How to Memorize the Basic Blackjack Strategy in Less Than an Hour

Gambling is fun, but what’s even more fun is winning some money while gambling. Now, in order to do so, we need to learn the rules of the game, have a basic knowledge about some casino games, and know more about gambling strategies. So let’s focus more on how to memorize the basic strategy for blackjack in less than an hour.

Do not bother with the chart

Although for many people memorizing the chart is much easier than memorizing the words, some of them are confused about the chart, and it does more harm than good when they try to learn a basic blackjack strategy in this way. The chart should be helpful, but it is always a much better option to memorize the words and know what and when to do something, while the chart should be only a simplified version that should remind us what to do with one glance. If it is too complicated for you to learn the text version and the chart is not helpful at all, it is always a good idea to bring one of them with you and use it until you memorize it.

Basically, whatever strategy you want to use, make sure you really understand it, as it would all be for nothing if you start using it without realizing what your actions actually mean. That is why it’s always a much better and safer solution, for that matter, to learn the basics of the game, find a system you feel comfortable using, and then start playing. Besides all that, doing so is the only way to get that unique and special gambling experience, which for most players is the main reason they start playing games of chance.

Use the colors


When it comes to charts that should simplify the learning of basic blackjack strategy, the best advice we have is to use colors to help you memorize it. The reason for that is pretty simple, as our brains are more likely to remember shapes and colors than words, so why not give it a try. It is easy to create a chart on a computer, and we should color the fields in different colors for every different move we can make.

Although in most cases, red is for a stand, while green is for a hit, we can use whichever colors we want, as their purpose is to make it easier for us to learn, so we can choose the colors we like. In essence, you should do and use things that work for you, and even though this color game might work for someone, if it doesn’t suit you, pick the one you feel more comfortable with. Understandably, don’t discard this advice before trying it, as who knows, this might suit your gambling preferences the most, which you cannot find out if you don’t test it.

Try demo versions

Today, we can find many online casinos that allow us to play our favorite game without needing to risk money, and it is probably the best way to learn how to play some new game without worrying about losing it at all. Wonder how that’s possible or even why casinos would allow such things? Well, the more people play, even the trial or demo versions, the more likely they will at some point start playing for real money. Remember, they have nothing to lose here, and if someone really wants to test out their gambling skills or feels they are ready for the main course, they will surely deposit money and start playing.

On the other hand, these trial and demo versions are a great way to learn more about the rules of the game and how it actually feels while waiting for that next card to be drawn. Yes, that unique thrill and adrenaline rush is something we all seek when gambling, regardless of the game, but with Blackjack, it’s just more enhanced as it is a much faster game than others. Plus, you can play against the house (dealer) or/and other players (twice as fun).

Real game simulators


Now, besides trial versions that we can find online, we can even find a program that simulates an instructor and calculate which is our best possible next move. In that way, we can check whether we have memorized the strategy or if we need to spend a little more time learning it before we are ready to play for the real money.

They represent an even better way to test certain systems and learn more about how they work, as the more we play, the more relaxed we are and the more natural it all gets, which is probably the most crucial thing here.

Learn the terms

One of the most complicated things when using a new strategy for some games, especially for beginners, is learning terms that more experienced players use to explain the game. We are talking about various definitions and expressions, and do not worry, it is not complicated to learn them, but they can help you a lot to memorize the strategy much faster.

For example, it is crucial to understand what it means to stand, hit or split, the expected value and house edge, how to double down, and other terms that might seem handy when it comes to playing blackjack. Although it is a little complicated, it is much easier to learn during the game, as only reading the rules and definitions might be a little confusing without seeing them in practice.


Find a reliable casino

We can spend hours discussing which blackjack strategy is the best and most efficient, whether to go with a riskier one or play it safe, but in essence, it all starts by picking a trustworthy casino. Now, there are thousands and thousands of gambling sites to choose from, which doesn’t mean that picking the best one is easy, on the contrary. Namely, what you want from a casino in order to test your blackjack strategy is data safety, a good interface, and high and easily claimable bonuses.

Only when all these three criteria are met can you say that you are on the right path to get the best possible gambling experience and that you can expect huge winnings with your basic blackjack strategy. Now, since we have settled this, if you don’t know where to find one or don’t have enough time to do the research, make sure to check¬†toponlinecasinos, as they have vast experience in reviewing and ranking the best ones.