How To Score A Date To Your Business Party Without Breaking A Sweat

Having a beautiful date by your side at a business party can do wonders for your career. After all, when you have a charming date by your side at a party, you can never get bored. Moreover, engaging in conversations with strangers and establishing contact with important people also becomes easier.

However, asking a girl out for a date can be quite intimidating. So you can pay for an escort instead. There are escort London services that can arrange dates for your next big event. However, if you wish to ask a girl for a date yourself and be successful in your very first attempt, keep reading this article to learn some tricks and tips.

Some Common Tips To Score A Date

Visit Places Where You Can Meet The Right Person


You may have your heart set on a woman you met at your workplace or at a park near your house. If that is the case, then visit the park or your office cafeteria more often so that you can spot the girl you have your heart set on. However, if you do not have any particular person in mind, then start visiting places where you can find the woman of your liking.

So if you are the intellectual type, then you should start by visiting a library or a book club. However, if you are the fun and outgoing type, you should visit the most famous cafeteria or the most famous bar in your locality.

Ask Someone To Play Matchmaker

It is true that if you are to score a date, you have to be proactive and take the initiative yourself. However, directly talking to a stranger is not easy. Moreover, if the other person misunderstands your intention, you may get into serious trouble. So it is always better to ask one of your friends to play matchmaker for you.

It is always better to ask a friend of the opposite sex to initiate the conversation on your behalf. Also, it is good if you can meet a person who has common friends with you. So if you meet a person who knows people from your group of friends, it will be easy for you to know the background of the person.

When two people have common friends, initiating conversations becomes easy as you can start talking about your common friends and their likes and dislikes.

Know The Right Way To Initiate The Conversation


Knowing the right way to initiate the conversation becomes vital when you are talking to a complete stranger whom you have met in a public place. You should know how to read the body language of the other person. So if the other person is not very comfortable talking to you or if they explicitly ask you back off, then respect it.

Also, when a person is open to having a conversation with you, you should not start with a cheesy pickup line, or you should not directly ask them for a date. If you are in a hurry to ask a stranger out for a date, things might backfire. So before you ask someone out for a date, try to get to know the person better.

The person that you start talking to may not have the same interests as you so it is essential that you start asking questions to your potential date. Talk about topics that give you an insight as to the kind of person that they are.

Keep The Conversation Non-Personal

A very important point to keep in mind while talking to a stranger is that you must not get too personal too quickly. Asking personal questions can be seen as rude and intrusive. So always break the ice with light conversation and ask personal questions only once you and your potential date are comfortable with each other.

Some casual topics that you can talk about are movies, books, favorite drinks, etc. However, if both of you have the same academic background or job profile, you can also talk about different aspects of your job.

Suggest Meeting Somewhere Else


When you suggest a second meeting and the other person is receptive to the idea, it is a good indication that they are interested in you. So you should suggest another meeting so that you can get to know each other better.

Gently Bring Up The Date On The Third Or Fourth Meeting

Once you have met a person for the third or the fourth time, you can gently ask them for a date. If the person has been receptive to you all through, then they will most likely agree to go to apathy as your date. However, you must be open to whatever they have to say, and if they refuse, you must not insist any further.

If your prospective date agrees, you can start planning for the party together. You can take them out shopping to set your outfit. But if they refuse, you may have to start the cycle of finding a date all over again. But it is important not to be disheartened if you fail on your very first attempt. Always remember that you learn from your mistakes, and you will get lucky soon.


Most people tend to think that scoring a date is a daunting task. But if you go to the right places and strike up the right conversation, you can score a date with ease. You can also look for a date at an online dating portal, but talking to someone who you are already familiar with is easier than dealing with a stranger.

So the next time you have to get a date for a business party, avoid the red flags. Do not ask personal questions, and do not be pushy or intrusive. Also, let the other person be comfortable with you. Once the other person starts enjoying your company, it should not be very difficult to convince them for a date.