How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

How to steam clean a mattress is a familiar question among those people with more oversized beds. Whether it is funky or have stains, planning how you will clean it,  especially if you own larger ones, can be messy.

People complaints daily about excess moisture in their mattress; excess humidity in any furniture may lead to mildew and mold. There will be no sweet dreams anymore but nightmares; sometimes, you may contact allergies due to a dirty mattress.

However, when steam cleaning, your mattress will collect some moisture that you will have to give it time before covering the bed with sheets. Therefore, this article has useful information on steam cleaning to enable you to maintain your bedroom.

Basic Knowledge of Steam Cleaning

You will not be doing steam cleaning regularly, especially if you keep your mattress in good condition. Keeping it from spills is all our wish but, dirt, sweat, dust, and skin cells will always be there.

Steam cleaning is not something that you wake up one day and say you want to do it. It would be best if you prepared first; by assembling all equipment or items, you will use and avail yourself. Start the cleaning process very early so that you give your mattress ample time to dry.

Sometimes, you may give it up to 24 hours, meaning that you will have to sleep on another mattress if there is on. Steam cleaning a mattress is elementary, as long as you have the necessary tools and materials that you will use.

How to Steam Clean a Mattress

These materials include; vacuum, laundry detergent, dry towels, vinegar, a bucket of water, and steam cleaner.

However, sometimes you may not have a steamer, don’t worry because you can use an iron box as long as it has a steaming function, and occasionally you may also use a garment steamer. If you can buy or rent a steam cleaner machine, do so. But if you have a fixed budget, then you will have to get an iron box.

And if it is a must to use a steam cleaner, then I recommend renting one; but that will also be if you can afford to. What is the most crucial consideration is the level of heat production. Ensure whatever you decide to use heat up to 212 degrees (F), anything below that, it is not steam cleaning and will give you a headache.

Let’s now get into how to steam clean a mattress

How to Steam Clean a Mattress: The Step by Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Vacuuming and deodorizing the mattress

Before vacuuming the mattress surface, you need to remove all pillows, blankets, sheets, extra mattress pads. This step is significant because it determines how deep or shallow you want to clean your mattress. If you remove all the above items, you will have ample time for a thorough steam cleaning your bed.

Vacuuming will enable you to clear all skin cells, hair, dirt, plus other materials that will not dissolve when steaming. If your mattress smells funky, and you wish to tackle the smell, it is advisable to apply baking soda. Sprinkle the substance on the entire mattress surface before vacuuming.

Under this stage, also I recommend washing all bed sheets and blankets and hang them out to dry. It would be best if you also exposed pillows to heat from the sun or wash their covers. You may add a favorite and available oil to baking soda to give you nice smelling.

Give the mixture enough time to eat all oils and smells before vacuuming. Before vacuuming the mattress, remember to use a vacuum that comes with a hose attachment; for close bed suction. Apply short strokes on the entire mattress and pay much attention to areas that are likely to be dirtier, areas around your feet, and beneath your head.

2. Spot cleaning stains

There is no way you can jump to steaming with a lot of stains on the mattress. Here, you should have gentle laundry detergent, a bucket of water, and a sponge. If you meet any dirt, tackle it using these items. However, sometimes you may lack the laundry detergent, no need to worry because you may still use baking soda, which you already have.

Sprinkle the mixture of baking soda on the stains and then blot/dab the area with a sponge. You can also use vinegar if available; it is an adequate substitution of the other two cleaning substances. Point to note; don’t over-saturate the stains because it will delay the drying process of the mattress.

3. Steaming the mattress surface

Power on your steam cleaner, ensuring all attachments are functional, and then fill it with clean water. Start the steaming process right away. Here, you will have to hold your steamer at a short distance from the mattress surface, avoiding direct fabric touch.

Adjust to short and long strokes and move the machine slowly across the mattress. You know where to pay a lot of attention, right? Much concentration should be put on areas around the feet and beneath the head or dampness area.

Remember, don’t over-saturate the mattress, and if it happens, hold your steamer away from the mattress surface. Besides, steam along the mattress sides for more in-depth cleaning, and if your mattress is two-sided, repeat the procedures on the other side.

4. Give your mattress time to dry

Now that you are through with the steam cleaning process, it is advisable to give the mattress enough time to dry; something like four hours will be enough. However, you can increase drying speed by opening windows, install funs near the mattress or bed.

But if it is an outside-cleaning, place it on a stand or stool to dry using the direct heat from the sun. Don’t hurry using or cover your mattress with bed sheets because your steam cleaning process may be in vain.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are there other tools that I can use in the absence of a steam cleaner machine?

Yes. There is no need to worry about having or having not a steam cleaner because you can get an iron box as long as it features a steaming function, or sometimes you may also use a garment steamer. If you can buy or rent a steam cleaner machine, do so. But if you have a fixed budget, then you will have to get an iron box. Make sure whatever you use can heat up to 212 degrees (F)

2. Is it a must to use baking soda only when cleaning a mattress?

No. there are other substances that you can use instead of baking soda. You can also use vinegar if available; it is an excellent natural substitution of the other two cleaning substances.

3. What is the trick of applying baking soda detergent when steam cleaning a mattress?

Don’t over-saturate the stains because it will delay the drying process of the mattress

4. How many hours can my mattress take to dry after steam cleaning?

Duration depends on how and where you clean your mattress. Approximately it can go up to 4 hours, but you can increase the drying process by exposing it to direct sunlight and the use of funs near the mattress.


I hope that this article helps you with the knowledge of how to steam clean a mattress. Steam cleaning is significant for your health good and the well-being of your bed. Cleaning your mattress increases its lifespan to serve you for more years.

Everyone deserves to enjoy pleasant and sweet dreams at night. Do so by maintaining the excellent condition of your mattress through steam cleaning.



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Q: How to sanitize a mattress?

A: Vacuum Your Mattress. Once your blankets and sheets have been removed,use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove dust,dead skin,and hair. An Effective Stain Remover and Disinfectant. A solution of hydrogen peroxide can be incredibly useful for removing any urine,sweat,and bloodstains from your mattress. Get the Smell Out. …

Q: How effective are steam cleaners?

A: One of the greatest benefits of steam cleaning is that the process is effective at removing lingering odors. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners with pets. The high temperature of the water creates steam, which works to deodorize the carpets fibers by drawing out any lingering odors.

Q: How do you clean a bed mattress?

A: Rub the baking soda mixture into the bed, which really gives your mattress a deep cleaning. Let the baking soda and essential oil work its magic for at least an hour. While you’re waiting, wipe down the walls around your bed and the bed frame, creating a nice and clean sleeping area.

Q: How do I steam clean furniture?

A: One of the main reasons to steam clean your furniture is to get out all the ground in dirt, dust, and grit. There are products called soil emulsifiers that will help loosen all of the elements that have been ground into the fabric. Spray it on all of the upholstery on the piece of furniture and the pillows.