3 Gambling Strategies and Games With the Lowest House Edge

Gambling is probably the most popular activity in the world. You can call it a hobby, or an occupation, the truth is, everyone’s doing it. Every day. Going to work is a gamble. Flying on an airplane is a gamble. But, we’re talking about playing real games in real or online casinos. The latter is more popular than ever and has taken over the world of gambling. It’s just too easy to find a good online casino, and play from your home or office while commuting, it’s all possible.

But, playing with an empty mind is not smart. You need to become a good player before you put some money out. Of course, playing tutorials and learning games is no fun. But, losing money is even less entertaining. So, in order t win some real money, play it safe, and at the end of the day be smart you need to strategize a bit. You need to learn which games have the lowest house edge, and then apply some real gaming strategies to them. Of course, this takes time, but it needs to be done.

While you might feel you’re in for a bit of learning, it’s not the case. In a few short lines, we speak about the games with the best chances of a win. Once you know what they are, you can start learning strategies to maximize your winnings. This is not a hard task. What’s hard is losing money. We know this from experience. Now, if you’ll be a little bit patient we’re about to disclose which are, in our opinion, the three gambling strategies and games with the lowest house edge. After reading this piece you can head out to onlinebettingnz.co.nz and try out your new knowledge in real life. This is your first step towards being a winner. Make it!


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Every good gambling story starts with blackjack. The HE in this one goes from 0.42% to 1.5%. those are some great odds. As you’ll notice, the numbers are not a fixed percentage. This might come as odd. But in reality, it is not. Casinos have different rules regarding this one, and when you look at the rules they installed the HE will vary. That’s why you also need to be acquainted with the house in which you’ll play. In essence, it all comes down to how many times will the casino allow you to double down during a hand. Whatever the case might be, the edge is great, it favors the player, and you should always try ad play blackjack.

As far as the strategies tied to this one go, there are plenty. We’re speaking about the one that’s easiest to muster, and that will show you how to play safe. With BJ the most important part is to cut the HE more and more than it already is when you start playing. It’s all about hitting at the right time and achieving the exact results with stands and double-downs. This is where the game gets interesting, and learning to split aces and eights, and stand when your cards are in the region between twelve and sixteen is the best attack. Also, knowing when to hit is part of the game too. Always do it when you’re at twelve and sixteen and the dealer stands with seven and ace.


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This is one brilliant game. Players avoid it. For a reason. High stakes. But, when playing, the wins can be seen as great. HE dances between 1.06% and 14.36%. It is a huge difference. But, it’s worth it. Before the cards are pulled, first hand that is, you need to place a bet. There are three options. A tie, the player, or the banker. Of course, betting on a tie gives you the highest house edge, and it’s often avoided. While betting on the banker puts you in a nice spot with a 1.24% house edge, the same is given to the player, which in return creates a need for a 5% commission, and that’s the part that stoves away the gamblers.

As far as the best baccarat strategy goes it’s simple, and we already mentioned it. What you must always do is to bet on the right man – the banker. This allows you to have the ideal chances and brings you close to winning. As far as the tie goes, if you hit it, you’ll win massively, but that’s an aggressive strategy and it needs to be avoided. So, by avoiding chasing a tie, and playing it nicely and slowly, favoring the banker, you’re creating a safe and reliable strategy. A strategy that will give you payouts in the long run.

Video Poker

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This is a great game. Many would disagree. People who would call this one their favorite are rare beasts.  But with the house edge set in between 0.76% and 5%, you should start to like it as of now. As a player, this game is on your side believe it or not. Why? Well, it’s simple. It requires skill to play it. Once you learn how to play, and he perks of it, you can win based on the skill alone. Depending on the variation you decide to play, with all the ideal moves, you can even have a house edge that goes over 100%. What this means is that a win in this game is practically guaranteed to the player. But, that’s only if you develop the right skill.


The best strategy when playing this game is to play slowly. You can win with ease, but only with a calm mind. The best way to win in poker is by having the strongest hand. So, play it slowly, and play it safely, up until the moment you have a good hand. That’s when it’s time to play it hard and aggressive. Of course, part of the strategy is to pick the tables that offer the lowest house edge. After that put your skill towards the table and it’s all safely done.