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When modern researchers attempt to unlock nature’s herbal secrets, they frequently turn to the spices and herbs that have been used for centuries to add zest to a wide range of foods. Long before the advent of refrigeration it was recognised that herbs and culinary spices could slow food spoilage – natural antimicrobial principles were obviously at work.

Food scientists have become increasingly interested in essential oils and aromatic plants. Attempts are being made to identify the active components of essential oils from spices, among them – the oil of oregano.

Oregano oil has been used as a medicine for centuries, it is a species of a flowering plant from the mint family (Lamiaceae). Whilst there are numerous variants, Oreganum vulgare is commonly used, it is also referred to as wild marjoram.

Of all the phenolic compounds found in Oregano, Carvacrol and Thymol are believed to have the greatest biological activity

Source: supplements.selfdecode.com

They possess a wide range of bioactive ingredients useful for clinical applications such as antimicrobial, antioxidant and anticancer activities.

With the increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria leaving individuals vulnerable to repeated infections, many individuals are seeking out alternative, natural, safe, products to help them without the side-effects that pharmaceutical drugs can sometimes have, especially those that alter their gut function negatively.

Our gut communicates via our microbes and their interaction with our immune and neural systems to the rest of the body, the importance of keeping our gastrointestinal microbiota in balance can not be underestimated. Optimal health and wellbeing is centred in the gastro intestinal tract.

With the overuse of antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, birth control pills and other pharmaceutical drugs we are altering our bacterial communities, add to this our typical western diets low in fiber, high in sugar, chronic stress, etc it should come as no surprise that this compromises the health of our digestive tract which frequently leads to local and systemic immune dysfunction.

It is now clear that these factors alter our gut microbes and lead to an altered state of permeability in the lining of our digestive tract

Source: natren.com

The change in permeability permits food antigens and other particulates including lipopolysaccharides to transition across the single layer epithelium lining the gastrointestinal tract. Colloquially known as a ‘leaky gut’ it is understood that such changes can predispose us to further infections, inflammation, allergies and more.

Many individuals as well as my own clients are seeking naturally occurring alternatives to medications, that also reduce the risk of altering their gut microbes and further compromising their immune system.

One of my own supplements that I suggest, and certainly keep at home if needed, is oregano oil in a form of supplement (produced by Biotics Research). Biotics Research are able to dramatically improve the delivery system of oregano oil.

Many commercially available oregano oil products vary hugely in potency, additionally tinctures and other liquid forms of the oil may be difficult for many patients to take as it has a very bitter taste profile. Furthermore, oil of oregano is mostly absorbed in one region of the small intestine, thus limiting the efficacy of a non-sustained release product in reaching the areas of the small and large intestine where the principal areas of GI dysfunction tend to be located.

Each tablet of A.D.P.® supplies a standardized extract of oregano oil (50 mg) in a sustained release mechanism as an emulsified form, ensuring the ease of dosing and maximizing delivery.

If there is one product that I recommend keeping in your natural health cupboard it would be Biotics Research ADP ® my clients have found it helpful in a wide variety of symptoms from sinusitis, gastritis, dental infections, urinary tract infections, candida and other fungal/yeast issues and tonsilitis. I have found it especially helpful for respiratory infections.

Many clients also take this when travelling due to the change of food, water and environment which can put them at risk to gastro-intestinal infections, especially in countries where hygiene is compromised – no-one wants to be ill on their holiday!!

Due to its antibacterial, anti-parasite and antifungal properties, ADP can be considered in a wide variety of conditions. I would highly recommend Biotics Research ADP ®