What Is the Most Durable Decking Material – 5 Tips for Choosing

When we are remodeling or putting together our house and our backyard, one of the most important things we need to think about is the deck. This space is the one that is going to help you relax after a long day, enjoy the fresh air on the summer nights, and it can also be a place where you entertain guests and make delicious weekend barbeque. The material the deck is made of is going to make a huge difference when it comes to practicality, durability, and even safety. Use our article to learn some tips that are going to help you with the choosing process, and find out what is the most durable decking material.

1. Be aware of your options

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The first thing we are going to talk about is your options and how long the material should last as long as you properly install and protect it.

The most durable material is said to be composite, and it comes with a 25 to a lifetime guarantee. This is said to be the best option for those who don’t want to invest too much money, people who don’t want to spend too much time maintaining the deck, and those who want to get an extremely long-lasting deck.

The traditional wood options last about ten to fifteen years, whereas capped polymer, such as composite lasts for more than 50. Capped composite can last more than 30 years, and aluminum is said to be a great option for over 30 years as well.

There are different types of treated and untreated woods that you can go for, and their life depends on the exact type of wood you choose, and in some cases, you can also opt for concrete and even fiberglass, that last for at least a decade or two.

2. Is it going to be protected in any way?

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Now that you are aware of your options, let’s see what other things you need to think about. We know that the patio is going to be installed outside, and that means that it is going to be subjected to different weather, however, the protection that you may provide is going to play a huge role when it comes to durability.

Some materials are going to last far longer if they are protected, so think about installing a shade or some type of roof over it, or you can also opt for different types of umbrellas. On the same note, keep in mind that the cleaning products you use are going to affect it, so depending on the main material you’ve chosen, be aware of which products are going to be good and safe for it. Always keep the unit sealed and check to see if you would need to get a decking preservative. Once you make your choice, talk to the seller or the service that helps with the installation and ask for advice on what you can do to protect it.

3. The maintenance will affect the durability

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Another thing that you need to know is that different materials require different care. The type of care you offer is going to affect its durability, so keep your habits in mind when making the choice.

If you are looking for something that is low maintenance, then you should opt for composite, fiber cement, aluminum, pressure-treated wood, or modified wood.

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4. Choose a material that fits your budget

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Every material that we mentioned here, and every other material that you can find comes with a specific price. Some are going to be far more expensive than others, and there are also those materials that are going to cost more for installation and require specific care.

For example, natural wood comes with a price tag between 5 and 25 dollars per square foot, whereas lumber is far less expensive and you can find it for less than 3 dollars per square foot. The composite decking is the best of both worlds, and you can invest between 4 and 10 dollars per square foot depending on your preferences. Talk to the seller in your area about the options you have according to your budget.

5. Opt for something that fits your style

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Finally, you need to choose something that is going to help you achieve your own idea and represent your personal style. As you can see, there are many materials that you can choose from, and one way or another, they all look amazing. However, not all of them are going to blend with the patio and show off the beauty of your garden, or even your home, so make sure that you opt for a material that represents the whole style of your house.

Keep in mind that you can easily get samples of all the materials, and you can choose between different colors and shades. Our recommendation is to first decide on the material you are definitely going to go with, and once that choice is made, the next step is to choose the style, design, and color. If you have an idea about the design, you can approach this the other way around. Depending on how you want your deck to look, you can talk to the seller and give them a list of preferences. They’re going to help you find the right material.

Keep in mind that if you want to spend many years and even decades in that same house, and if you don’t plan on selling it, you want to invest in the most durable material for the deck. Even though some of them are going to be more expensive than others, it is better to invest in decking that is going to stand the test of time, than remodeling every 5 years. Look for items that are going to fit your lifestyle, so if you don’t want to maintain and clean the space too often, and if you love entertaining your guests or extended family, go with a deck that is going to withstand that.

On the other hand, if your patio is open and is constantly exposed to the weather, choose a material that won’t get damaged too easily by the sun, frost, or rain.