How Do You Make Mashed Potatoes Fluffy And Red?

Mashed potatoes are a popular item and show how great the staple meal can be. People enjoy potatoes in many ways, but mashing them and using them for dinner and lunch can make the food even more enjoyable. If you approach its recipe with care, it will become one of the favorite dishes from your kitchen.

One of the most important considerations while making them is the texture. Since they complement the main course, it is important not to leave any stone unturned while creating this dish. There are many aspects to making the perfect match potatoes, ranging from buttery and rich to light and fluffy. This article will discuss how to cook mashed potatoes fluffy and red.

What Are The Ingredients?


The right ingredients help to make your dish super delicious and tempting. We are not talking about any special secret ingredient here, but one has to include all the right ones to guarantee good taste and texture. When preparing red and fluffy mashed potatoes, you should know about the key ingredients that will spice up your cuisine taste. Here is a list of the four ingredients you will require to start.

  • Red Potatoes: It is better to go with small potatoes than big ones, making it easier for you to mash. Ensure that you square them to make the job easier.
  • Whole milk: Whole Milk is the perfect way to get that creamy and rich flavor without using heavier ingredients. You can also use 2% if you feel uncomfortable with whole milk and try to cut back. Skim milk should always be avoided with mashed potatoes, especially if you have other alternatives. Skim milk usually has more water content and can make them runny.
  • Butter: Do not even dream of making the perfect mashed potatoes without butter. It is a necessary addition to the recipe. However, make sure that it is unsalted to keep the flavors more balanced and in your control.
  • Seasoning: We do not want to bring the whole spice rack in when we talk about seasoning. Just ensure you have salt and pepper at the ready. You can also use garlic for some extra flavor, which is completely dependent on subjective taste. You can learn more about seasonings and spices before using them.

What is the Right Type of Potatoes?

We are specifically talking about red and fluffy mashed potato recipes, so obviously, we would be using red potatoes. However, the scratch continent of potatoes will impact just how fluffy the result would be. It is important to know it beforehand to begin to prepare easily.

Russet potatoes are usually preferred because of their low starch breakdown. They are also easier to mash than other types. If one is generally making them without caring about the color, these are the perfect option. But here, we are focused on making the perfect combination of red and fluffy.

How Do You Make Them?


Let us jump right into the recipe to know just how to make your taste buds explore the rich and wonderful texture.

● Cut Evenly

The first step is to cut the potatoes into sizable chunks. It is best if you cut them square. Make sure that all of the pieces are roughly the same size so that they can be cooked evenly.

● Wash Them

Cutting them is the first step, after which you have to wash them. The starch should be washed off as much as possible. We have mentioned that the content of starch should be less to make the result fluffier. This is why using a colander is necessary for thorough washing.

● Boil The Chunks

Go ahead and put all of the chunks in a pot filled with cold water. Usually, people make a mistake about boiling the water first and adding chunks later. This can lead to the surface softening while the rest remains raw. Letting the water boil with the chunks inside will lead to evenly cooking all of the vegetable chunks.

● Heat Milk and Butter


While the water and chunks are on the way to boil, get a pan with whole milk and butter. Heat them together and mix them well. When heated on a flame or with a microwave oven, they will combine well.

● Drain and Rinse

The next order of business is getting the boiled chunks out of the pan and draining them. This is where you have to wash them again to get rid of excess starch. Rinse with hot water.

● Mash Through a Ricer

The boiled chunks should then be pushed through a ricer. Make sure to use a spatula and apply full force to get a smooth paste. Ricers are sturdy and will hold the pressure. Less starch would be released with more pressure, which is optimal for fluffiness.

● Add Milk and Butter

We have already combined the milk and butter. This is where you get to combine the two parts of your dish. Fold the liquid into the mashed potatoes. Do not go round and round because the potatoes will lose their fluffiness. Make sure you fold them like it is done with whipped cream. Keep folding until you see them combined and not as solid and liquid separated.

● Season with Flavor

Now at the very end, add salt and pepper to taste. This is variable for everyone. One can also add garlic powder for an extra layer of flavor. It is best to try it without garlic and see if anything additional is required.


The Takeaway

Creating something as delicious as mashed potatoes will put you under a lot of pressure. It is best to choose the right type of vegetable and cut them as prescribed. Rinsing it twice before pushing it through the ricer is important because starch plays a big role in fluffiness.