Why Hit Frequency Is Important When Playing Online Slots?

Slot machines require little technique. Instead, you’re primarily reliant on a chance at winning. However, slots do include a tiny amount of practice. Hit frequency is among the critical aspects in this context (a.k.a. win frequency).

Understanding slot machine hit frequency can greatly affect your casino gaming experience and how far your bankroll can go. Sadly, many gamers fail to consider this element and end up hurting themselves by betting on the unsuitable slot machines. If you wish to play real money games but don’t know which one is good for you, visit here and find a suitable match!

If you’re perplexed by hit frequency, you’ll want to understand more about it. After all, it’s an essential aspect of maintaining your slots budget.

What Is Hit Frequency?

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A slot machine’s hit frequency is how often it pays out a prize. The magnitude of the prize is irrelevant. It could be a few pennies or a life-changing sum from a progressive jackpot. On a casino website, each of these and all of the rewards in between come under the same category in terms of hit frequency.

It’s worth noting that the fundamental hit rate is frequently kept hidden. Nonetheless, all casino games will have their own created and preset hit frequency due to their design.

Overall, we may say that a slot with a greater payout is low-frequency. In other words, the higher the prize, the less frequently it will be won. Smaller jackpots are available at the other end of the spectrum. They strike considerably higher frequency, which means you can win big online more frequently.

The Most Valuable Attribute To Slot Players?

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Several slot players are unaware of hit frequency or what it entails. Instead, they are simply concerned about a return to player(RTP).

RTP is the average amount of money returned by a slot machine. For example, a game with a 95% RTP will return $0.95 for every dollar placed.

RTP is crucial since it dictates the house edge for a specific game. In the case of the former example, the house advantage is 5%, which is around average for an online slot.

Since the RTP and the frequency of slot machine hits look reasonably identical, it’s easy to see why so many individuals get them mixed up. Or mistake them for the same sort of stuff. However, if you look carefully, each piece alludes to something different. Yes, they both concentrate on how a slot machine pays out its awards. Please remember that hit frequency indicates how often a slot machine pays out a payout. This is most generally referred to as the slot’s “volatility.” That is, the odds of winning a prize on any given spin.

We can see from the RTP, or return to player, that it is a percentile figure that specifies how much will be given in rewards. Moreover, it depends on the amount of money the user pays.

What Are The Benefits Of Hit Frequency Over RTP?

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The house edge is unaffected by win frequency. Nevertheless, RTP is more clearly relevant to your long-term win percentage.

As a result, return appears to be the more important idea here. If you’re interested in your relatively short winning odds, you should consider hit frequency.

The win frequency is more current. The more you win per round, the more dollars will be returned to your bankroll in the shorter term. Again, it has no bearing on the house edge or your long-term chances. Instead, it just addresses how frequently you may anticipate winning right currently.

However, remember that payback depends on large numbers of spins. The odds of you achieving anything close to the claimed RTP for a given session, or even ten sessions, are exceedingly slim.

The prevalence of hits will be felt much quicker than the payback. That being said, you should consider this principle before using an online slot machine.

Hit Rate For Slots: Why Is It Important?

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Win frequency is crucial for several reasons. One can see why they should give importance to this statistic when it becomes available.

Discover How Often You’ll Win

Slots can put you in the darkness about how often you’ll receive rewards. You can even believe that these games are doomed when you’re on a winless streak.

If you want to win more regularly, choose a game with a 30 percent or greater victory rate. Slot machines with a hit rate of between 35% and 40% are incredibly generous with rewards.

Use the hit rate to assist with bankroll management.

Bankroll management is complex with slot machines. You’ll have a better shot at making your slot money last longer with more constant rewards.

Avoid slot machines that do not pay off frequently.

The hit rate is vital in assisting you in locating games that pay regularly.

If you have a cold streak, you may have to wait for 10-15 spins or beyond for a win.


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One of the most ignored aspects of the slots industry is win frequency. Instead, RTP takes center stage since it is more connected explicitly to long-term winning probability.

However, the hit rate is just as crucial, if not more so, than RTP. It determines how frequently you can win in the near term.

If you can’t seem to win anything, you’re playing a slot with a poor hit frequency. However, you can expect to win various rewards on a machine with good volatility.

When determining hit frequency, the following factors must be considered:

  • Size of the jackpot
  • A large number of tiny rewards
  • Amount of significant payouts
  • Extra features
  • Volatility index

The latter is ideal because it indicates a game’s win percentage. However, the majority of slot machines do not have a volatility rating.

To make this judgment, you must evaluate the other factors. Generally, any slot machine capable of awarding massive jackpots will not pay out frequently. You might still be willing to play such slot machines. After all, you could win a large sum via the payout or reward.

However, if you want to earn as much as possible, slot machines with a good hit frequency are the route to go!