10 Things To Know Before Moving To The UK With Your Family

The UK is an ideal destination for anyone seeking a change in their location for many reasons like pretty backgrounds, scenic views, landscapes, work visas, immense growth opportunities, and a secured future for your child in the form of an excellent educational setup.

You name it, and this place has it all!

As curious as you might get, here are ten things you should know before moving to this place with your family.

1. The Multi-Weather Effect

Skillfully spread on the north-western coast of continental Europe, the UK helps you experience different kinds of weather in a single day. If you leave for work in the morning and it is sunny, don’t be surprised to feel the need for a jacket by the end o the day when you are all set to leave for home. And interestingly, the weather obsession is quite evident in Britishers as they have proper conversations and, of course, preparations for it. So, you and your family should prepare for total weather unpredictability while moving to the UK.

2. Healthcare At Minimal Cost

If you have elders in your family, healthcare services at your doorstep must be available. The British Government had set up the National healthcare Service (NHS). It was established in 1948, and the idea behind this is to make healthcare facilities accessible to everyone. Most healthcare services are free, but prescriptions and specialised care requirements are delivered. The income tax draws the funds that the people pay. However, the cost is pretty less.

3. Holidays And Work Culture

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Suppose you plan to take a job opportunity in the UK before and gradually call your family. In that case, you should know about the work culture and holidays for better management. You might be familiar with the term ‘public holidays’. It is a common concept of holidays, and all countries abide by it, but the number of holidays available to professionals may differ from one place to the other. For instance, there are no celebrations and holidays on Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving, amongst many others.

It would help if you had a good idea about the eligibility for a skilled worker visa in the UK, and one of the trusted sources for authentic information regarding the same is https://imperiallegal.com/uk-skilled-worker-visa.

4. Strike The Right Balance Between Work And Enjoyment

Sometimes your profession or workplace can squeeze out everything from you, and you won’t even have the time for yourself. You get up, work, and go to sleep. It is toxic for the mind and body. If switching is an option for you and you are considering the UK, you are on the right path.

You might be thinking that this place has fewer public holidays. Then how is a perfect balance in such a country possible?

The British Government is thoughtful of its population of professionals; hence, it acts as a hub of employers that provide excellent rewards. Most full-time workers in various UK companies enjoy the legal right to have at least 28 days of paid vacation in one year. It is far more than what the governments of other countries provide to their employees.

Also, most offices have two days off and opt for a 7-hour shift for the rest of the week.

5. No Language Barrier

Time and again, people have found themselves in the soup of using American English and British English. It means that both of them are commonly used. You will still be fine with verbal communication if you use American English. However, you will need to pay attention to the spelling of some of the words. For example, ‘enquire’ and ‘inquire’ are exact words with the same meaning. The only difference between them is the spelling. So, verbal communication won’t be a problem while moving here.

6. Array Of Weekend Escapes

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Your free time can be well-spent with your family in the UK, all thanks to the wide availability of picturesque areas. They are beautiful, and no picture can do justice to the way they look in reality. It’s your choice to choose a countryside view or something amid the vibe where the sky meets the sea with a dash of cool breeze and a soothing vibe.

7. Top-Class Education

The quality of education is highly regarded by many top employers worldwide. That’s the thing about the teaching faculty, developers, and researchers in this place that they believe in a continuous approach. The research and development cover a large area; hence, it focuses on various aspects and concepts under the curriculum. Therefore, your children have a secure future.

8. Employment

Whether you are looking for a job for yourself, your child, or any family member, there are tons of options for you. The UK is home to companies like Unilever, Rio Tinto, British American Tobacco, HSBC, Diageo, AstraZeneca, and the list can go on. So, you can choose your field of work and get one for you accordingly.

9. The Tea Trend

Source: expatica.com

The Britishers are tea obsessed. It is a plus point for anyone who has a thing for it. You can find tea related to names like ‘cuppa’ and ‘brew’ across various streets and cities in the United Kingdom. How shockingly happy will you feel if you come across the fact that tea has emerged as the most common drink amongst the British and approximately 100,000,000 cups of tea are consumed in one day by people.

Yes, you read that right.

However, if you want to drink tea at your discretion, you can consider investing in an electric kettle.

10. Working Of The Supermarkets

In usual circumstances, the price you see on any product tag is added with the state taxes and service charges. You end up paying extra. But, that won’t be the case when you move to this place. It is suitable as people can see and purchase the amount rather than being surprised at the billing counter. There are no surprise additions ro nasty taxes that are added to the price printed on the tag. You have to pay for what’s written only.


The Britishers are welcoming people, and the UK has something in store for everyone. So, if you are considering changing your place of living with your family, the UK should be on your list of considerations. Switch on the mode for a good lifestyle at home with excellent facilities, culture, and vibe!