5 Worst Combos in Overwatch and How to Avoid Them

Overwatch is a game where the perfect arrangement may make or break your chances of victory. This is relevant at all levels of skill, but notably when competing against the world’s best players. Here are some of the worst Overwatch combos to avoid.

People who are strong in Overwatch, unsurprisingly, know which heroes to choose in order to win. Some players adhere to the meta, while others simply purchase something that interests them. Despite the fact that Overwatch is one of those games where everything may work in any situation, some characters are just not compatible with one another.

Our guidelines are usually designed to assist newcomers to the game, so let’s take a look at some heroes you should avoid pairing.

1. Echo and Pharah

Source: zerochan.net

Some gamers enjoy playing heroes such as Soldier or Widow because they force them to be more precise with their shooting. Others, however, choose to concentrate on other possibilities, such as AoE damage dealers. Although Junkrat is most likely the first name that springs to mind, players also choose heroes such as Pharah.

Because of her high damage output, Pharah is one of the finest candidates for Mercy to team up with. Unfortunately, the hero doesn’t operate well with choices such as Echo. Despite the fact that Echo can inflict massive burst damage and kill opponents with little HP, both heroes must fly to be effective. This implies that heroes like Widow, Torb, or Hanzo may readily oppose them.

In lower-MMR games, Echo and Pharah appear to be an intriguing pair. Unfortunately, the two damage dealers aren’t very effective against opponents who know how to counter them.

2. Widow and Hanzo/Ashe

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Even though Widow and Hanzo appear to be a wonderful match on paper, they rarely operate well together. They can deal incredible damage and kill practically any opponent in a matter of seconds, but they’re snipers. Some may not notice the issue, but having two snipers is usually not a good idea.

It’s a plus that they can stay miles away and kill anyone who comes close. If they miss their bullets, though, their opponents can swarm them in seconds. Furthermore, neither of those heroes is capable of dismantling shields. As a result, teams that choose Rein, Orisa, Sigma, and other similar characters may easily oppose them.

Another thing to remember about these two heroes is that they prefer to stay in the background and spam damage. The tanks will be pressed much harder than normal because neither of them is a mid-range or close-range DPS. The healer’s task will become even more difficult as a result of this.

Ashe is, unsurprisingly, a hero who falls into this group. Despite the fact that she isn’t a sniper, the heroine is more than capable of killing adversaries from afar. However, for the reasons stated above, combining two heroes who play the same role is usually not a good idea.

3. Sombra and Tracer

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In Overwatch, several DPS heroes enjoy being “in your face” and dealing as much damage as can. Others, on the other hand, prefer to be sly and catch their opponents off guard. There are a few names that come to mind for this category, but Tracer and Sombra are two that stick out.

Tracer is known for her teleportation and the fact that she’s difficult to kill. Despite being the game’s squishiest hero, a competent Tracer can easily outclass any opponent. Sombra is another name that comes to mind when it comes to outclassing opponents. She’s also a deadly assassin who can take out practically any hero in Overwatch. In fact, she’s the game’s only stealthy character.

Despite the fact that Sombra and Tracer are both skilled killers, the two heroes don’t actually operate together. They play almost identical roles to Torb and Symmetra. As a result, their opponents can use heroes who are good against them to counter them. Tracer and Sombra can’t participate in 6-on-6 confrontations since they both need to exploit the element of surprise to their advantage. Because they need to flank their opponents, the two heroes won’t fight head-on. Needless to say, this leaves their team vulnerable against tanks like Roadhog or Rein who are more chevaliers.

4. Symmetra and Torb

Many people consider Symmetra and Torb to be one of the strongest Overwatch duos available. Both heroes have turrets, allowing them to easily defend against incoming attacks. Torb can also employ Symmetra’s teleports to move his Turrent to an area where adversaries will have a harder time killing it. Unlike some of the other combinations on this list, this one can be used in a variety of contexts. However, the fact that both heroes perform almost the same thing is a bad thing because it allows people to counter them.

Many heroes, including Tracer, Junkrat, and Genji, are usually quite effective versus Symmetra and Torb. To put it another way, one of those heroes has the power to make their life a living misery. The good news is that Torn and Symmetra are effective on some maps and against opponents who are unfamiliar with their abilities. Even if players finally figure out how to kill their turrets, these two can do a lot of damage. Of course, the combination works better on specific maps, so choose wisely.

5. Ana and Mercy

Ana and Mercy are the last duo in Overwatch that are usually not very good. These two heroes are among the game’s most popular backups, which is why they feature in nearly every match. Even if they are both outstanding at what they do, having them on the same team isn’t always a good idea.

The fact that Ana and Mercy can only heal one target is the main reason they rarely function together. Mercy can heal more units, but she needs her ult to do so. The two supports can only take care of one hero at a time until it becomes available. To avoid this difficulty, teams combine Ana and Mercy with heroes like Lucio, Baptiste, or Moira.

Final Thoughts

Any of the mentioned five combos of Overwatch heroes/heroines should be avoided if you want to be a successful player of this highly popular multiplayer FPS. Also, if you like to bet on eSports, and Overwatch specifically, at the top betting sites in Estonia which can be found here, take the research to find out which teams like to use the combos we listed and never put your money into their matches.