How Much Smaller Should Blinds Be Than the Opening?

The home should always be organized and arranged according to our needs and desires. The needs and desires that we have in order to have a home that we will fully enjoy should always be taken into account together. The needs and desires need to be taken into account from every aspect of the home, even from the aspect of the placement of the windows, the light that enters the space in which you live during the day, and the placement of protectors of any type that would prevent too much sunlight during the day. When it comes to sunscreen, it’s good to pay attention to the choice and what you can put.

Each of us decides individually for our home how he will distribute the windows if he changes the home completely, and if they are already installed and in accordance with the requirements, it is necessary to determine how he will conduct light in the home, ie how to reduce the entrance light. There are several solutions in that direction. The first and simplest solution is to place curtains that can block the light in a certain part of the day by covering the space near the windows with them. The second solution is to install blinds that will help to partially or completely reduce the entry of light into the home and the third solution is to install blinds that are installed internally and that have similar use and function as those that are installed from outside.

But care must be taken when setting them up. There are a number of options, ie various models of blinds for indoor installation, so accordingly you need to know which detail to pay maximum attention to. It is important to pay attention to the width needed to place these blinds. However, it is important that they are precisely placed so that you can use them for the purpose for which you are setting them. Thus it is necessary to know how much space you need, ie how much smaller they should be than the window opening. In order not to make mistakes, today we have prepared information that will be of great use to you, and what exactly to pay attention to, find out in the continuation of today’s article. Let’s get started!

They can be 2 inches smaller than the window opening, ie 2 inches on each side


When installing any type of home decor you must be precise for the whole project to be successful. For example, you need to be precise when installing interior blinds. In addition to the importance of having them, you also need to know exactly how much space to leave from the window opening to the place where the interior blinds are placed. So the experts from DotcomBlinds who are one of the best bidders of blinds say that it is enough to leave 2 inches of space left and right of the place where you place the blinds and 2 inches up and down the place. This means you have to leave a total of 4 inches of space in the height and width of the window. If you follow these directions, you will undoubtedly have well-placed blinds, and in the continuation, we bring you some more interesting information that would be of great help to you during the installation process.

What else do you need to know when installing these devices to prevent light from entering the home?

Now let’s talk a little about the additional things you need to know regarding the installation of these blinds in the home. You can place them the way you want them to be, that is, the way they look best on you, but you need to know how to determine the width. So let’s see together how to determine the width.

When setting openings their width can be determined according to:

  • According to how wide the window glass is – the width can be determined primarily by how wide the window glass is. This will best and most accurately cover the space that needs to be covered. It is important to know the exact width and according to it to choose interior blinds that you will then install.
  • According to how wide the window is – as we all know windows can be made according to different dimensions, but also according to different shapes because you have the right to choose when ordering windows. But when it comes to installing interior blinds, you should pay attention to that part, ie to see what are the dimensions of the window, more precisely the width, and according to it to buy blinds that you will easily install later.
  • Depending on whether the window has one or two wings – whether the window has one or two wings may play a role in the selection and placement. For example, you need to take the exact dimensions of the two windows together or the two windows separately. That way you will be able to choose an internal shutter that will cover both windows together or will cover only one.
  • And maybe according to the width of the whole window if it is a double-leaf window – as we said above, your choice in the home can be both single-leaf and double-leaf versions, so you can decide how to set this tool for preventing light from entering. All you need to do is take a look and plan on installing one complete blind, or two separate blinds that will be placed above each of the window sills.

It is also important to pay attention to quality


Of course, when setting up, it is important to pay attention to the choice of a product of this nature. However, these are blinds that you can install yourself because they are glued to the window itself, so you should pay attention to the quality because it depends on whether you will easily install them and they will stick firmly to the place where you will install them or you will have trouble setting it up.

Today we are sure that we have given you enough information and enough new knowledge that will help you in the whole process, and all you have to do is apply them in the installation process, and thus give a new look to your home, but also to be handle better the light management in your home.