How to Spend Your Money Wisely When Playing Online Pokies?

Even though it is one of the easiest options that you can choose when gambling, playing pokies still requires a good approach and strategy so you can avoid losing a lot of money. There are some key factors to check as well, such as the features of games, volatility, return rate, and how good is the casino.

Also, before you start with your gambling session, be sure to find the right website. The great thing is that many of them are offering some excellent deals. If you want to read more about the best online gambling platforms available in Australia, check out Here are some strategies that will help you play with better success.

Determine Your Budget

One of the main rules in gambling is to set some rules related to how much money you can spend on this activity. The fact is that most of these games can be very entertaining and addictive, and that can lead a lot of players to simply forget about playing enough attention to the payroll, which often leads to excessive losses and additional payments that might create financial issues.

In that matter, a much better approach would be to set some limits where you will determine the amount of money that you will spend for one week or day, and always stick to that. The key is to choose an amount that won’t lead to any issues if you lose.

Set Some Rules

Besides the budget, it is also crucial to set the right coin size. It depends on many things. First of all, if you want to spend more time while playing, but you cannot afford to make a bigger payment, the best solution is to start with lowest size, which can be 10 cents.

Moreover, you can change the coin size over time according to the current progress in the game. There are different options that you can choose as triggers for making some changes. For example, you can set a rule where you will stick to the one size related to the bankroll.

In case that you start with $40, your bet can start with 40 cents, and you can increase or decrease it by 10 cents using a $10 amount as a scale. That means that you will increase it to 50 cents after passing the amount of $50, or lower it to 30cents if you drop to $30. This is a great way to stay in the game for a longer time.

Some Features Can Make a Difference


It is important to know that games have different features when it comes to odds and a chance to win some additional prize. The key aspect you should check is related to volatility and return rate. When the volatility is high, you will combine various symbols more often. However, you cannot expect bigger prizes all the time. This option is great when you want to invest more money.

On the other side, there are options with low volatility, where won’t combine symbols in almost every turn, but when a good combination appears, you can expect a much better value. There is also a return rate, which is a fixed feature where the game is programmed to return at least what you invested. You should avoid games that has a return rate lower than 90%.

We also have to mention the progressive games where you will reach better chances over time. There are various models with progressive systems. For instance, there are many games with jackpot prizes, but it is common that you will need to play with a higher or maximum coin size to have a chance to win.

On the other hand, there are games with special systems and additional reward track where the coin size has to be fixed all the time. For example, if you are playing Solar Queen, you will have to use the same coin size for at least 10 rounds to get a special feature.

Use The Promo Deals in Your Favor

If you are a beginner, you might be able to have a great start where you won’t spend any money while having a chance to win a lot. You can do that by check the promo features offered by most websites today. It is a strategy that gambling sites are using to attract new players, and the feature is about providing free credit to players after they make the first payment.

The standard option is to receive a double of the amount of your first payment, but there are websites that went a step further, which means that you can get three, four, and even five times the amount. Besides that, there are options where you might receive free credit only by creating the profile without any additional terms.

Still, you should always check the potential hidden terms that might make it impossible to make any profit from these promotions. In most cases, there will be some requirements related to how many times you will have to turn around the received funds to turn them into profit, and you should skip sites where this requirement is over x40.

Furthermore, the best start for beginners is to research all available sites that are offering these deals, and create a profile on each one of them. Therefore, you can start with $100, and receive at least another $100 in free credit. You can withdraw your money each time you get these funds so you can make a payment on another one.

Last Words


The key is to never rush with your actions and start playing games without any plan. That can only lead to losses. On the other hand, you will enjoy more and reach a much better chances of winning more often when you are following certain rules and limits that you will set according to your budget and preferences. Only that will reduce the risk and provide you with the ability to make this into interesting activity to choose when you want to enjoy your free time.