How to Lose Weight and Look Fit Not Skinny? – 2023 Guide

Losing weight is not about getting skinny one day, but it means being fit and healthy. Before eliminating your extra pounds, you must know the massive difference between them. Wrong ways of losing weight can make you skinny.

You will look slim, but your body will lack nutrition. Later, you can experience various health issues. Instead, you can stay fit by opting for the correct methods.In the following write-up, we will discuss how one can easily lose weight healthily and become fit instead of skinny.

It is quite easy for you to shed excess weight from your body. But you must follow the right method. It is like science, in which you need to research thoroughly and get the best suitable options. Every person has a different body, and not everyone can follow the same methods. Therefore, it is quite essential to understand your body before doing anything.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Detoxes

Many individuals think that juices and soups can detoxify their bodies. It is a myth as it does not contain nutritional ingredients. If one is dependent on detoxes, his body will lack various macro and micronutrients.

When it is about your appearance, you will look slim and skinny. But when you stop taking detoxes, you will gain weight gradually.

2. Avoid Crash Diets

Many individuals think that food makes them fat. But they cannot differentiate between good vs. bad food. Many people start doing crash diets, in which a person hardly eats food. If you follow the same, it can decrease your lean muscle and you will look skinny. In this way, you will not burn the fat, but then the body is getting deprived of nutrients.

It is crucial to take your diet sensibly. Everything in the food group, like carbs, proteins, fats, etc., must be taken in the proper ratio. A crash diet is a quick solution to look slim, but later, you will gain more weight once you start eating anything.

3. Do Yoga


Doing yoga is not about stretching your body and feeling relaxed. Many individuals think that it is hard to lose weight by using this method. It is a slow process of decreasing the weight number, but it is an effective approach.

Due to yoga practices, you can strengthen your mind, body, and soul. It is possible to execute some work by your body against gravity. It helps in reversing the aging process and boosting one’s metabolism. Instead of getting skinny, you can prefer to be fit by doing yoga.

4. Do Strength Training

You can gain muscles and lose fat from your body by doing strength training. All the strength-based exercises can help you tone the body and make it look fit. It is necessary to do strength training twice per week.

When you engage the core, your strength builds up, and you become stronger. Make sure that you are consistent with the workout regime to see the difference in the body within a few months.

5. Stay Consistent

Whatever efforts you put for weight loss, like consuming a balanced diet, exercises, etc., you have to be consistent. One can get into fitness once one starts becoming consistent. You must have body goals and follow them to achieve a healthy and fit body.

It is quite hard for you to achieve your goals within a few days. You must work hard consistently to get results. Make sure that you never leave your workout sessions until you reach the goals.

6. Control Your Hunger Pangs

When anyone is on a specific diet, you may experience enough cravings. It is the main reason for gaining extra pounds because usually you consume more than you should eat when you crave it. It is pretty necessary to control your hunger pangs to avoid gaining weight.

You can do it by drinking plenty of water. It is essential to drink three to four bottles of water to hydrate yourself and avoid unnecessary cravings. You should keep a check on the calories you consume.

7. Sleep for Losing Extra Pounds


If you sleep for adequate hours, you can easily gain extra pounds of weight and look fit. It is something that various people do not believe. But it is proven that better sleep can help you in reducing your weight and achieve desired body shape.

It is essential to sleep for at least eight hours daily. When you sleep, your body starts producing the HGH hormone to increase density of bone, fat loss, and muscles. But ensure that one does not sleep too much as it can reverse the results.

8. Moderate Eating

It is not fair to ignore dessert because of fear of gaining too much weight. Instead, you must focus on moderate eating. You can eat whatever you want, but it should be in less quantity. Skipping anything will let you crave more.

Make sure that you must keep a small gap while having meals and desserts. You can eat anything, but you have to fix the moderate quantity, and you should not go beyond it. When you start keeping yourself within the limit, you will not gain weight and will easily get back into the previous shape. This website can let you pick the perfect diet for losing extra pounds.

9. Move More

You can easily lose weight by moving more and doing household chores. Regular exercise is not enough to become fit. You should avoid sitting for long hours. Whenever you move and do any work, your body burns calories.

It can easily let you make it fit. There should be no fixed hours when you need to exercise or move. You can take a break from sitting and move more than usual to get results.

Final Thoughts

You might have understood the difference between becoming fit and skinny. By choosing the correct methods of reducing weight, you can stay fit and healthy. You should avoid incorrect methods because they will give quick outcomes and not long-lasting ones. Being skinny is not attractive and healthy at all.