Best Places To Travel In Latin America As A Single Woman

This is an invitation to a real adventure that will set new standards for your adventurous travels. The rainforests of the Amazon and the ruins of the Inca civilization will leave you breathless, as well as much more. You have to visit colonial cities, beautiful sandy beaches and other great assets of South America. One of the most exciting experiences is the nightlife in this place.

You will enjoy the rhythm of salsa, samba or tango together with attractive hosts. You will have even more fun if you are single, because you will get better acquainted with this way of life and tradition that will leave a great impression on you. Traveling in South America is generally safe, but some cities are considered safer than others for female visitors. Keep in mind that many places that once had a bad reputation are working hard to regain trust. See below which places you should not miss when you are in South America.

1. Bolivia


South America is a huge continent, which means that there are many different places you can visit. This journey is an experience that should be experienced by all the senses, so indulge in it. Sometimes you will have to give up comfort in order to truly experience the hot passions of this place. Sightseeing, nightlife, including sensual tango, is a must in this sophisticated city. This is an ideal space for adventurers, a paradise for explorers and all those looking for something authentic.

Adrenaline lovers will adore the famous Death Road and downhill bikes through the coca fields. A desert jeep adventure is another unavoidable activity, and a visit to the largest salt area in the world, the Salar de Ujuni, cannot pass without a good photo that will forever remind you of this fantastic journey. You will find a slightly different atmosphere at La Pa, where you will be greeted by flamingos in the lagoons, smiling Indians and Lake Titicaca. You will spend time looking at strange plants, recipes and listening to ancient stories.

2. Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is famous for tango, football, wine, steak, Maradona, etc. Here you will meet very interesting people and magnificent sights. The great, excellent Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is cosmopolitan. You will have the opportunity to meet glaciers, to freely explore the wilderness and listen to nature. No matter where you are, the spirit of this country ennobles like the sound of a gauchos guitar. It provides a variety of opportunities and attractions that will satisfy the different affinities and desires of travelers. These can be beautiful waterfalls, amazing restaurants of traditional cuisine and a lot of fun and educational content from the culture. This country also guarantees fun at any time of the day, and the fiery southern energy will inspire you to new adventures. Every single woman must feel the magical evenings at the Gala Tang. And if you see some handsome guy there, you should find out how to date Latino man at

Buenos Aires is a charming city with a strong influence of many major European cities. The northern quarter is reminiscent of the most elegant areas of Paris. Best of all, you can hitchhike and camp in the open air here without having to worry too much. The locals will not only understand you, but will immediately become friends with you and really help you in all situations. We must not forget the great boutiques in the Gulf of Palermo Soho. It is the center of the creative design district in Buenos Aires. Prepare your cream with a protective factor and go on long walks interrupted by stopping next to each shop window. Here you will find everything you need.

3. Montevideo


One of the most popular destinations in Uruguay is definitely Montevideo. This can be a short trip from Buenos Aires and an opportunity to see a new culture and try delicious food. When you come to the main square, you will be surprised by the feeling of modesty and the tone of everyday life that infuses you with a lot of positive energy. Although this part of the city is the least harmonious, it has its own identity. On the square there is a large stone baroque gate that marks the entrance to the old colonial part of the city.

The walls may have long since disappeared in battle, but the gate represents the historical branches of the Spanish conquistadors. You will notice that people here are much more relaxed than in other places, such as Brazil. These are great conditions to meet a new friend or potential lover. Montevideo is a city of wide views. The rugged coast on all sides offers interesting perspectives. You will see a multitude of various houses and luxury villas of English style influence tucked away in the dense greenery.

4. Colombia


What is your first association when we mention Colombia? Is it coffee, a hectic ambience, South America or are they beautiful beaches? Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong, because Colombia is a combination of all of the above. You will be delighted by the peaks and cliffs of the Andes, the pristine Caribbean coast as well as the architecture. We can say that Colombia contains all the epithets of South America and much more.

Colombians are known for their friendships and infectious spirits that encourage you to play all night. In addition to clubs in Bogota, you can find a much quieter experience in southeastern Colombia, in Popeye. If you want to stay active, consider a tour that allows you to cycle through the village to the local volcano. If you want something more relaxed, you can also visit local cafes and watch birders.


Latin America has a lot to offer. There you will spend time every day in beautiful nature with even more beautiful people. It is an opportunity to feel the unique passion that drives all South Americans. So, there are many destinations that need to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Don’t forget that traveling through South America is very different from other trips. If you do not have much free time, it is best to choose one country so that you do not spend most of your time boarding planes, which can be very expensive. In that case, a week will be enough for you to see many great things.