5 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Good Poker Players

No matter what sort of reports on the gambling industry you have in front of you, you will see that poker is either the most popular or the second most popular gambling game. That’s without a doubt, the reason why so many people prefer it over others is that this one is not a game of chance in the usual meaning.

What doesn’t this mean? Well, it means that being successful doesn’t rely on you being lucky. Instead, a lot of things depend on your skills. You need to be able to read your opponents, recognize the situation when they do not have a better hand than you, and a wide array of different things that can lead to you increasing your prize money.

Thankfully, playing poker has become much more accessible in this day and age. There are a lot of sites where you can play for free, to improve your skills. When you feel competent, you can always play for real money. There are countless sites you can visit. If you don’t know where to start, visit https://www.casinositesreview.io/real-money-casinos/.

Now, we want to discuss some Hollywood celebrities who have proven themselves as competent poker players.

1. Jennifer Tilly

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One of the best-known names, both when it comes to acting and poker, is Jennifer Tilly. She has proven herself to be quite a competent one. Her story is a pretty interesting one. Her father was a great poker player, he was a professional, and he managed to win several of the best-known tournaments out there.

Mrs. Tilly participated in numerous tournaments of the highest regard, and she managed to win a couple of them. Probably her best performance ever occurred when she managed to win a WSOP bracelet. Besides that, she managed to come on top in another highly-popular tournament, Bellagio Cup.

One of the traits that characterize her style of play is that he loves the situations when she plays high-stakes cash games. According to her, that’s the situation when she is focused the most, and when the adrenaline helps her to have an insight into numerous different scenarios that can play out in a game.

2. Brad Garret

“Everyone Loves Raymond” is one of the most loved TV shows of all time. Generations grew up together with these characters and they are beloved even today. One of the most memorable characters is Raymond’s brother Robert Barone, played by a stand-up comedian, Brad Garret.

Little is known about Brad Garret’s favorite hobby, poker. Not only that he enjoys playing it with his family or friends, but he is also a competent player who has been a part of a wide array of different high-level tournaments. In some of these appearances, he managed to secure quite a high position at the end.

He doesn’t describe himself as a professional. He likes to say that this is a part-time professional, who only participates in these sessions only when he has enough free time to do it. Nevertheless, those who have seen him play say that this is someone who is more than competent to face even full-time professionals.

3. James Woods

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One of the best-known faces in Hollywood is James Woods. James Woods is a household name, whose appearances in movies like “Once Upon a Time in New York” have ensured his special place in the industry forever. Besides his, nothing short of exceptional, acting skills, he can play some good poker too.

There’s one interesting statement from one of the professionals who played against him. The professional said that James Woods, at first sight, doesn’t look like a competent player because he spends quite a lot of time talking with others who are present at the table. But when you pay a closer look at it, that’s a distraction.

On the other hand, the moves and decisions he makes are very well done and super methodical. According to that professional, he is not a person who likes to lose. Therefore, he always plays smartly, and he doesn’t risk more than needs to be risked. For all these reasons, he is considered one of the best celebrities in this hobby.

4. Kevin Hart

A stand-up comedian, and an actor, Kevin Hart, is also one of the celebrities that succeeded in making a notable appearance in professional poker tournaments. Besides making these appearances, it is rumored that he is always interested in a session of this sort and that he always does one or two while on the set.

While this is not information that was officially confirmed, numerous voices claim this is true. His skills at this game have become quite known. There are even several videos you can find online where his best hands were recorded. That’s a big success since we are talking about someone whose interest in this hobby wasn’t known until recently.

5. Tobey Maguire

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The first spider man in the 20th century, Tobey Maguire, has managed to establish himself as one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood. As he said, this game is something he always liked. However, he wasn’t serious about it for a long time. Things changed when he met with a professional Daniel Negreanu.

Mr. Negreanu showed him the ropes and taught him all the particularities that make a good poker player. Maguire started participating in numerous tournaments in 2004. In his first two appearances, he managed to score quite a high money prize. The next several ones weren’t nearly as successful.

Besides smaller ones, he managed to make several appearances in the World Series of Poker. There, he managed to achieve some standout performances. His best performance was probably in his last one, in 2007, when he managed to win $40k. So, you can see that Mr. Negreanu truly made a competent pro out of him.


Having a role model is an important aspect of every person’s beginning. So, if you want to become a professional actor, and you like playing poker, then this is the list for you. Here, we’ve listed Hollywood celebrities who are competent at this game.