How to Straighten Your Hair with a Hair Straightener

Shiny, sleek, and straight hair is a dream of most girls! In fact, beautiful hair has a huge impact on women’s confidence and self-esteem. Perfect straight hair will help you look chic no matter whether you are going to wear a fancy dress for a date or a classic outfit when you are feeling lazy. Best of all, this hairstyle works for every hair length. Do you want to get this look? Well, you can achieve a beautiful straight hair look if you follow the steps that we prepared for you in this article.

Prepare your hair for straightening while washing it

In general, even though many shampoo and conditioner products have on their label that they will straighten your hair, this is not true. No product can straighten your hair easily. However, the product labels that say smoothing hair can help you prepare your hair by providing it with enough moisture. If you have dry hair and you start using an iron straightener, it will not lay flat. After applying the product for moisturizing the hair, rinse your hair gently with cooler water. When you leave the shower, do not dry your hair with a towel a lot since this will cause natural curs.


Roughly dry your hair

Most people do not know this but blow dryers are damaging our hair a lot. Therefore, do not use a dryer before ironing your hair since you will not get that sleek finish touch. In case, you are in hurry and you need to use a dryer, we suggest you roughly dry your hair from a safe distance until it is 80% dry. Do not forget to keep the nozzle facing downwards the whole time, because if you do not do that the hair will frizz. It would be best to blow it smoothly to get the best results. You should leave 20% of the hair to dry on its own.


Use the proper brush for your hair

It is highly important to use the right brush for your hair. Hairstyle experts recommend using boar bristle and nylon mix for the hair. This is because nylon is going to cause static, while the boar bristle will provide you smooth and polished touch. It is better to invest in a high-quality brush that will last longer than some ordinary cheap one that will not provide you any type of beneficial effects.


Now, it is time to wait until the hair is completely dry

You should not make the mistake of using an iron straightener while your hair is still wet because you are going to damage your hair a lot. If you start with the straightening process and you notice some unique sound, you should stop the process because this means your hair is not bone dry.


After that, use a thermal or heat protector

This tip is extremely significant for every woman, no matter how often she is using an iron straightener device. The last thing you want is your hair to sizzle and become very dry and damaged. You can achieve that perfect runway hairstyle look with the help of some products that will preserve the health of your hair. At the same time, they will not allow your iron to damage the hair. There are so many different products that are used as thermal or heat protection on the market. This means that you can truly have a wide range of different options to consider and try until you find the one that would best suit your hair type. These products are protecting hair from 450 degrees.


Monitor the temperature

There is no need to choose too-hot temperatures, even though your iron straightener comes with different degree options. The thing you should know and no one would tell you is that a 450-degree setting was designed only for salon usage in the combination with a professional keratin treatment. This means that this temperature level is not meant for customers.

However, no one knows this so they use the higher temperature degree and think that they will get the most ideal look with it and make the whole process much faster. High temperatures can truly harm your hair’s health. You should try with low temperatures. In case you have damaged or color-treated hair, you should choose the safe zone of 300 degrees. Additionally, always chooses high-quality iron from a reputable and credible brand that you can check here.


Take one section of the hair at a time

Now, we come to the most important part. You should not make the mistake of randomly taking parts of your hair and straightening them. You need to follow the rule of taking one section of the hair at a time. Additionally, you must take thick pieces. If you take bigger pieces, you will need unnecessarily to repeat the process and heat your hair more than you should. Therefore create sections with the brush that easily follow the process. It is important to split your hair in the middle at the back and then bring it forward because this form will provide you with two sections to work with. After that, you can split them into thicker parts.

Cautious sectioning is one of the keys to hair straightening tips. Not to mention the fact that the section process will save you a lot of time. Now, you should slowly run the iron down the length of the hair. You should keep the same amount of pressure on the hair the whole time to achieve the perfect look. Lastly, do not twist or move the iron from the path since you can end up with crimps on the hair that you are going to fix difficult.


You must hold your hair tight

In the case you keep hair sections pulled tautly, you should know that they will need only a couple of pass-thoughts with the flat iron. With fewer passes, you can conclude on your own that you are going to damage your hair minimally. If you pass over the hair couple of times, you will damage your hair a lot.