How to Set the Clock on a Radio?

We are in the new millennium, where technology has gained root at large. Proper management of time is of great essence, especially in the 21st century. Life changes are happening so fast, and there is so much to handle within a short time.

The world is continuously digitalized, with everything rotating around modern technology. One of the most critical gadgets that people have been embracing for many years is the radio.

It is a significant source of information for millions of people around the globe. Amazingly, the clock radio can serve the purpose of a clock.

However, most people don’t know how to have a clock on the radio and think it’s only for listening. This article will discuss how one can set the clock on a radio to the correct year, month, day, and time. However, it is essential to note some features that your radio must have to keep you updated on time.


The transmitters are very important to any radio. With the increase in technology, most radios available in the market have high transmission strength, thus serving more significant areas. The work of transmitters dictates how far the radio can be heard.

Hence, a radio with a more considerable transmission can help you set the clock according to various places that your radio is reaching. This factor means that you can set the time on the current time zone in case you move, hence be convenient and time conscious.

Batteries/Charging system

Some radios use batteries, and others are directly powered by electricity. For the ones that use batteries, it means they will need a clock reset every time you remove the battery for replacement. However, the clock setting process is not complicated and can be done quickly after the battery change.

A good radio serves the purpose of time must have a battery backup to ensure to avoid inconveniences. Most radios retain their time settings even when the power is low, although some might not have a bright display.


Setting the time on your radio doesn’t have to be an uphill task. However, your radio must be marked if there is need to readjust your time or set the alarm. Most people use their radio clocks during the night, and therefore if the features of your radio are easy to use, you don’t have to get out of the bed to check the time or silence the alarms.

These radios are easy to set and program without any difficulty. They can equally be used by boys, girls, elders, or even the teens. They come with easy control knobs for the adjustment of volume and brightness.

Led lights should be illuminated

A good radio with proper time service must have proper lightings. The numbers on the cock should be well illuminated for visibility with a brightness that is easy to see during the daytime. It should also have a dimmer slider to reduce the light during the night to comfort the user.

Customized Alarm

Most people need alarms in their bedrooms to keep time the next day. A good radio should be able to help you to not only set the time but also set the alarm. It comes with built-in tones, which can gradually increase according to the level of your preference. Such a radio ensures that you don’t wake up late and, at the same time, enable you to wake up to your favorite FM station.

How to Set the Clock?

Before setting the time, you need to connect the radio to a power outlet.

Step 1

Press and hold the time zone button for three seconds until there is a flash in the display.

Step 2

Repeatedly press the time set button to select the time zone, usually in Eastern standard time. Also, you can choose to program your clock according to your current time zone.

Step 3

Once you decide your time preference, you can now press the time zone button to set.

Step 4

Press and hold the clock button up to when you hear a beep sound produced.

Step 5

Press the scroll control knob set to select the year

Step 6

Press the clock button

Step 7

Once again, press the scroll control knob and select the right month.

Step 8

Again press the clock button and proceed to press the scroll control knob and select the current day.

Step 9

Go back and press the clock button again and then set the correct hour.

Step 10

Press the clock button and select the exact minute, and finally press the clock button again.

It is important to note that you can repeat the same procedure time and again, depending on the adjustments you want to make. This procedure also makes it easy to set the alarm on the radio using the same procedure.

Advantages of setting the time on your clock

  • Indicates the exact time
  • Uncomplicated usage that does not require extra skills
  • Automatic setting of the clock to the precise time after power restoration
  • Time can be automatically restored even after a week of a power outage.
  • Easily adjustable to various time zones in your current location hence continuously keep you on track of time.
  • It comes with additional display functions like current weather conditions for specific days and time in whichever area you are located.


Besides giving information to people globally, a radio is of the essence in matters of time. Most people, especially in remote areas, have stuck to their schedules and deliver on time by setting time in their radios.

In most of these areas, the only gadget that is readily available on the radio, and many people have made it a culture to set their time on their radios. Manufacturers also noted the need for such radios and have taken advantage of the need by producing many such radios, making them readily available.

The prices are also reasonable to favor even the least earning person and keep them on track.



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Q: How do you set the time on a radio controlled clock?

A: Locate the Daylight Savings Time button on the top of the atomic clock. It is already on. To shut the DST off, press the button once. Press the button marked with a “+” sign once. Set the alarm on the radio-controlled clock by pressing the “Alarm Set” button once.

Q: How do you change the time on a clock?

A: To change the time, press and hold the CLOCK ADJ button until the clock beeps and the time display blinks, then rotate the right-hand disc on the top of the clock to adjust the time backward or forward. Once you have the correct time, press the CLOCK ADJ button repeatedly until the time is displayed again.

Q: How do you set up an alarm clock?

A: Set an alarm In the Clock app, tap . To set an existing alarm, tap the time shown on the alarm. To adjust the alarm time, tap the hour or minute. Touch and hold the pink dial, and then slide the dial to your desired time. Tap AM or PM. Tap OK.

Q: How do you change clock settings?

A: Click the digital clock in the lower right corner of your screen. Click the blue “Change Date and Time Settings” in the bottom of the drop-down menu. 3. Click “Change Time Zone.”. This opens the “Time Zone Settings” window. Select the correct time zone from the drop-down menu.