7 Transportation Tips to Get Around Rhodes on a Budget

Finally came the favorite part of the year for many of us, and that is summer. Summer is the most beautiful time of the year which is a favorite for many people. Why do people love summer so much? The answer is long but simple. Summer is a favorite time of year for many people because during the summer the day is the longest, we all wear fewer clothes, we have more sunlight, we need less sleep, we have more time for friendships and parties, etc. But there is one thing that we all love about summer, and that is the opportunity to travel to a wonderful destination that has beautiful beaches, great beach bars, wonderful food, and places where we can have a crazy and unforgettable time.

Yes, this is the time of year when each of us wants to go on vacation to one of the beautiful resorts where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the place. Some of us already have an idea of ​​where they are going, others already have a booked or paid arrangement, and still, others do not know where they are going. For those of you who do not know where to go, we have a great suggestion, and that is to visit beautiful Greece. Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the south of Europe that captivates with its beauty, and a great proof and a great example of that is Rhodes, the pearl between the islands in this country which is visited every year by a growing number of tourists.

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Rhodes is located south of the capital Athens and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. This island is perfectly placed, located on the Aegean Sea, and is an attractive destination for many tourists, and why is that? This is due to the uniqueness of the island in terms of buildings, historical sights and stories, then nature, beautiful beaches, sunsets, and of course – the interesting life during the stay on this island. Many people who come to Rhodes like to walk, so they are looking for a transport solution that is the best way to tour the whole island, but it should be a solution that will be budget-friendly. So today let’s see today what type of transport to choose in order to pass cheaper and to be able to enjoy every single part of the island of Rhodes. Let’s get started, and you get ready for a lot of information that is useful to you.

  1. Rent a car, so you can easily and cheaply tour around – the first option that has been defended by many people who have ever visited Rhodes is the car. Why the car? First of all, there are a number of Rhodes car rental companies that issue vehicles for affordable prices in which you get a full tank and a vehicle ready for a tour of the island, about which you can view more. This option is ideal as through it you will be able to make tours of the island even when the weather is not the best, and thus you have the advantage.
  2. Try the great attraction of Rhodes called water taxi – although in many places that are close to the big water you usually travel by boat, in Rhodes there is one thing that sets it apart from other places, and that is the attraction called water taxis. The price of the water taxi is lower than that of the regular taxi, and at the same time, it offers you a wonderful opportunity to look around, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view and of course, to quickly reach the place where you wanted to go for a walk. Great option right?
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  3. With the help of a boat, you can make a tour of the island from a distance and it will not cost you too much – besides you can travel by boat, you can take short tours or a long tour around the island with it that will not cost you too much, and yet it will bring you great pleasure and experience that you will remember for a lifetime. The boat is one of the most common means of transportation for tourists, so that is why we recommend you to keep it in mind as an economical option that you will surely like because at the same time you will enjoy the freshness of the sea, but also in the view.
  4. Try a motorcycle that you can also rent at an affordable price – in addition to renting a car and enjoying the ride through Rhodes and sightseeing, you can also rent a motorcycle. Rhodes motorcycles are one of the most affordable means of transportation, renting them does not cost too much and you can have a wonderful adventure. Young people and people with adrenaline usually decide on a motorcycle, but why not you? We are sure that for you this is a great opportunity that will be cheap and budget-friendly, and then practical.
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  5. At the very end, you have the taxi as the last option which is affordable – as the last option offered by this island, we would like to single out the taxi transport. Taxi transportation is also a good option for tours, but not for too long rides. Why? Because all tourists say that it is best to go to a location that can not be reached on foot, and from there it is better to enjoy the view and the walk on foot. So choose a taxi because for short distances such as check-in there are perfect prices, and in addition, it offers you the opportunity to arrive quickly in order to have enough time to move.
  6. Try cycling and sightseeing all over the island – many people will say the weather is too hot to ride a bike, but we’ll tell you – cycling is a daily routine for people living in Rhodes. So rent a bike and take a tour of the island enjoying the views and what Rhodes has to offer.
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  7. Walking is also a good option that will not cost you too much – if you think that everything we offer you is a means of transportation, you are mistaken. Yes, we would suggest that you go for a walk and explore the island every day because that way it is the most fun and economical.

In front of you are 7 perfect suggestions for transportation while you are in Rhodes, and what do you have left? All you have to do is enjoy yourself, spend your time smartly, walk and browse a lot and finally come back rested, without spending too much money.