Top 5 Sexual Enhancers To Add To Your Nightstand Now!

Stop right there! Have you ever used a penis enlargement capsule? Maybe you have thought about it and were under the impression they don’t work.

Did you know that penis pills are not the only way to boost libido and increase sexual pleasure?

I can detail some really healthy and proven ways to increase your stamina and libido with a sexual enhancer that you’ll be sure to love!

Recently I was shopping online with Cupid Boutique which is an adult sex toy store in Toronto, Ontario. I bought some items from them and was thinking about a sexual enhancer for both me and my partner.

That is when it occurred to me that I should share my new findings for those who are unsure of what to buy when looking for sexual enhancers or penis enlargement capsule.

Male Sexual Enhancement


What is the purpose: The purpose of penis pills is to increase blood flow to the penis in order to increase the duration of an erection. It can also boost overall arousal, stamina, and performance. Many male enhancement pills use a combination of natural ingredients.

Penis pills are a great way to enhance your libido and erection all in one. Using pills like VIP GO RHINO, Superman Pills Canada, or male power plus can significantly help with erectile dysfunction in males.

Erection Enhancers

Some great erection enhancers don’t always come in the form of a pill. There are many different types of enhancers on the market. It really is up to the user to choose which would be best for them.


Rhino: If you haven’t heard of Rhino by now allow me to give you a run about Vip Go Rhino erection pills. The purpose of using the Vip Go Rhino pills is to increase the blood flow and tissue to provide you with a rock hard erection that lasts a few hours and helps you perform your best. It is said that you can take these pills one hour prior to sexual intercourse and you will stay erect and have the energy to keep up with your partner. Zuice works the same way. It gives you two pills that you can ingest a few hours before performance and not feel tired or weak during your performance time.

Note: these are not penis enlargement pills they are enhancers that help promote your erections and keep your libido and blood flow regulated and ready for sexual performances.

Shunga Sexual Energy: This is not a penis enlargement capsule but it is an amazing sexual enhancer! Shunga Sexual Energy drinks are packed with many natural ingredients that can help boost libido and sexual arousal. It is a male energy supplement that is completely drinkable and provides many awesome benefits to your body.



On the opposite of getting erect and staying erect you also have desensitizer that can help numb a sensitive penis as well. Products such as Colt or Stud 100 is a topical spray in which can numb the shaft tip glands and provide stimulation but not a strong one that may cause premature ejaculation. Both Colt and Stud 100 have been in circulation for many years and are proven effective to help with male sexual performance.


Some topical enhancers are also in a gel form. Like the Mojo Penis Stimulating Gel. This gel is infused with natural ingredients like Ginseng, Niacin (vitamin B3) and is an antioxidant. Using this gel prior to sexual intercourse helps with erectile dysfunction and boosts immune system. The infused peppermint oil helps to stimulate the penis and provides a tingling sensation which also helps prolong ejaculations.

Zinc Oxide: If you don’t want to be taking any sexual enhancers, your best bet is to eat Zinc Oxide in your daily food intake as Zinc is crucial for maintaining erections and strong libidos.

Female Sexual Enhancement:


What is the purpose: originally developed as an antidepressant — as a treatment for low sexual desire in premenopausal women. Addyi may boost sex drive in women with low sexual desire who find the experience distressing.

Note: Addyi is a prescribed medicine that helps women that have not gone through menopause and have low sex drive and need a boost.

However you don’t have to get a prescription using sexual enhancers designed for women can also give you the boost and save you money!


Now women can also get enhancement pills, not to be confused with the medical versions that are prescribed. These female libido boosters Canada, can vary in a liquid or a pill. Two very popular items to induce sexual stamina in women would be;

Spanishe Fliege (a.k.a Spanish fly) which is a sexual booster that helps women feel very horny and aroused. It is made from Blister Beetles (cantharidin) which is a natural enhancement to promote sexual activity.

Shunga Sexual Energy Drink is also created with natural ingredients that help boost libido and energy prior to sexual intercourse. Shunga Sexual Energy drinks are packed with many natural ingredients that can help boost libido and sexual arousal. It is completely drinkable and provides many awesome benefits to your body.



Again there are also products that can slow down the action of quick orgasms and heighten the pleasure in the area. Using a topical serum such as Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum in the area in which it is applied can help with arousing the area and provide a stimulation effect that enhances your orgasms but slows down the build up to the peak of orgasm. It allows the user to fulfill slow and lingering foreplay and sexual intercourse.


There are also sexually stimulant gels on the market to help with sensitivities and slightly numb the area in which it is applied. These gels can help with G-spot arousing and tighten of the vagina opening. They are infused with natural ingredients that will not only help but promote healthy ways of sexual arousal. Since they are topical gels this is not a female libido enhancers Canada they are simply arousal gels that work when in contact.

You can get other ideas of how to last longer in bed reddit has some very cool forums where they can discuss the do’s, the don’ts and everything in between. There was one there I was reading about purple pill reddit and I found some unique pointers on pro plus pills original formula vs anti horny pills that have ultimate male ingredients for boosting sexual drive and stamina or shrinking it.

Please note:

There is no such thing as free penis pills. If you see an ad about free penis pills there must be a catch. Nothing in the penis pill category will give you free penis pills. There is always a monthly refill or buy one get one, but they are never free penis pills.

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