8 Best Pumping Strategies for the Working Mother

Nursing our babies, newborns, and toddlers is something that most new moms go through. This is a beautiful bonding process, but it can also be extremely stressful. When we need to go back to work, we are left with the question of what we should do to make sure we don’t interrupt our little one’s feeding time, and how we can prepare for this process without feeling unpleasant at work before we go back home. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best pumping strategies for the working mother, and we are going to give you some tips on how to ensure that your newborn’s schedule doesn’t change even though you’re back in the office.

1. Have a schedule

The first thing you need to do is create a schedule depending on how old your infant is, how often and how much you lactate, and what is pleasant for you. For some new moms, it is best if they extract once every hour, while for others, no more than five times per day is needed. So, make sure you check when your infant feeds, how much breastmilk you produce, and what your needs are. Depending on that, you can create a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you apply changes if needed.

2. Try to do it before you leave your home

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One of the first rules is to do the extraction right before you go to the office. Some mothers, as we mentioned previously, lactate a lot, and they need to make sure they can go without pumping for at least an hour or two. No matter if you live five minutes away from your work, or you need to commute for an hour, you should take some time to extract before you arrive. That way, you will start your day feeling lighter and fresh, and you can follow your plan depending on the schedule you’ve made.

3. The right device is a must

There are a lot of pumps available on the market, and your first thought may be to try and save some cash by purchasing a mediocre one. Know that this is not going to help you, your body, your infant, or your budget. It is far better to invest in the best breast pump for working moms that you can find, than bother with items that won’t work properly or that will give you pain.

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4. If possible, pump every few hours

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The most important thing you need to know is your legal rights as a new mom. No matter if you gave birth a few weeks ago and you had to go back to work right away, or if your little one is close to one year old, you have the right to do the pumping when needed. Once you are up to date with the laws in your country and regulations in your place of work, you should try and extract every few hours. This is going to make it easier and better for you, you will not have any pain or discomfort, and you will be able to store breastmilk for your newborn.

5. Try not to stop before both of your breasts are empty

When pumping, no matter if you are doing it at home before you go to the office, or while you are at work, you should try and pump until both of your breasts are empty. Yes, this will preliminarily take a bit more time than half-pumping, but ultimately it will save you a lot more time and it will give you additional hours before the next pumping. Try to incorporate this into your schedule, and know that with the best breast pump for new moms you will be able to do it much faster and easier than you think.

6. Have a weekend schedule as well

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When we create plans, schedules, and strategies, we tend to think just of the days when we are at the office. No matter if you work three or six days per week, you need to stick to your original plan on days when you are at home. If possible, try to do the extraction when your infant usually eats so that when you are at home, you can do the feeding without changing your schedule. If needed, make accommodations to the strategy you have on days when you are at home, just keep in mind that changing things too much is going to make it more difficult for your body to adapt faster.

7. Package the breastmilk properly

Know that you should always have good, clean, empty bottles where you can store your breastmilk. You can choose to freeze it if needed so that your infant can get their food whenever needed, or you can refrigerate it right after pumping to keep it fresh. Try to have a place where you can store the fresh breastmilk right after you extract it, and know that if you keep it in a hot place for a long time, chances are, you will have to discard it and not use it for your infant. Breastmilk can easily go bad, so package and store it using the right equipment and steps.

8. Your comfort is a priority

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Finally, no matter what you do, how often you do it, and where you do it, you have to make sure that you are feeling pleasant. Have a designated area where you can pump without feeling too rushed or stressed about it. Invest in a good pump and know that even if you use it for just a few months, it is going to make the whole process with it. Always have water with you while doing this, and keep yourself hydrated during the day. If you don’t feel pleasant with any of the plans you’ve made, know that you can always change them. Don’t force yourself and if you feel additional pain or discomfort, adapt depending on your needs.

These things are relatively easy to follow, and once you get used to nursing and extraction you will have a much easier time than you think. Adapt depending on your and your infant’s needs, and know that soon, you will realize that the stress you had about this process was not needed. Take your time, use the right device and everything is going to be okay.