3 Ways to Know When to Split Pairs in Blackjack

Nowadays, every local or online casino with a reputation has several card games on its offer. Apart from the most popular Poker, a little less popular Baccarat or some other popular card games – one of the most played casino games is the famous Blackjack or as it is often called “21” game. We are sure you have had the chance to try it because the game rules are quite simple. However, some strategies, especially those related to SPLIT moves, are still not clear to everyone. So we will show you a few ways how and when to split pairs in this game.

Blackjack Is The Combination Of Luck And Skills

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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in which the player competes against casinos. Thanks to its simplicity and excitement that come as a combination of luck and knowledge – this game enjoys a reputation as one of the most popular card games. Blackjack is also known to many players as the 21. The Ace card has the greatest importance in the game. In many casinos, Blackjack is played with 1 to 8 decks – except for Jokers. This game is also considered to be one of the few card games in which a player can have a statistical advantage over a casino or dealer. We can achieve this advantage by using the so-called card counting technique. It is a technique that, although not illegal, is not very popular among casino owners.

Moves In Online Blackjack

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We know that getting natural Blackjack is the best possible option. But what if you don’t pull out natural Blackjack? Then you will have to play with skill or use some other moves. So what moves do we have? First, we have Stand. This move means you are happy with what you got and do not want the dealer to deal you with more cards. That is especially useful if your sum is very high and you might be at risk of breaking the 21 limits (bust). If you have ever had the chance to watch movies with Blackjack, then the term Hit is well known to you – and it means looking for an additional card to increase your sum, or approach the sum of 21. The more, the better! And finally, we have Split. Sometimes you can draw two identical cards in Blackjack. On that occasion, you are qualified to Split. During Split, another card is added to each of the two cards, so you play with two hands – and if you’re lucky, you can get both. However, Splitting is not always a good move for you.

Namely, you need to know when to split pairs and when not to do it! So how do we know that?

How To Know When To Make A SPLIT Move?

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We said that when you have a pair of the same cards, you are already qualified for the SPLIT move. However, according to UFABET, that does not mean that it is always a wise idea! In some situations, this can pay off for you to win in both hands with a split. Otherwise, you may lose both hands. So how do you know when it is wise to play a SPLIT move? Although there are no specific rules that can tell you that you will win with 100% certainty after making a SPLIT move – there are still situations that give you a higher probability of winning. So, let’s see when we should make a SPLIT move and separate the pairs.

1. Pair Of Aces

Getting a pair of Aces is a hand where you should make a split move. This situation gives you a good chance that the cards the dealer will draw will be such that one combination – or even both hands will be winning! Namely, in Blackjack, which is played with several decks, we have a lot of cards worth ten. Therefore, your probability for the sum of 21 is very high, and the chances of getting Blackjack in both hands are very realistic.

2. 10s, Jacks, Queens, And Kings

That is very tempting, we admit – but it is also a risky combination for a SPLIT move. Namely, each of these cards carries 10 points – so you already have a total sum of 20. The probability that the next drawn card will be Ace is usually minimal. That brings you to another dimension of the game where you can lose. Namely, if the next drawn card is any from 2 to 9 – you will be saved but you will have a smaller sum than if you didn’t split the pair. On the other hand, if you risk drawing the next card, there is a high probability that you will lose both hands. Therefore, in making such a decision, one should take a good look at the dealer’s cards, make a good assessment – or simply, close your eyes and rely on luck.

3. Split Pairs Like Sevens And Eights

A pair of sevens or eights is something you don’t want to get. That is a combination that leads you nowhere. Not here, not there. If you don’t split this pair, you will add 14 or 16 – and that’s not very competitive. Namely, if the next drawn card is bigger than 6 or 7 (for a pair of 7s) or 5 (if you have a pair of eights) – it takes you to BUST. It is more likely that other cards will be drawn than the ones you need, but you never know. So, in the end, you don’t have much choice but to split the pair of sevens or eights in your hands – and hope for some combination that can pull you out.

The Bottom Line

Finally, when you have a good pair of cards to SPLIT – just do it! If luck rewards you with the pair of Aces, double your bet and use this option at online casinos. Remember that luck only sometimes plays a role here. Playing Blackjack is more a matter of your ability. That is why Blackjack is one of the most popular games in online casinos because it allows players to earn quite well.