NFL Teams to Bet on for Big Profits

The NFL is home to some of the most exciting and dynamic sports teams and athletes in the world. There are plenty of reasons to become an expert on the National Football League in the United States, and one such reason is the fact that betting on the sport has exploded in popularity over the last decade or so.

But, sports betting can be tricky, especially for newcomers who don’t know much about the NFL. There are many different metrics that can be measured and analysed in order to make profitable bets. If you are just getting started, the best metric to weigh in on, and bet on, is based on team performance. As such, knowing which teams are the best to place wagers on is a good place to start.

Let’s take a look at some of the best NFL teams to bet on.

Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs are a reliable NFL team that you can depend on when it comes to results. Many people would even consider the KC Chiefs to be one of the best teams in the sport historically, as well as in the present day. Normally, when it comes to sports betting it is difficult to predict which team will perform well, and it is difficult to stick to one team in terms of relying on profits.

When it comes to the KC Chiefs, however, it is somewhat known to most NFL fans that if you want to make a profitable bet, even if the profits are small, they are the team to rely on. If you’re just getting started with NFL betting, the KC chiefs are a good choice as they’re reliably consistent in their results.

Buffalo Bills

Right now, the Buffalo Bills are giving every NFL fan what they want in terms of performance metrics and betting tactics. They seem to be ticking every box in recent games, including metrics related to quarterback ratings, yards per pass, turnovers, and total pass attempts. If you’re a more experienced NFL bettor, these metrics provide dependable bets.

In terms of NFL team power rankings, no team seems to provide more reliability over the past decade or so than the Buffalo Bills, and betting on them always seems safe and profitable.

Underdog Choice – Denver Broncos


It can not truly be argued that the most profitable bets always come from underdog teams that perform well beyond expectations. Usually, when you look at NFL predictions, underdog bets have low buy-ins and high-profit outputs. The Denver Broncos seem to provide a great underdog choice if you’re looking for a high-profit NFL wager.

The Broncos always seem to make splashy hires for their team and staff without really tipping the season predictions in their favour. This makes them a strong underdog choice for any NFL bettor out there.

Although there are often upsets on the field, these three teams generally come out on top. This is something every new bettor can benefit from as they work their way toward more complex wagers that pose bigger risks. But remember, with risk comes reward,  so playing it safe isn’t something you want to do forever.