Is Saint Kitts and Nevis a Good Place to Live in 2023?

There are a lot of things that people consider before they plan on buying a property or living in a particular place, especially if the said place is quite unknown to them. Before moving into a new country, one needs to ensure that the country is safe, affordable, and also the quality of life there both politically as well as socially. Saint Kitts and Nevis is one such country that people might consider living in.

Though many people might not have heard much about Saint Kitts and Nevis, it is a great location to reside in. There are quite some reasons for such a claim including the quality of both public and private life in the country. If one decides to settle down in this country and plans to buy a property there, one can visit

Some of the main reasons why Saint Kitts and Nevis is considered to be a good place to live in in 2023 are:

1. It is pretty safe

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a retty safe country both for people who live alone and those who choose to live with their families. It is an island country and has a low crime rate but there can still be some cases of crimes being reported. Hence, one can live safely on the islands but need to be careful about their well-being and take measures to keep themselves, their family, and their property protected just as one would do in any other country of the world.

2. It is politically stable

The country has a politically stable environment. It is a democratic country with a federal parliamentary democracy. Thi means that the leaders and rule-makers of the country are elected, besides this the country also has three nominated senators. The queen of England, Elizabeth II is the head of the state and is represented by the country’s governor-general.

3. It is pretty affordable


Though not everything in this country is as affordable, as it is an island and quite a lof of products needed and demand by the people have to be imported which can hike up the prices of certain day to day goods, there are things and goods which are quite cheap and affordable. These goods include locally produced food items and alcoholic drinks like beer. The cost of these goods is pretty cheap in comparison to other similar countries.

As for the rent and property cost, it can vary depending on a lot of factors like the area one is buying or renting the property at and they type of property that one wants. In terms of the area or the locality, if one buys or rents out a property in the urban area, its costs would surely be higher than if that person was to buy or rent out a similar property in the rural or sub-urban area of the country. If one fancies buying a bigger property, one would have to pay more. Overall, the prices of land and other immovable properties is pretty reasonable in the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

4. It has been successful in getting rid of a considerable amount of poverty

Just a few years back, the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis had quite a considerable amount of people who could not fulfill their basic need for necessities and lived in poverty. Before the 2008 economic depression, around one-fourth or a quarter of the total population This is not the case anymore.

5. It basically has free healthcare

The country provides free healthcare for local citizens of the island country. The healthcare facilities include healthcare for preganant woman, children, medical care for the management of patients ill with chronic diseases, as well as the day-to-day medical services. So, if one lives in Saint Kitts and Nevis and is a local citizen, one can expect free healthcare and medical services there.

But there is one drawback to the country’s healthcare system. Since the country is basically a small island country, it does not have much resources in terms of medical infrastructure and professionals to be able to treat rare and complicated diseases or injuries. So, in case a person suffers from a rare and complicated disease or gets a grave injury that is untreatable in the hospitals in the country, they would have to go to some other country with doctors trained and competent enough to get the job done. Many people on Saint Kitts and Nevis prefer to go to the United States of America in such a case, mostly due to their advanced healthcare system.


But even after these advantages that one can enjoy while being a local citizen, there can be some disadvantages of living in Saints Kitts and Nevis, the most important one of this being the criminalisation of homosexuality in the state. Homosexual acts done between men can attract penal action which can include imprisonment for upto 10 years, with or without hard labour. As for women, same-sex sexual acts are perfectly legal and there are no laws against it. The country’s laws also prohibit the recognition and marriage between people of the same sex.


From a general overall point of view, one can determine Saint Kitts and Nevis a pretty good place to live in. It is a country that is pretty safe and affordable for an average person. The poverty rate on the country is also going down and there is free healthcare available for the local citizens. Moreover, the properties themselves are priced reasonably in the country based on where there are located and their type. The country also have a politically stable environment with the government being democratic and the representatives being elected by the people themselves.

But the country can also have its disadvantage for a person belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, especially for homosexual men as homosexuality among men is criminalised in the country. Hence, even when the country has great facilities for an easy living, it can be disadvantageous for some.