7 Reasons Why Single Deck Blackjack Games are Better

Casinos across the globe are always looking for an edge to ensure that they stay competitive. The single-deck blackjack games are a perfect example of how a casino can level the playing field and increase its odds of winning.

The single-deck blackjack games are designed to offer an advantage to the bettors, who will have a distinct edge over those who play against the dealer’s eight. The single-deck blackjack games achieve this advantage with only one deck of cards.

The single-deck blackjack games are designed so that both players know that they are playing with one and only one deck of cards. The dealer is given eight cards, but there is no way for him to alter this number or shuffle the deck. The dealer has only himself to blame, though, as he could have changed the number of cards by switching out the two jokers amongst all the face-down cards.

Single Deck Games Best Bet

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The only way to make it fair is by determining one standard card for all decks in play, which is why you will find most casinos opting for a single deck game. These games are designed in such a way that the players have a clear advantage over the dealer, which has given them another name, single deck advantage games.

The single-deck blackjack games are perfect for those who love the thrill of gambling and would rather play for financial gains. The single-deck blackjack games have been a big hit in casinos across the globe because they offer an edge to the gamblers, who otherwise play against a dealer’s eight, and this is precisely what has made them such popular games in casinos.  For more information, visit casinoroar.com.

Top Reasons Why These Games are Better

1. The Game Is More Exciting

The blackjack players face a lot of anxiety while they play their game. There are many reasons they feel so much stress, but it could be because they are unsure about what the dealer is holding and whether or not he has instigated any tricks to help him win.

The fact that there is a single deck game in play alleviates all of this anxiety. If you know that only one deck of cards is being used, you also know how many cards are left in the deck, right? It is easier to keep track of your betting amounts if you know that only one deck will be used for all the games at a particular table.

2. You Can Have More Fun

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It is easier to relax and enjoy yourself when you know that just one or two decks of cards are used in the game. Knowing that you are still competing against the dealer’s hand of eight allows you to play more aggressively and risk a significant amount of money. The amount at stake could be just high enough to make your evening memorable, but it will never be high enough to put your home or your family in danger.

3. You Have More Control

It is all about control, and you have much more power when you know that only one deck of cards is being used. In all the ways possible, this game will give you an edge over the dealer and every other player who plays against them.

You will be able to dictate how many cards the dealer has to deal with, and you can also be in charge of how many cards he receives from his two jokers. That way, you will be able to dictate the way the game will unfold.

4. Predictability

There is no such thing as any kind of randomness in a single deck game. The number of cards being dealt out to the dealer and the other players is always evident to everyone, even before every match at a particular table begins.

Therefore, you can predict how many cards will be dealt out to each player and how many cards will be left to play with for each hand. You can also expect when it would be best for you to raise your bet or when it is more prudent to keep your bet amount unchanged.

5. Better Odds

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If one casino decides to play with single-deck blackjack games, they are guaranteed to have better odds than any other casino that plays with a double-deck blackjack game. The odds can never be the same when you are playing against a dealer’s hand of eight and in a double-deck game.

When you play single-deck blackjack games, even if you are facing an ace or two on the deuce, you will still have a better chance of winning than in a double-deck game. Therefore, it is always wise to play single-deck blackjack games whenever one is offered at a casino.

6. Better Return

The single-deck blackjack games offer better odds than any other casino game that uses more than one deck of cards. This means that if you are willing to play the game to its full extent, you can win more than you can with any other game played in a casino. Single deck games are known to yield the highest returns on bets, which is why they have a vast following worldwide.

7. The Game Is More Informative

There is just one deck of cards that is being used in a single-deck blackjack game, and there will always be a standard card that every player and the dealer has to use.

Therefore, each player will know what the other players have been dealt with, and there will always be clear indications of how many cards are available to each player. The number of cards left in the deck can never be hidden from anyone, even if they do not know how many cards are still available.


The single-deck blackjack games are great because even if you lose one game, you know that the same deck will be used for the next thing. You can then plan your strategy accordingly and ensure that you get a better chance at winning.

There is no suspense in these games as it is easy to keep track of what is going on, but more importantly, it ensures that no tricks are being played behind your back, so you do not have to worry about this aspect of the game. Even though there are many single-deck blackjack games in play today, some still have different rules and conditions than others.