Is It Possible To Sell Your Old Junk Car Without DMV Work?

Each item has a shelf life. So it is with cars. Sometimes, these vehicles can serve loyally for decades, but after a while, they are just rubbish and nothing can be saved from them. Sometimes, repairs can be more expensive than buying a new vehicle, so there is no solution other than junk, so you might get a dollar extra from those who run it.

In general, to sell the car to a junkyard you need to have a copy of the title, which you can get from the DMV. It’s a mandatory step, so you can legally sell your car there. On the other hand, it’s possible to sell a car without a title, as long as you have proof of ownership. But, if you don’t have it, it’s practically illegal to sell your car, even for trash.

In California, which means Los Angeles is included, you can use a paperless title, and both you and junkyard sign it, and we suggest using for that. People there can explain to you how to do these things.

When can you sell your car in a junkyard?


There are situations in which it is impossible to keep the car. For example, if it was destroyed in a car accident and it is impossible to repair it. Another situation is when there are technical defects, which are too expensive to repair. Of course, as we mentioned, sometimes some repairs are more expensive than buying a new car, so many people decide to dump their vehicle.

This sale should be clean and legal. Even junkyards require proof of ownership to avoid embarrassing situations such as selling someone else’s car or destroying something that can be saved. That’s why she needs that DMV title, but if you can’t get it, then you can use the purchase agreement you signed.

Compare different offers

In some countries or cities, the number of junkyards is limited, so you do not have much choice. But as with everything else, in this case, you need to check their history and background. Of course, see if they have bad reviews and why they have them.

If you have multiple options, you can make a list of multiple locations and request a quote from all of them. Always provide real-time information about the car, as it will in any case check the correct condition and can sue you if you try to deceive them.

Most of these junk companies can come and pick up the vehicle themselves. Also, make sure that you are asking for money for the boot. This service is usually free and should not be deducted from the price of the vehicle.

Check out different offers from different junkyards before deciding who to sell your car to.

Can you really avoid DMV and BMV?


You usually need to report the sale of the vehicle to the state, even when it comes to junk sales. There are specific rules you need to follow throughout this process. When the sale is registered, then the procedure is legal and official. That way, you are protected from liability, which means that even if it is resold, repaired, or reused, you will have no responsibility. In a way, the DMV title relieves you of any responsibility when you have already sold the car, no matter who the buyer is.

You can always opt for a private sale too, which is far faster than the official one. However, it can happen that you get a low price for what’s left of your vehicle, but you can also be a victim of fraud. Sure, if you use a legal and registered junkyard, it probably won’t happen, but it really is not worth the risk for something you want to get rid of.

In such situations, you can expect and be rejected, because junkyards often know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, we recommend an official sale, because that way you have no further responsibility for the parts that are working or that are already damaged.

How to proceed with selling the car without a title?


Keep in mind that this option is not possible everywhere. Some states are very strict when it comes to this since they want to make sure the junk car is not stolen. California laws are very strict, and you will probably need to obtain a title, except if it’s really trash, and you just want to get rid of it (and don’t care about the money).

But in Florida, you can easily do it without a title, and in Texas, this can be completed if the original owner died in a meantime, and there is no family member who inherits the belongings. So, it depends on where you are, but there are exceptions even when there are strict laws.

If it’s possible to junk the car without a title, you still need to provide proof of ownership, like registration documents, that match your address and name. Also, you can prove it with the documents you signed when you bought the car.

After you do these things, you can sign a deal with the junkyard, and you wait for the day to be taken away. You get paid immediately, and probably that’s all you have to do with this.


Let us summarize what we said in this article. Selling a car without registering with the DMV is possible only if you do not make a profit from it. In fact, many owners do not expect to receive money from such sales at all. On the other hand, if you want to get a realistic price for the parts that are healthy, you have to go with the official sale and report that you are selling the vehicle to a junkyard.

Of course, you should also look at whether such a thing is allowed in your country, as the laws may vary. Always be well informed so that you can handle the legal responsibility you have. Even when it comes to junk, it is still your vehicle and you certainly do not want to get a lawsuit or legal issue after a few years.