10 Best Phone Accessories For Traveling Long Distances

Off the beaten path is where you’ll find the best travel experiences. When you’re in a secluded place surrounded by natural beauty, the only thing that will keep you awake is the sunset, and it’s simple to unplug from technology and social media. To disengage from digital distractions, though, being in the wild isn’t required. However, being connected and educated about it is beneficial whether you need to impart your journey to loved ones or stay protected on your next trip.

It’s not always easy to figure out which travel accouterments are genuinely beneficial. That’s why we’ve put together a list of travel accessories to help you get the most out of your phone.

1. Screen Protector

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You can, to a great extent, cooperate with your gadget through the screen in this day and age of touch screen smartphones. You will not have the option to speak with it in the event that it is hurt in some miserable situation and stops answering. Accordingly, you would be cut off from your friends and family. It would likewise be costly to fix. A screen protector ought to be utilized for safeguarding your smartphone’s screen consistently. At Nuphone, you can get the best quality phone accessories for your next adventure.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

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A phone case is always a smart choice because it protects your gadget from damage if it falls. However, if your phone is exposed to water, such as rain, it may be harmed. If you take your phone to the pool or beach and leave it in your pocket, or if you drop your phone in the water, the same thing can happen. A case would be useless and damaging to your phone. To avoid this, you might consider purchasing a waterproof case for your phone, which will allow you to use it without fear of it becoming wet or damaged.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Noise from people and cars can disrupt your music while traveling through congested areas. Get yourself some noise-canceling headphones to prevent this issue. It can help filter out noise from nearby people or vehicles, allowing you to enjoy your music uninterrupted.

4. Tripod

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Unless you need to shoot a photo with slow shutter settings, handheld photography with your phone is straightforward. With a slow shutter speed, you must keep your phone as still as possible, as even the tiniest movement can ruin the entire photo. You will end up with an unsteady image no matter how hard you try to keep it stable. You should carry a tripod stand with you for this purpose to help keep your phone steady. It can also assist you in creating a time-lapse video in which you must leave your phone in the same location for several hours. A person cannot possibly hold the phone for such a long time.

5. Camera Lens

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There was a time when traveling required carrying a camera. Then phone makers began to include cameras in their phones. Smartphone cameras have improved to the point that it’s difficult to tell the difference between a photo taken with one and one taken with a professional camera.

People nowadays rely on their phone’s camera rather than a digital camera because the latter is bulky to carry. There are some restrictions even with the greatest cameras on phones. To circumvent these constraints, various lenses were introduced later. These lenses can let you zoom, take macro photographs, and take better pictures than your phone’s camera.

6. Portable Charger

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These days, having a reliable portable power source for electrical gadgets such as tablets and smartphones is more of a requirement than a want. Three gadgets can be charged simultaneously and rapidly. The nice aspect about this device is that it is compatible and small enough to put in your pocket or handbag. Depending on how many devices you’re charging at once, you may be able to keep them charged for days, or you may recharge some of them in only a few hours. When compared to traditional power banks, it charges twice as fast.

7. Phone Holder

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One of the first items you’ll need for your road journeys is a car phone holder. Purchase a car phone holder with a magnetic air vent; this feature will protect your phone from damage because it does not leave any adhesive residue. This stylish and functional phone holder can securely hold your phone horizontally or vertically while driving. It also has a sleek design that won’t take up too much room in your car. This will allow you to drive more safely because you will have access to all of the apps you need during your journey. Incoming calls can also be seen without having to pick up the phone.

8. Selfie Stick

Source: time.comSelfie sticks have developed over time as a result of their growing popularity, particularly with the selfie craze that began a few years ago on social media platforms. Selfie sticks are now available in compact sizes for simple carrying, with a variety of add-ons, such as waterproof or Bluetooth, so that you can take amazing trip photos. They’re also useful when photographing large gatherings or when no one else is around to assist you.

9. Smartphone Flash Lights

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Selfie flashlights ensure that you are always well-lit. The majority of these smartphone flashlights are simple to use and attach to your gadget. Furthermore, the light has LED light bulbs for ample illumination, allowing you to capture beautiful selfies in low-light situations. The lights can be recharged, and you can choose the light intensity that you choose.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

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When you’re riding, hiking, swimming in a pool, or relaxing at the beach, a Bluetooth audio speaker is essential. These speakers outperform smart audio speakers in areas where WiFi is intermittent or nonexistent, and they’re also great for outdoor use.


Your phone is, as of now, a center for your experiences as a whole, whether you’re going on a drawn-out excursion or simply a concise weekend escape. On web-based features, you might watch your number one motion pictures with buddies, bring your lodging reservations or boarding cards, look at free books, and coordinate photograph CDs via virtual entertainment.