How to Train a Goldendoodle to be Friendly?

Goldendoodles are perfect pets for any family or single. They are very intelligent, helpful and good-natured. Although this breed is not accepted as a breed, it is a very popular choice among hybrids.

Their main characteristics are kindness and companionship, which means that they will get along equally well with other animals such as dogs and cats. So this breed of dog can very easily be trained to be friendly.

Characteristics of Goldendoodle

This breed of dog is known for its good nature. They are very similar to golden retrievers, because they express warm, tender and friendly feelings towards known and unknown people. Due to that and other characteristics, they are a great choice for families with more dogs or for families with children. It will fit well in any environment, but you must know one important fact. Goldendoodles are also social, which means they can feel lonely if they don’t get too much attention. They require a moderate amount of play and exercises to prevent boredom. These dogs are mostly nonaggressive, intuitive and obedient. They train easily and quickly, because they are quite intelligent and carefully observe the signs and signals you send them.

During their studies, they feel a strong desire to please you and pick up everything they want. They will generally not bark, and are naughty only when they are young dogs and puppies because then they will tend to chew and bite objects close to them. However, you can prevent them from doing this with the help of dressage. Because of these characteristics, they are often used as service animals or as therapy dogs. Their sharp sense of smell is very useful for tracking.

Is it hard to train Goldendoodle?


Although Goldendoodle will accept training well and learn very quickly, their personality requires early socialization in order to avoid shyness. So as soon as he grows up enough, take him to a dog park to get used to the company and meet other young dogs.

As with any dressage, you must be willing to invest more time and effort to teach your pet all the tricks and rules of conduct. If you do not have enough time to spend with him and you are not patient, find an expert who will do this for you. You can find more about training at


If you want to succeed in training this breed, you need to do a lot of research. Dogs learn very differently from humans, so it is vital that you fully understand the theories of dog learning. There are various online resources that will teach you all the methods. In a secret way, you will get the best out of your training. It would not be bad to consult an expert to get the best advice. Dog schools are an equally good idea, because that way you can get a significant advantage in training.

Preparing for dog training

Be prepared for this process, and there are several ways to prepare properly. First, adjust your home to your dog’s schedule. For example, if your dog is very small, know that he will do a lot of research. Therefore, you must make sure that all potential hazards are removed in time. Make sure you remove all dangerous objects from the yard. This applies to small items that your dog may put in your mouth, as well as larger items that may also injure your new dog.

Also, make sure that the yard is completely closed, i.e., that there are openings through which the dog can get through. Preparation includes organizing your time. Set aside enough free time to train your toddler. Get rewards that are adapted to the age of the dog and try to spend as much time with them as possible. Only in this way will you get a happy, confident and well-behaved dog.



The key to good training is the trust that exists between you and your dog. That’s why you try to develop a strong relationship with your new friend every day. Thanks to this approach, your dog will trust you completely. Once he trusts you, you will have control over him. He will look at you as an authority and listen to your requests at all times.

Your energy must be calm in order to gain his trust. Otherwise, your commands will be rejected by him. Although you will often be charmed by your cuteness and beautiful appearance, try to stay calm and consistent with your training methods. If you give in, it will be harder for dogs to listen to you and regulate their own behavior.


Goldendoodles have a very mild character, but there are a few rules you must follow when it comes to the process of their socialization. For example, these dogs are not prone to destructive behavior by nature, but if you take proper care of them. This means that it is not desirable to leave them alone for too long, especially during early socialization while they are not yet familiar with patterns of behavior. They get along equally well in the apartment and in the yard.

However, it is important that you help him expend energy. You will achieve this with regular walks and interactive toys. He also needs sweets to prevent boredom. Don’t forget that they are natural athletes, which means that they are energetic and like to exercise. They are less interested in lazing on the sofa, which is why they are recommended to active families. They mostly enjoy long walks, running or hiking with the owners. They love outdoor adventures. They excel in games such as fetch and frisbee. Favorite activities include water games, such as swimming in the lake, on the beach or in the yard.



The Goldendoodle is friendly by nature, tolerates strangers without problems and is not the type of dog that lives alone. However, it is important that you give him adequate care and a lot of love. We are sure it will reciprocate much more.