How to Use CPAP Machine: A Details Guide

A healthy body isn’t just built by eating a balanced diet; staying stress-free, having sufficient rest, and many other life aspects are essential for a healthy body. Adequate night rest is a crucial aspect to renew yourself for the next day.

Therefore, you should sleep in an environment free from interruptions at large so that you’ll rest enough to be productive the next day. People who have slept near people suffering from sleep apnea can share the worst experiences they ever got during that time.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that develops when breathing gets interrupted when asleep. Sleep apnea can be a dangerous condition if it’s not controlled or managed early.

It might even, at times, cause death since several body parts get deprived of sufficient oxygen. However, sleep apnea patients can effectively manage the condition through the use of a CPAP machine.

CPAPs help people with sleep apnea improve their breathing when they are asleep. They do this by increasing air pressure in the throat to let the airway always open for sufficient breathing.

Before you start using the machine, you must see a physician first who will conduct your sleep study. You will undergo several tests, including breathing, snoring, and oxygen level. These tests will determine whether you are the right candidate for a CPAP machine or not. In this article, you’ll learn the CPAP machine’s components and how to use the machine.

Before we learn how to use a CPAP machine, we need to know the components that make up the machine. The CPAP machine constitutes three main parts; the mask, motor, and nose. Let’s discuss the work they perform to keep the airways open while you are asleep.

The Motor

The motor is the main component of the CPAP machine. It provides the necessary pressure and airflow. At the CPAP machine’s inlet, a filter is fitted purposely to filter all unwanted particles from getting into the system.

The Hose

The hoses connect the machine to the mask. They can also connect the machine with the humidifier if you got a CPAP model designed with a humidifier. Humidifiers have small water tanks with water that heats up once you turn on the power. Warm water enables a patient to breathe in warm moist air.

The Mask

This is the component of the CPAP machine that enables the patient to access the airways. There are three different CPAP masks, and each of these comes of different sizes and shapes. The types of masks include the nasal pillow, nasal mask, and the full face mask.

All these masks are designed to fit specific user needs at large. Some are suitable under high pressures and others under low-pressure levels. Besides, they are designed for different styles and materials. It’s upon the user to order the kind that will provide maximum comfort when in use.

How The CPAP Machine Works:

Understanding how the machine works is paramount before we proceed to learn how to set up the CPAP machine for use. The CPAP machines provide consistent airflow through the tubing into your airways to keep them open all through. The pressure created by the machine holds the tissue open and thus avoiding the airway from collapsing and thus allowing continuous breathing to maintain normal oxygen levels throughout the night.

How Long Should You Use the CPAP Machine?

CPAP machine users aim to get a good night’s sleep and reduce the long term risks associated with sleep apnea disorder. Experts advise patients to use the machine at least six hours per night to reap big the CPAP machine’s benefits. However, this doesn’t mean that the machine is only used during the night. You can also turn it on during the day when you need to rest after a long workday.

Will you use The CPAP Machine Forever?

We need to answer this question before we embark on how to use the machine. First, patients should know that the CPAP machine is not a cure for sleep apnea; this is just a remedy. What do we mean by this?

The CPAP machine will only alleviate the condition when used to let you enjoy a sound sleep. Once it’s turned off, the problem also starts again.

There are other medications in place to cure the problem. In case your problem is cured, you can stop using the machine. But then, if you have the disorder and you need sound sleep, this is the appropriate first-hand remedy you can consider.

How to Use The CPAP Machines:

Step one

You’ll start by setting up the filter. Filters are essential components of the machine to protect you from inhaling foreign objects. There are different types of filters, reusable foam filter, disposable, and bacteria filter. Learn how each of these filters is fitted to ensure they filter air collected by the CPAP machine.

Considering the type of filter you use, the filters can be fitted at the machine’s air intake, inside the machine, in the air outtake part, or between the hose and the mask.

Step two

After you’ve fitted the filter into its respective place, you will now fit the hose to its respective areas. In the market, there are both slim and standard hoses. You need the one that fits into your CPAP machine. Once you have the correct hose, you will decide either go to the machine of the humidifier.

However, this will depend on the course of sleep apnea treatment a patient is undertaking.

Step three

Once you fit one end of the hose to the machine or humidifier, attach the mask on the other end of the hose. The hose fits easily to the mask unless otherwise, there is a swivel preventing it. Ensure you make a snug connection so that the machine works effectively for you.

Step four

Now, everything is ready to use your CPAP machine to enjoy a nice sleep. Ensure you have a mask that fits your face well. Before you switch it on, you’ll need to adjust the straps on both sides, don’t tighten it so much, and adjust it until you feel comfortable. You’ll fix it well on your face while lying in bed, ready to sleep.

