How to Clean Wool Carpets?

Having a carpet can be a good investment for house decoration. Wool carpets are always the best in the provision of warmth in the house as well as beauty. But the problem may arise when you want to clean it. A good number of carpets are wooly, and therefore, if you don’t clean it, you may build a habitat for bacteria.

Therefore if you have all of these luxurious items, remember they are your investments, and keeping them clean protects your investment. Frequent vacuuming your carpet is advisable to remove dust and small particles.

However, sometimes you will need to clean it, mainly when it contains some stubborn stains.

This article carries all information to help you succeed in cleaning your wool carpet. The steps are simple, and the requirements are also familiar. These items include; Coldwater, gentle detergent for wool wash, a vacuum, two buckets, a broom, a sponge, and a white towel.

How to Clean a Wool Carpet:

Depending on the size or value of your carpet, you may decide to clean it yourself or call for help from a professional cleaner. For example, it is not easy to clean wall-to-wall carpets. If you believe you can do, the below procedure applies to both amateurs and professionals.

1. Remove dirt using a broom

Before deep cleaning your carpet, it is evident that apart from dust, there will be debris that you cannot continue with the cleaning process unless you clear them out. The most important consideration is also when or what time to clean your carpet?

It is advisable to choose a moderate day when there is sunlight. Take your carpet outside and place it on sturdy chairs or put it where you will be comfortable when cleaning.

The next thing you will do is to beat the rug using a broom to loosen all dirt. However, occasionally you may lack a broom, don’t worry because you can use a rug beater or tennis racket to have your job done.

Under this step, you will also have to clean the floor side of the carpet so that dirt doesn’t interfere with your topside cleaning.

2. Vacuuming

Remove your carpet from wherever it is,  spread it on any flat surface like a patio, clean tarp, or deck with the wool side up. Properly vacuum it to remove all particles or loosen fibers that cannot dissolve in the cleaning solution, i.e., hair, nails, plastics, etc.

Under this stage, you will also need to vacuum all sides, turn over the carpet to clean the floor side. However, if you don’t have a suitable outside spot for cleaning, you can do it at a garage, kitchen floor, or any place that you may think is suitable as long as the water doesn’t affect the area. Learn more about how to recycle a vacuum cleaner?

3. Prepare your gentle detergent mixture

With your bucket of water, add in 1-2 tablespoonful of a detergent solution. Here, you may use either homemade wool wash or commercial Woolite and stir them well. Fill the other bucket with cold water. This is usually for rinsing.

4. Scrubbing

Here, you will have to start cleaning from one end, immerse your sponge in the cleaning solution. Exert pressure on the sponge using your hand or hands. Also, try to concentrate in one place until you see the place is clean. Immediate rinsing is advisable to remove debris using clean water in the other bucket.

An important note, do not apply much of your cleaning solution or water because you may over-wet fibers. Over-wetting may make your carpet take longer to dry. Wools are always suitable for absorbents.

5. Rinsing

Use a clean and wet sponge to rinse the area you are through. You may use the same sponge though you will have to clean it using freshwater. However, skipping this step will be a mess because fibers with detergent remains will attract dirt or soil.

6. Blotting

Use a piece of old towel to dab the area you are through with cleaning. Blotting is essential because it reduces excessive moisture through absorption.

This stage is also essential if there are stains; apply stain detergents such as club soda or vinegar. However, it will be helpful if you be careful with the carpet you are handling. Try the solution first on one end of the rug before applying on entire stains.

Give the solution enough time to work on the stain before blotting again. If you see there are no colors, rinse the carpet with clean water, and, if not, repeat the above steps until your carpet is clean.

7. Give it time to dry

There is no need to worry about using the carpet; hang it on a suitable place for air circulation. By doing so, you will speed its drying time. Give it enough time to dry, even if it is 24 hours.

The most important action that many of us forget is to clean the room before reinstalling the carpet. Remember to do so.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Apart from the outside spot, where else can I use to clean my carpet?

Yes, you may take the carpet outside and place it on sturdy chairs or put it where you will be comfortable when cleaning. Spread it on any flat surface like a patio, clean tarp, or your deck with the wool side up

2. What else can I use if I don’t have a broom?

Apart from a broom, there other items that you may use to beat a carpet to loosen soil/debris. There is no need to worry because you can use a rug beater or tennis racket to have your job done.

3. What is the importance of blotting?

Blotting is essential for the reduction of excess moisture through absorption.

4. Can I use my humanmade wool wash?

Yes, in the absence of commercial Woolite, you can use a homemade wool wash to clean your wool carpet.


For those people with wool carpets, you can agree with me that cleaning it is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know. This is a world of DIY, and you need to practice doing other things on your own; that is, if you have enough time. If you cannot avail and clean by yourself, then it is advisable to seek professional help.

Remember, maintaining the condition of your carpet will determine the period the rug will serve you. More so, cleaning is easy, depending on the situation and size of the rug.




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Q: What is the best method to clean wool carpet?

A: Steam cleaning is a popular way to clean carpets because of its deep cleaning capabilities. A fine mist of steam and detergent is sprayed into the carpet to loosen and free up the dirt, which is then sucked up by the vacuum. The problem with washing wool carpet with water is a lot like the problem with washing wool sweaters.

Q: What is the best way to clean carpets professionally?

A: Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the most effective method of carpet cleaning. Professional services use a powerful machine that injects a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet or rug.

Q: Can You Steam Clean a wool carpet?

A: Once the detergent has dried, it is vacuumed up.What to look out for: Be careful not to over-brush as it can lead to carpet damage. Steam Cleaning Wool Carpeting. Method: For deep cleaning, steam cleaning is a popular method. The process involves steam and detergent being sprayed onto the carpeting, which loosens dirt.

Q: How to care for wool carpets?

A: Vacuuming. The most important maintenance step is proper vacuuming. … Spot and Spill Removal. The following information provided by Wools of New Zealand One of the most crucial areas of carpet maintenance is the removal of spots and spills. General Cleaning. …