Wow Gaming Guidelines: 5 Crucial Tips For Advanced Players

World of Warcraft is one of those epic games that has managed to survive and still gather millions of players worldwide, since 2004. It was certainly not the first MMO to see the light, but for many players, it was a ticket to the world of mass media that has advantages over other titles of other genres, but also major drawbacks such as the constant influx of new content, so that the old do not get bored.

Large initial financial resources are invested in games of this orientation, both in the development itself and in the maintenance of infrastructure and further improvements after the release, with the expectations of developers that it will take years. Many did not succeed, but World of Warcraft obviously did, because the dust around the new expansions which are released every once in a while, stays for days.

What’s new?


The developers of this epic game have announced in March, a new expansion, called Dragonflight, as well as the recent release of the Wrath of the Lich King add-on for players reliving their youth in the Classic. The promotional video of this new expansion briefly returned to Azeroth’s past, followed by a story about how and why the dragons returned and sought the help of mortals to deal with the new plague that threatens this fantasy world.

As before, we have a new area ahead of us, Dragon Isles, which will be divided into five zones, and we will be able to cruise through them thanks to a new ability, kite riding. Dracthyr, a new playful race that can change dragons and human form, will introduce us to them, and those who choose them will be able to play exclusively as Evokers, a new class with two professions. As befits, the Dracthyri move in their special area at a slightly higher stage of development than others, and at some point swear allegiance to the Alliance or the Horde.

Among other news, the developers point out facilitated professions, a new system of specializations, an upgraded interface that can be arbitrarily edited, for which we have used some add-ons, and probably the biggest surprise is the talent that will be branched and according to the authors, will allow us to adjust style games we haven’t seen in the game so far. Along with the announcement, the official website has been opened where you can already sign up for the beta testing.

So, if you are considering starting the journey through the Azeroth, these guidelines we have prepared for you will help you make the most out of the journey, and advance quickly.

1. Addons come in handy


This is a game that requires hours of playing if you want to improve your gameplay to a certain level. Moreover, you have to learn as you go through the game. However, since the game has been on the market for years, some people have thought of creating useful add-ons and boosts to help you tackle tough tasks and missions more easily. You’ll find tons of them all over the internet, almost for every challenge you encounter, so our advice is to explore this link

Do keep in mind though that some can jeopardize your progress if they don’t come from a reliable source. So, stick to the one we’ve shared earlier.

2. Partner up with others

As in life, friends and partners come in handy, as you’ll be much stronger having more people by your side. What veteran players tend to do is team up with others to form guilds. They come in handy when the times get tough, and nasty bosses need to be handled. It’s easier with someone by your side.

Dungeons are also the times when teaming up with others makes a huge difference. The game sometimes requires you to go through these a couple of times to increase valor points, and being a part of the team makes things go faster.

3. Avid buying things from the auction house


This is the location where player vs. player combats happen. What is the purpose of the combat? Robbing people out of their possessions. That is why veteran players avoid purchasing anything here.

The story behind this is that there are players who just want to make money in the game while investing as little effort as possible. WoW is also a huge market, where prices tend to go up, just like in the real world. Even though there’s nothing illegal about these auctions, veterans are very well aware of the fact that buying will leave your pockets empty, whilst selling stuff you don’t need anymore is perfectly ok.

4. Use tricks to avoid accidents

Some keys, like Tab, help you target enemies, but when it gets tough during the combat you may hit the wrong one, pulling extra enemies to your back. Then you’re in serious trouble, as the whole progress might go to waste. What would the veteran do? Simple. Get used to clicking targeting. Especially if you have a decent mouse handling speed since you won’t waste too much time. Sometimes, even losing a second is better than piling up enemies on your back that will eventually drag you down. It’s a safer way to play.

5. Gear quality is important


To level up at a decent speed you want your gear to be at the highest possible level. So, any chance you get to increase it, don’t take it for granted.

As you probably already know, there are two scales of gear quality. Purple and green. You want yours to be purple.

Our final veteran advice would be not to be afraid to die. It’s a game, after all. Dying doesn’t mean much in these games, as you can always come back, and pick up where you left off. This counts especially to those who have just started playing. It’s the experience that counts, and if you dying might just help you learn a couple of tricks yourself.