Step five

Some individuals will consider and an optional piece of a humidifier. This is ideal for avoiding dry air and taking in warm moist air to prevent problems such as having a dry nose or mouth. The humidifier has a small water tank where distilled water is heated for a patient to breathe in warm moist air.

Step six

Once all components get set in their respective places, it is now ready for use. You’ll put yourself in the right position and follow to activate the machine. The machine should be closest to your bed. The machine needs proper ventilation; therefore, you should place it, leaving space in all directions.

You have now remained to switch on the machine to start functioning. Avoid using power extensions to run the machine; plug it directly from the wall source of power. Set yourself in the right sleeping position and turn it on. Everything is now set for a nice sound sleep.

Once you have the idea o how to use the CPAP machine, we need to know more about how long it takes to get used to this machine and tips for caring and maintaining them.

Maintaining The CPAP Machines

CPAP machines need to be maintained well to serve you for an extended period. Whichever the machine you buy, cheap or expensive, you need to maintain it to maximize its usage at large. Below are a few ways to maintain CPAP machines;

Regular cleaning

Just like other pieces of equipment, cleaning of the CPAP machine should be a habit to users. If case you have a humidifier, you need to use distilled water and avoid tap water since some residues will remain at the bottom that will be hard to wash. Besides, you also need to clean the mask and the CPAP tubing.

You’ll need to wash them using warm water with a mild dish detergent that is free from ammonia. Rinse all the CPAP parts and allow them to dry for use at night.

Regular check on for any form of deterioration

Besides cleaning, you also need to check the unit for any wear and tear sign daily or weekly. Check whether there is a poor connection somewhere, a worn horse, any loose or worn wires, and everything that might stop working efficiently. In case some parts are loose, tighten them back to their respective places.

Regular check whether the patients’ customization is in place

Regular checkups on the patient’s customizations are a great way to maintain a CPAP machine. Fit the straps well and ensure the pressure gauge levels are set as instructed by a physician.

Why you Need to Clean the CPAP Machine Regularly?

Foreign objects and germs can get into your CPAP machine in different ways. Germs can be from your lung, mouth, or throat; other foreign objects can be collected from the air around or the skin. These allergens can be turned to make you develop some adverse health conditions at large.

To avoid this from happening, you need to clean your machine regularly to remove all the contaminants before using the CPAP machine.

Besides the health condition you’ll be posed to, other elements like dust and other dirt forms can lower your machine’s efficiency. The dust gets deposited in the hoses and other parts of the system when using the machine regularly.

Thus making the machine to stop functioning efficiently and need for replacement. To avoid all these problems, you need to maintain your machine always clean.

Methods to maximize the use of the CPAP machine

Everybody will aim to attain maximum from a CPAP machine. However, this will come true once you incorporate other tips and methods of use. The patient is the key to get used to the CPAP machine. At first, a patient can set their machines to use low pressure, and gradually more as time goes by. A to adjust using the machine the whole night.  Below are a few tricks to maximize the use of your machine and adapt to it fast.

1. Use the machine at all times you need a rest.

Most people believe that CPAP machines are used only during the night, but then this is no true. The machine can be used any time you need to rest, be it either the day or night. You need it all the time you’re taking a rest. This way, you’ll get used and become comfortable with it. Don’t wait until at night to use it; employ it bot day and night to help manage the situation faster.

2. You can use it even while not asleep.

This is also another way you can maximize the use of a CPAP machine. You bought your machine to help you to manage sleep apnea disorder. You will only achieve this by ensuring your airway is maintained open always. So, even if you’re watching or reading your favorite novel, you can wear the mask. Regular use of the CPAP will make you adjust to the machine fast.

3. Carry them along for use anywhere

The new brands in the market are designed in a way they can be carried along everywhere. During traveling, get a bag and fit it inside to use it wherever you go. Just make efforts to use the machine wherever there is a chance to do so.


CPAP machines are ideal tools sleep apnea patients must have in their houses. The machines are designed to effectively maintain an open respiratory airway to provide a comfortable night sleep patient. However, this is not a cure but just a remedy that works to alleviate the condition.

You need sufficient rest at night to have a productive day ahead. Why do you have to hesitate? Enjoy a nice sleep today using a CPAP machine.



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Q: What are the side effects of using the CPAP machine?

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Q: What are my alternatives to a CPAP machine?

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Q: Do I really need a CPAP machine?

A: Part 1 of 2: Acquiring a CPAP Machine Make an appointment with your doctor. You will have had a sleep study (called a “polysomnogram”) to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, and your doctor will use the results of … Check with your insurance company. You will need to order the CPAP machine from a company that sells home medical equipment. Learn about CPAP machines before you make a purchase. Go to websites where CPAP users discuss what they like and dislike their masks and machines. More items…