Is It Safe for a Toddler to Sleep With a Weighted Blanket?

Every parent out there has only one wish. The wish is that his child has a beautiful and enjoyable childhood. It is the only part of our lives when we are completely safe from all the worries that are waiting for them when they get older. Not to mention that childhood is a foundation for the future life.

To achieve that, parents are paying attention to even the smallest of aspects that can help in this regard. A good night’s sleep is crucial for babies’ and toddlers’ growth. So, we need this part of the day to be as comfortable for them as possible. Having a proper blanket is one of the most significant elements.

In the last couple of years, weighted blankets have become quite a big topic. If you want to check some of these out, click here. However, many parents are sure whether is it safe for toddlers to use it due to their, well, weight. That’s why we want to disclose this topic in greater detail. Let’s begin.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Before anything else, we want to talk about all that’s relevant to know about this product. What needs to be stated is that they are filled with various materials to increase their overall weight. It is achieved through adding layers of glass beads, barley, or sands. They are equally distributed through it.

Since these were invented, doctors have recommended them to children who suffer from some conditions like autism spectrum disorder, or anxiety. The reason was quite simple, it has a calming effect on the children’s nervous system. However, the concept evolved over the years, and it is used by everyone.

Over time, it was developed for adults. Still, the benefits of using these are completely the same as in the case of toddlers. They can provide a lot of help with improving problems caused by insomnia. The reason is the pressure inflicted on the human skin. The same parallel can be drawn with some other products.

Are They Safe to Use?


Using weighted blankets is generally safe for toddlers. Still, some conditions need to be fulfilled. For instance, pediatricians agree with the fact that children that are one year old shouldn’t use it. Since they are weightier than usual blankets, there’s a danger of them covering the baby’s nose and mouth.

That’s why many parents are hesitant about using these. However, when the child gets somewhat stronger enough to move the blanket around, then there’s no problem with using these. Also, it is good to know that some of these are not as heavy. Using these is safe even for younger children.

There are a couple of studies done on this topic. It is good to know that practically all of them have come to the same conclusion. Also, they proved beneficial for children who suffer from autism, as we’ve mentioned. In one of these studies, participants were between five and sixteen years old.

Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets

Now, we would like to discuss some benefits of using weighted blankets for toddlers.

1. Increases Melatonin Production

The first benefit, which was confirmed during several studies, is that using weighted blankets can enhance melatonin production. For those who don’t know, this is a hormone that promotes sleep and helps with sleep cycle regulation. Besides that, it regulates the circadian rhythm, which is crucial.

Various studies have confirmed the influence of this hormone on the quality of sleep. Therefore, its production has to be enhanced in any way possible. Using these blankets is just one of the ways this can be done. It is especially important for children since a good night’s sleep is essential for their growth.

2. Lower Anxiety Levels


Anxiety is something that’s caused by a wide array of different occurrences. Some studies have confirmed that even children, no matter how young they are, can also feel it. When that happens, it is important to establish control over it and knock this level down as soon as possible.

Using weighted blankets is the way to go. We’ve mentioned that they can help with calming the nervous system and have a positive effect on anxiety levels as a result of that. Both of these occurrences lead to an increased quality of sleep. Not to mention that a good night’s sleep can prevent anxiety significantly.

3. Mimics a Hug

Hugs are one of the most beautiful things we can experience in life, especially when it comes from someone who we hold dear. There’s no person out there that can negative this statement. Weighted blankets can mimic the feeling of getting a hug, which is a great thing, especially when we sleep.

Hugs were studied a lot in the last couple of decades. It has been proven that hugs can assist with blood circulation balance, and cause the feeling of relaxation. Just imagine the situation when your little one can feel the same as when it gets a hug from you. Weighted blankets can help with that.

Consult with a Pediatrician

Before you can come up with a decision on whether you will use these or not, it is essential to consult with a pediatrician. It’s because some conditions make it dangerous for your little one to use one of these. If the pediatrician says it is okay to use it, there’s nothing that prevents you from doing so.

Another thing we want to emphasize is that you should purchase these solely from a reputable seller. How will you whether that is the case? Well, you can do it by reading some online reviews or you can talk with a pediatrician who can maybe tell you about one that has been proven effective and safe to use.

In Conclusion


Using weighted blankets for toddlers is a complex topic. Here, you can find all the information that can point you in the right direction. We are certain that looking that this information will prove helpful in the future. Don’t forget to consult with a pediatrician before you do it.