scent, etc). Doing a quick pass with your vacuum cleaner can’t do a lot, unfortunately, which is why you have to turn to deep cleansing, and sometimes even professional service.

Why do some people skip cleaning their furniture?


The real truth is that people tend to think that you don’t have to clean their couches, or they are worried that using chemicals can be damaging to the fabric, and they don’t want to ruin their furniture. Well, you should take a close look under the cushion of your sofa or armchair, and you will find a helpful tag that can navigate your cleaning process. Here is what you should look for:

  • S- solvent only
  • S/W – you can use solvent and water
  • W – only water
  • X – you can’t and shouldn’t clean it

However, a ton of different manufacturers will hide their cleaning tags since they don’t want you to clean your furniture on your own. In fact, they would rather have you book them personally or book a team of experts who know how to approach each unique fabric.

How often should you clean your furniture?

At least once a year is a good timescale to aim for, no matter the state of your items. If you have cats, dogs, or children running around you should do this more often. Here is how to know if your items are ready for a wash:

You should take a clean, white cotton towel and rub it over the back and arms of your sofas and armchairs. If it looks dark brown or gray it might be good to give it a thorough wash yourself or book someone to do it for you.

How often should you clean your slipcovers?

When it comes to your slipcovers and the removable outer layer of your cushions try and wash them twice a year. Doing it more often than this will wash out the color and make it look old and worn out. Always check the tags to make sure that your chosen item is washable and good to go for your wash machine, etc.

PS: You can also vacuum in between the cushions for the best & clean experience. You’ll probably find a bunch of missing stuff in there, especially if you have kids who tend to make a lot of mess and misplace things.

How often should you professionally clean your couch and cushions?


If you wish to thoroughly clean your furniture and have your home at its best and prime state consider booking a professional service and someone who has been in this business for years. A professional cleaning service can help with your debris, bacteria, and dust build-up. Oftentimes booking a professional service is a good idea if you can’t clean the room yourself, or you want that ”fresh” new smell and start. A team of pros will also do this way faster than you can do it yourself.

Top 4 reasons to get your furniture professionally cleansed

1. Extend the life of your furniture

As with any item you invest in, the more care you give it, the longer it will last. So, why not have your couch for years to come? The longer contaminants stay on your furniture, the harder it can be to remove them on your own. A professional service will prolong its lifespan.

2. No more odor

Upholstery can absorb smells over time, especially when it comes to cigarette smoke which can easily get stuck in some fiber and stink for days. If you want to experience that fresh new smell and scent + you want to get rid of quite a few stains, this is a good service to think about and have booked.

3. Fresh air

Do you or someone in your family struggle or suffer from allergies? Having a dirty home or furniture can be a trigger. This is because dust and other allergens can be trapped in the fibers without you even realizing it. With the right approach, you will get rid of any hazardous dust or pollen.

4. No more damage to your furniture


A lot of our supermarket cleaners and substances can be too harsh to use and can make a mess and damage if not used correctly. The truth is that the cleaning operatives will have the necessary expertise and knowledge to use the right products to clean thoroughly without causing further damage. This is most important if you have pricey furniture that requires additional care and maintenance.

Where to get your furniture professionally clean?

If you want to enjoy a premium service make sure that you click here and look at this site and all of its options. This service will help with any stains, dust, odor, and dust mites. Everything is antibacterial and you will enjoy premium, smooth and soft results. In addition to having your sofa cleaned, it is also possible to have your dining room chairs or mattress cleansed as well while you’re at it!. Book them and see the quality yourself.