Travel with CBD: how to make your trip better!

Boarding a plane with CBD in your suitcase may be an attempt to break the law. The context depends on the territory of the destination, with different regulations in different countries.

Today, CBD is well-known for its many benefits, and CBD Flowers are one of the most natural products and here‘s everything you need to understand about carrying and possessing CBD on a plane.

The legalization of CBD transport internationally

While European soil is more flexible in this respect, other countries are stricter.

Transporting CBD by plane in Europe


It is safe to transport CBD in Europe as long as the rules are respected. The continent imposes a legal limit of 0.2% THC content in each cannabinoid product. Before crossing the border, check the level in a laboratory. To avoid these constraints, choose reliable, transparent brands for producing and trading cannabidiol.

Transporting CBD by air in the US


In the United States, the Drug Enforcement Agency is in charge of regulating CBD by air. The agency requires travellers to have less than 0.3% THC in the transported cannabis.

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalised hemp CBD federally. This legalisation allows foreigners to travel with CBD with impunity across the country. However, CBD derived from marijuana remains illegal, as does CBD flower.

Transporting CBD by plane in Canada


Canada is equally lenient towards the use of medical and recreational cannabis. Some people even use it for anxiety in form of gummies, oil, or by smoking it. For example, customs officials impose no restrictions on THC levels and CBD aircraft at the airport. However, the government orders a limit of 100 ml of CBD liquids per plane.

In addition, the state has introduced a new regulation that came into force on 17 October 2018. This law prohibits the transport of cannabis from abroad to Canada. In return, it allows locals and tourists to purchase locally, in specialised shops or online freely.

Transporting CBD by plane to the Asian continent



Consuming cannabis, even for medicinal purposes, is illegal in China. The country only allows CBD to be transported after obtaining a government permit.

Japan inspects and filters passengers who try to enter the country with cannabis. Even if traffic is free, recreational use is forbidden. Those in possession of illegal CBD face up to 5 years in prison. In addition, the government regulates foreigners and locals who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In Thailand and South Korea, only the medical use of CBD is accepted. The control at the airport is, therefore, very thorough.

How to travel with CBD with peace of mind?

Travelling with CBD in your luggage becomes problematic without these good tips.

  • Careful and detailed research into the host country’s CBD use and consumption regulations is essential. If necessary, collect details from the embassy. Because of their striking resemblance, CBD flowers are always confused with marijuana. Therefore, do not pack this plant in your suitcase. Otherwise, you will be arrested.
  • Travelling with CBD through Europe requires a tax receipt and a certificate attesting to the origin of the hemp. In case of seizure, these documents will facilitate the traceability of the product and the confirmation of the active components. When transporting CBD oil in your business, find out beforehand the regulatory format of the container in the host country. Determine the type, volume and colour of the liquid container.

What are the conditions for carrying CBD on the plane?


The first rule for travellers is to carry a tax receipt and a certificate attesting to the origin of the hemp. This is essential to travel legally in Europe, as the authorities will be able to know where your product comes from and what its active components are.

  • Important: Keep your CBD in its original packaging with the labels and receipt of your purchase.

Of course, you should also make sure that the product complies with air transport regulations. For example, the content must not exceed the permitted limit for CBD oils. This applies to any liquid you carry, even your cosmetics.

  • Good to know: The authorised capacity may vary depending on the country or from one airline to another, so find out beforehand and don’t try to conceal your bottle.

Is cannabidiol authorised in my destination country?

In all cases, it is necessary to do some research beforehand to ensure that the country of departure and the country of arrival authorise the transport of CBD. Even if the purchase and consumption of hemp derivatives are legal in The UK, this is only sometimes the case in your destination country.

Which CBD products should I choose for air travel?


We advise against carrying CBD flowers and resins in your luggage when travelling by air to make sure everything is clear. Indeed, it could be confused with cannabis! Instead, carry products such as CBD oil, hemp cream, CBD cosmetics or food products.

CBD and travelling by car or train

You are much less likely to be checked when travelling by car or train than when flying. In addition, security checks are much less strict than in an airport. However, the rules are the same everywhere. Therefore, it is essential to research before travelling with CBD to avoid problems with customs or law enforcement.

Some precautions to follow when travelling with legal CBD products in the UK such as the one you can buy online at

  • Carry a new, still-sealed product.
  • Find out about the laws of the country you are travelling to
  • If you are taking CBD under a medical prescription, bring proof of prescription.
  • Keep the receipt for your product and proof of a THC level of less than 0.3% (for example, to return home )