How to Open a Locked Door Without Damage – 2022 Guide

Some might wonder why would ever they need to know how to unlock the door of their house without a key. That’s a fair question, but what most people overlook is the fact that we are constantly on the move and live such a fast-paced way of life, meaning that sometimes losing things like keys from our home is nothing unusual, or to be more precise, is something to be expected. Of course, we don’t need to lose them, we can just forget them at work or at our friends’ house, but when you are in some kind of a hurry, and there is no key to save you, what are you going to do? Yes, you can break a window or door, and voila, the mission is complete, but why cause any damage when there is no need for that. That is why we created this list of easy-to-do things that everyone will find helpful if they ever come into a situation where they need to break into their home but don’t want to cause any damage.

Thin tools for bathroom and bedroom doors



If the door we want to unlock is inside the house and has privacy handles, there is no need to despair and panic, as it can be easily done with a few thin tools. No matter if we have a screwdriver, tiny knife, or even a paper clip, each of them can be used to save us from the unpleasant situation of being locked inside. Although it might seem like a funny and icky situation to be locked on the other side of this type of door, it is not that rare, and knowing how to unlock them can save us from many inconveniences. There is a small hole on the doorknob where we need to put any thin tool we have and twist it until it is unlocked. These locks are not made with a high level of security, and because of that, it is possible to open them without damage.

Cards as the ultimate solution

Well, this is something we have all seen in movies when, regardless of the situation, actors use cards to unlock doors. Now, this isn’t a myth, and yes, with enough practice and time, this is more than possible, but before we get into details, be aware that it’s not as easy as it is in the movies. The best way to test this is with a latch bolt door, as it is the easiest type to unlock with a card, as all that’s needed is to slide the card between the jamb and the edge of the door, apply a bit of pressure on the knob, and then gently wiggle it around until the doors are open. In reality, this might seem funny, and that’s because it is. If you decide to go with this method, you will surely remember at least one scene from your favorite movie or TV show with the same task at hand. Overall, using cards can be a lifesaver, especially since credit cards are something we usually all have in our possession at all times.

Screwdriver for removing the doorknob


If there is no way to open the lock with thin tools, but you want to open the interior door with a low-security one, probably the best idea is to try to take off the doorknob, dismantle the lock and open it. It is not complicated at all, and all you need is a screwdriver and nerves to do everything carefully in order to avoid any damage. Of course, it is much easier if screws are visible, but there is no need to worry even if they are hidden as there is a solution even then. In that situation, you will need to remove piece by piece until the doors are unlocked, and it is most likely that you first will need to remove some of the decorative plates used to hide screws and improve the overall look.

Call the professionals

Sometimes none of the various techniques will be the one that actually works, which can be pretty stressful, especially if you are locked outside the house during extreme cold or heat or late at night. However, if you find yourself in that situation, there is no need to break into the house by smashing the door, as there are professionals able to help you whenever needed, and they can be easily reached on this website. Of course, it is impossible to misuse their services, and you will need to show them the proof that you are on your own property before they decide to help.

Having a knife can save you time


Now, this option is pretty similar to the one with the card, as the basics of the process are actually the same, and the only thing different is that knives are usually thinner than credit cards. Once again, slide the knife between the edge and the jamb and gently wiggle it while pushing a knob. This should be easier to perform on your own, and the only thing needed is the time, but you can always practice, and if or when the time comes, you will know precisely what and how to do it. Of course, knives are much sharper than cards, so those who opt for this method need to take precautions and be careful, as they don’t want to end up hurting themselves.

Focus on the hinges

Well, this is something that most people don’t think of, but at the same time, it’s probably the best and fastest way to get inside the house. Namely, removing hinges is much easier as all that’s needed is a bit of strength and precision. What you need to perform this act are a screwdriver and a mallet, and in case you don’t have them, you need a sharp yet firm object and a rock to pound it and remove the hinges this way. Overall, this is a noisy but the most efficient way to get inside the house without causing any damage, and even if some damage occurs, replacing hinges is much cheaper than the whole door.