How Successful Is IVF?

About a half of the IVF procedure done on women under 35 years result in live births in the US. IVF specialists conduct the procedure to improve your chances of conception. With the use of Assisted Reproductive Treatments (ART) growing increasingly popular more people are going the IVF route. You can help your chances of IVF success through several methods as outlined below.

Optimize Sperm Healt

Sperm and embryo health has a huge impact on IVF success. Poor sperm quality or low sperm count in your partner can reduce the procedure’s effectiveness. Optimizing sperm health betters your odds of IVF success.

Consuming multivitamins and maintaining optimal body weight in your partner can improve sperm quality. Sperm retention and booster medication can help improve the numbers ahead of the IVF procedure. Eliminating abnormalities in sperms and semen will improve IVF success and help you conceive more easily.

Have A Healthy BMI


Healthy body weight helps with fertility and, by extension, can improve your IVF success. You should maintain a healthy BMI (35˂ BMI ˃19) since it can improve your conception chances.

Changes in your diet and lifestyle can help you avoid becoming under or overweight. Being overweight increases complications during the retrieval of oocytes and makes monitoring of the IVF more difficult. People who are underweight usually take over a year to get pregnant and are less likely to see positive results from IVF.

People who are trying to get pregnant and maintain a healthy weight should utilize tips like eating meals regularly and reducing snack consumption, switching sugary drinks for water, spending less time sitting, and setting achievable weight goals.

You should work with a dietician or enroll in weight training and metabolism programs to achieve a healthy BMI.

Partner With an Excellent Embryology Lab or Fertility Doctor

Whoever you choose to handle your fertility journey can determine your IVF success chances. Fertility medicine can be quite complicated, so you need an extremely competent fertility doctor.

Your fertility doctor must be qualified and experienced in evidence-based medicine. It can help to check facts in past cases and analyze their success odds among past cases.

You should also choose a fertility doctor you connect with and one you feel comfortable with. The connection helps you feel supported throughout the procedure and improves the chances of conceiving. Find out if you will be working with a team of doctors or just one. You should feel comfortable with the entire group of people helping you.

Choosing a proper embryology lab prevents the risk of exposing embryos. For example, specialists place mature and fertilized oocytes in an incubator, but the endocrinologists have to take them out for screening. An excellent embryology laboratory will use high-tech systems like embryoscopes for safe screening. Better techniques without risking exposure improve IVF chances, so vet the laboratory before partnering with them.

The best fertility clinic is one that can meet all of your needs. If the problem has to do with a male partner, the clinic should have an andrologist or a urologist. These specialists should work in tandem with the endocrinologist to ensure the fertility of both partners is as good as it can get.

Avoid High Stress Levels


Stress can lower the success chances for naturall conception and assisted reproductive treatments. Stress leads to anxiety, which can cause the uterus to be less receptive to the fertilized egg. Lowering your basal stress levels can help with IVF success.

The IVF process can be quite emotional, so you need all of the support to prevent getting stressed. Couples can hardly avoid stress when they have challenges conceiving, but some practices can help, including:

  • Acupuncture – useful on the day of embryo transfer to improve blood flow to the uterus and deal with stress.
  • De-stressing programs
  • Resilience training boot camps and workshops
  • Mind-body programs
  • A break from work
  • Therapy

Quit Alcohol Use and Smoking

Alcohol and drugs affect your blood components, making them unfavorable for conception. Smoking also reduces the oxygen level in the blood, affecting support for the unborn child. IVF in women who abuse alcohol and smoke has lesser chances of success since it reduces egg quality.

Take time to quit drinking alcohol and smoking to prepare your body to receive the embryo. Quitting smoking is not easy, but professional support can help you through the process. Structured programs under rehab specialists can improve the odds and help you deal with withdrawal symptoms until you are clear.

Supplement Vitamins


Vitamin D is critical for conception, so you should ensure your body has enough. Fertility doctors can check your Vitamin D levels and recommend supplements if necessary. The body’s main source of vitamin D is the sun, but some foods like tuna and salmon can also improve your levels. Tackling vitamin D deficiency significantly improves IVF outcomes.

Other supplements like Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) also improve the egg quality and quantity. You should use them only under a doctor’s recommendation to improve IVF success. Additional vitamins that can help improve fertility are B vitamins (especially B1, 2, 3, 6, and 12), vitamin C, and vitamin E. Also, make sure you are consuming enough zinc, calcium, and omega-3s. You can get most of these vitamins and minerals in your diet, but if you’re worried that you’re not getting some of them, talk to a doctor about supplements that are safe to take when trying to get pregnant.

Persistence and Patience Are Key

Most people will require more than one IVF cycle to conceive, so do not give up on the first try. Persistence is essential to get pregnant eventually; your fertility doctor will adjust the medication and try again. IVF success is out of human control, so you have to take care of yourself and hope for the best. Being patient with each trial will keep you anxiety-free and better your chances of IVF success.


Work With the Best IVF Specialist for Amazing Results

IVF success depends on your overall physical and mental health, but it does not always happen. Working with a top IVF specialist can better the conception success chance. They conduct a comprehensive evaluation and tailor your IVF plan to help you get pregnant. Contact a clinic today or learn more here.