Strangest Casino Superstitions All Gamblers Have

Gambling is much more than just a game of luck. Probably the most important element of this activity is the adrenaline rush gamblers experience during a session. We are talking about that uncertainty that activates the butterflies in your belly and doesn’t leave you until the session is over.

According to some experts on this topic, who preserve wagering from a mental perspective, they say that this is the ultimate reason why people gamble. The winning prize is a secondary thing. Today, we can see that gambling has become much more accessible than it has ever been. If you want to gamble online, look no further than

If you are a gambler, or you have seen someone gambling, you probably know about many superstitions that surround this activity. Even some of the most popular poker stars out there have little superstitions they believe help them to be successful. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest ones.

Blowing Dices


If you have seen some classic Hollywood movies whose scenario revolves around casinos or gambling games, like “Casino” from 1995, you know that many players who play craps tend to blow on dice before they throw them on the table. Naturally, this is not the only movie where you can see this scene.

We’re sure that many people who are not experienced gamblers don’t know how widespread this superstition is. It is not just something that was made up for the movie. Even though no proof doing this will increase your chances of winning, there are many theories about this move.

The most popular one is that blowing on the dice increases the moisture on them. On one of their sides, to be precise. They believe that this particular side, which has some increased moisture on it will end up on the table. Therefore, you can expect the number on the other side to be the value you get.

Lucky Coin

The second superstition we believe is worth your time is bringing a lucky coin where your go. There’s probably no person out there who hasn’t heard about this one. The myth about lucky coins started in Ireland, with the story of leprechauns, supernatural beings who bring ordinary people luck.

The main manifestation of them spreading this luck is sharing golden coins. It needs to be said that this myth is not spread only among Irish people, but it has expanded massively, and you can see many people doing the same. According to them, lucky coins will up their chances of winning more money.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be made of gold. Some people simply feel the connection with a usual coin, and they start carrying it with them whenever they are about to enter a casino. Sometimes, these coins cause the metal detectors to peep into these places. We’re just joking.

Itchy Hands


Probably the best-known superstition of this sort is having itchy hands. Not only gamblers, but many other people believe itching hands are an indication of them receiving a significant financial injection soon. It’s quite strange to see that this is a superstition you can find in almost every culture out there.

However, this is something that goes two ways. When your left palm itches, that means you are about to lose a lot of money. On the other hand, when the right one is itchy, you are about to receive a high amount of money. Once again, it is not known or certain where this superstition has started.

But there is an interesting story. Some say that the opinion about itchy palms originated in Serbia, a couple of centuries ago. To this day, you will see people in this country talking about it whenever they scratch their palms. Over the years or centuries, it has spread to practically all the continents and cultures.

Wearing Red

The next one we want to point out is probably not known by many people out there. Some people think that wearing clothes of a certain color will help them be more successful with games of chance. A good example of this is wearing red clothes, which is something many wagers are practicing very often.

The idea comes from the Chinese culture, where this color is widely perceived as a lucky one. We mean, just take a look at their flag, and you will see how serious they are about this color. Also, it is the most dominant color whenever they celebrate Chinese New Year. So, this is a big tradition in the East.

You will often see that poker professionals are wearing red caps or red t-shirts. Some of them have even stated publicly that they believe wearing red increases their chances of winning the money prize. On top of them, some professionals have been spotted wearing red shirts under a sweater.

Unlucky or Lucky Numbers


Last but not least, we want to discuss probably the commonest superstition. We are talking about lucky and unlucky numbers. Some would say that there’s no gambler out there who doesn’t have at least one of these two. But we can certainly agree that a higher percentage of them have a lucky one.

Naturally, thirteen is probably the unluckiest number out there and many people agree with this statement. On the other side, seven is probably the commonest lucky number. We will never know for certain why this is the case. There are theories, but they are largely unconfirmed

Of course, there are no reports on this topic. Still, we can have an insight into numerous opinions gamblers make on online gambling sites. Pretty much all of them truly believe that these numbers bring them either luck or bad luck. Some even share stories about how they have come to this conclusion.

The Bottom Line

Superstition is everywhere around us. However, we tend to recognize it mostly when someone gambles. Here, you can take a look at some of the most interesting and strangest ones people who gamble have. Each of these stories is equally interesting, and people truly believe there is something to this belief.